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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

I actually stole this idea from Oprah.
I saw the commercial for an upcoming Favorite Things Show and boom, idea.
I love this show, and I cry when the people are so happy! Especially when they have all teachers in the audience or when the Katrina volunteers got free fridges and iPods!! So I thought it would be fun to start a favorite things list of my own.

Essentially, if I were giving away free stuff and I had my own Favorite Things show, this is what YOU would go home with:


1- The book “One Line A Day”. The idea behind this is brilliant and I wish I had come up with it myself. You write one line a day for five years. That’s it. No real writing commitment.

2- Canon Cool Pix Camera. I got this recommended to me by my sister-in-law, Kristy. It is already my most fave camera I have ever owned. I did have trouble uploading pix to my computer (well, my computer is over 10 years old so I blame my computer) but I got an SD card reader and it is all good.

3- My crock pot. But I would give you guys a stainless steel looking crock pot. I have had mine for eight years and it is my little buddy in the kitchen. I will cry when it dies. Everyone laughs when I say this, but I will.

4- Golden Grahams Bars. Has anyone ever had these?? Holy shit, they are like little pieces of heaven in your mouth. And they are only something like 110 calories. You can buy them in the cereal aisle. I know, not as fancy as Oprah’s imported brownies.

5- Speaking of food, I would now like to give you my famous Rolo Cookie recipe. If I had a show and you were in my audience, I would have had my chefs baking these cookies for you in the back kitchens of my studio. They would come out with silver trays and white-gloved servers would serve them to you.

But I have a tiny budget, so here is the recipe:

Rolo Cookies

1 package devils food cake mix (any brand)
1 egg
1/4 C. H2O
3 Tbsp. Veggie oil
Rolo candies

In a large bowl, combine cake mix, egg, water, and oil. Roll by the rounded teaspoonful of dough into balls. Press a Rolo into each and reshape. Bake at 350 for 12-14 minutes.
First, I would double this recipe- it definitely won’t make enough.
Second, I have a harder recipe that I took this one off of, but it involves more steps. If you want this one, please email me and I will give it to you.


6- The book “Six Ways to Keep the “little” in Your Girl”. I have it on back order and cannot wait to read this book. I read the review in the Chicago Tribune and it sounds like an outstanding reference book to keep on hand.

7- Knee-high socks. I adore knee-high socks. They keep me so warm in our oh so cold bedroom in the middle of the night. They are only $2.00 at Target too. And my hubby thinks they are sexy, so there.

8- “Gilmore Girls” on DVD. Rebecca turned me onto this wonderful little show three years ago when Ella was a newborn. It was winter. Gilmore Girls got me through those dark days.

9- Gift cards to both Goodwill and Dollar Tree.

10- Sally Hansen foot cream. Oh sweet baby ruth, this lotion works WONDERS. As Mike can tell you, my feet are dry. Like dinosaur skin dry and nothing works, not even pedicures. Oh sure, the first two weeks my feet are as smooth as a baby’s bottom but the back to tyrannosaurus city. So I found this little gem at the Dollar Tree of all places and it works!!! I went back and bought 5 bottles because they are only a dollar and you know how Dollar Tree works. One week they have something, and then the next it is gone. Get some today!

11- DFI hair wax. I have used this stuff since 2001 and it is so amazing. I have really thick hair and if I don’t style it right; it gets really fuzzy. But you can’t just use any wax because I have tried other cheaper versions and they can create an icky build up in your hair. This stuff does not.

12- Airwick Scented Plug-Ins in Pine scent only. Rebecca can tell you- I am on a mission to find this stuff. I used this for years and got so many compliments on how my home smelled. I even used this when it wasn’t Christmas as it made the house smell so fresh. Well, I have been having trouble finding this. (If I were Oprah, I wouldn’t have this kind of trouble) So please help me! If you see this when you are out and about BUY IT. I will pay you back.

Happy Thursday!!