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Screenplays and Books and Wet Dreams

    I was pretty excited at the prospect of a person who was actually connected to the late John Hughes reading a screenplay that is about John Hughes. But here is the thing about my screenplay: it kind of sucks. It does, you don't have to be nice. Over the past five years, I… Continue reading Screenplays and Books and Wet Dreams

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Thirty-One Universal Things

July was full of Universal things, lots of crazy happenings, and just things I can't explain, quite honestly. If you had foretold me that my July would have involved my bird going missing and one of the members of The Breakfast Club emailing me, I would have said YOU ARE SHITTING ME. I bought this… Continue reading Thirty-One Universal Things

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Searching for the Good

  The inspiration for this post started with this video:   Hey, guess what? There were some really good things that happened last year, believe it or not. But I bet you didn't see a lot these stories because bad outweighs good. I'm really tired of people sharing bad shit. I mean, I get it… Continue reading Searching for the Good

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How People Found My Blog in 2018

  Every year-ish, I try to create a blog post centered around the year we are leaving as it pertained to my blog. But posts like that have always felt a little hollow to me. I mean, I could talk about my blog all the damn day ( I write a blog, remember??), but I… Continue reading How People Found My Blog in 2018

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Remember When I Used to Write About John Hughes?

Wanna hear something sad? Well sad for me, maybe not for you. I haven't written a post about John Hughes since last September. I know. Oh sure, I wrote about breaking and entering The Breakfast Club High School in April, I threw in the screenplay posts here and there, then I defended him against an article Molly Ringwald… Continue reading Remember When I Used to Write About John Hughes?

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Don’t You Forget About Me- Scene Eighteen: Don’t Let Them Call Me Carl

  Scene Eighteen- Don't Let Them Call Me Carl The whole gang shows up to Channel 7 studios the next day for the interview and decided to wear coordinating outfits except for Valerie who wore her JOHN HUGHES LOVE CHILD tee-shirt and bright purple leggings with John Hughes heads all over them. Regina (looking Valerie… Continue reading Don’t You Forget About Me- Scene Eighteen: Don’t Let Them Call Me Carl