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Before And After- Our Home

Before we purchased the home we live in almost six years ago, we went house hunting and saw lots of homes. We originally passed over the neighborhood we live in now because it confused our realtor with what school district it fell in. But after seeing our future home for the first time, we absolutely fell in love with it and saw the potential that it had. The glorious thing about this home was that the realtor that was selling it had a beautiful brochure that we could take home with us to look over some rooms in the home after we left.


We just had the foresight to save said brochure, and it has provided years of entertaining look backs how our home looked when we moved in.

Here now are the before’s and after’s of each room that was shown in the brochure.


Their living room before.


Is our dining room now.

Their dining room before.


Is our living room now

Their family room before

Our family room after


Their kitchen before


Our kitchen now
(with my recycling on the table, great job master photographer Kari)


Their eating area before
(and their cute little big doggies)


Our eating area after

Their master bath before


Ours after

Their master bedroom before

Our master bedroom after

It is so much fun to look at all the changes we made.

And it makes me so proud of all the hard work and sweat equity we put into this home.

Now we just have to stay here for forever 10-15 years to break even. 🙂

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