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25 Before My 25th

My 25th high school reunion is next year.
Yes, I said Two Five.
Then it hit me the other day as I was driving to the bank with my youngest daughter:
I was 25 when I got married for the first time.
So it has been a young, stupid naïve ME since I graduated from high school.

I swear to God I did not get a nose job after high school.
It just looks huge in this picture.
Thanks, Photorama.
And yes, that is the name of the studio.


How in the hell did that happen?
It seems like just yesterday I was rocking a stellar mullet with six-inch bangs, listening to some Def Leppard and all, ” I soooooo can’t wait to graduate and become a teacher and drive a Camaro and live with my best friend in Aspen. Like totally.”
Yeah, none of that happened.
Well, I graduated.

So I was thinking that this is a milestone, a big once in a lifetime event.
I say once in a lifetime because as we all know there will be other reunions but people start dying off by the next big one, which would be, like, 50.
Then it’s all depressing and no one feels like dancing on the tables anymore.

In honor of such a big accomplishment and to make it a little more interesting, I have come up with some motivational prep for my 25th.
I wanna do 25 things I have never done in my life before my 25th reunion.
This is huge because there are LOTS of things I’m mortified to do.
I feel like I have become the proverbial back seat driver in my life.
I have no problem telling other people how to be brave, get out there and do things, don’t be afraid.
All while sitting in the passenger seat and clinging to the door handle.
Don’t make ME get out there and do it, you are doing just fine on your own, thankyouverymuch.

So I needed to make a list and we all know that I love lists.
More than what is probably considered normal.

Getting take out for dinner?
Gon’ need a list!

Packing for a trip?
Make a list!

Taking a Sunday drive to the country?

My list is not going to be a bucket list of sorts, just a list of things that I have always wanted to try to do but were a little afraid or didn’t have time or didn’t have money or just didn’t think about doing because I am a mommy and sometimes you don’t step outside the mommy role to do things just for you. I am notorious for dropping 100 bucks at Target on the kids and only buy myself a pair of $1.50 socks and a People magazine. so I am due.

Here is my list in no certain order:


1- Go whitewater rafting ( this is totally possible as there’s a great place near my parents. And only two people have died doing it there. Only 2. )

2- take an airplane ride all by myself ( I have done this before I had kids. I am mortified to do it since I have had kids. This might happen just going to the reunion so an easy check off the list.  )

3- run a 5k (check!)

4- eat sushi (California rolls don’t count. Me + raw fish = bigger fear than you could ever imagine)

5- following through. In everything I do. Meaning- if I say, “Hey, let’s get together sometime for a girl’s nite” to some fellow soccer moms, I am gonna really call and set something up. This also stands for projects. Painting the baseboards in your home shouldn’t take 3 months and counting. Bad Kari…..

6- drink a tequila shot (I have had many a drink in my days but a straight tequila shot is one I have not)

7- get a spa facial ( never had one of these either)

8- get a bikini wax (ditto)

9- become a more patient parent. I am terrible. Can you hurry up and tie your shoes faster?? Faster, faster!! I am the world’s most impatient person. If I get muzak while waiting to speak to the next available representative? I go into a massive tizzy. So I need to get this under control. So that my kids will speak to me when they are grown.

10- save at least 1000 dollars in a savings account that no one knows about and not spend it on the kids, hubs, vacation, a new dishwasher…..etc. etc. (maybe use it to get lipo before reunion?? Juuuust kidding…….maybe just botox. )

11- relive my love for snow skiing and introduce it to my oldest daughter (and NOT break a bone or dislocate a hip in the process)

12-  go on a mom and me overnight away trip with my tween before she starts the mom loathing phase. (please say that this phase never happens. I know it will but please lie to me and say it never will.)

13- pay off 1/4 of my debt (gon’ be hard when I have facials, bikini waxes and tequila shots to buy…..)

14- lose that extra 10 pounds (I can guarantee this will happen in the last few weeks before the reunion. Nothing motivates one to lose weight faster than seeing people who saw you when you were your skinniest in life)

15- write something meaningful on the Facebook walls of all of my 120 friends (this could go really well or really poorly)

16- try to meet a new friend in every arena of my life and don’t give up after the first try (ex: at church, at Annie’s school, at Ellie’s school, etc)

17- learn to sew (my mama and Rebecca will be my teachers…they just don’t know that yet)

18-  eat a Chicago style hot dog. ( OK so I have eaten PLENTY ‘o hot dogs since living the past 20 odd years here. Just not the real “Chicago Style” type of hot dog. Ya know, with the pickle and sport peppers….yadda yadda)

19- volunteer in a soup kitchen or food bank (as if reading my mind, Rebecca texted me a few weeks ago about doing this same thing with our girls!)

20- redo our master bath under 150 dollars. (it’s awful and it’s happening as I write this…..slowly)

21- go on an overnight getaway with the hubs. (Have not spent a night alone without the kids in five years. FIVE YEARS. We don’t have grandparents nearby or any other family for that matter so those of you with those in supply have NO idea what I talking about here. Move along. Oh and after my facial, bikini wax, this should be a very enjoyable night. )

22- Read the Bible. Cover to cover. (I have read passages and chapters but not the whole thing. Hey- I can barely read an Us magazine cover to cover without my kids interrupting me)

23- Run three times a week. Rain, snow, cold or shine. ( This will be tough. As I write this, I have not run in 2.5 weeks as the kids and I have been sick. And winter is a tough one……)

24- Watch less TV. ( Hardest one on this list. I love me reality TV. I live for my DVR at night. I get giddy thinking about sitting on my couch with my DVR laid out in front of me and the options….oh the options…Gilmore Girls? Real Housewives?? Oprah’s Next Chapter??? But she is interviewing Usher!!…so this will be hard. It has been a release for me for years since the husband is at work most nights so goin’ forward, I would like to decrease my TV viewing by an hour a night. Eek.)

25- learn how to grill.
 I know, I know. I know. I do not know how to grill.
There. I said it. I have cooked and baked since I was 12 and I am not afraid to make anything but grilling?
Terrifies me.
Like fetal position in the corner, terrifies me.
So this is my year.
To learn how to grill.
Because I think we all know that nothing impresses your old classmates like having’mad grilling skills.

So there is my list.
Don’t you feel like you know me a little more than you are comfortable with?
Good, that’s what I wanted.


Read about how I did on this list here!

12 thoughts on “25 Before My 25th”

  1. I will be more than happy to take you out for your first sushi! And you will be sewing the patch on Ella's costume, just so you know. Don't worry, I will be right by your side.:-)


  2. Hi, new reader, first time commenting. Love your list. We should all have a list. Tip on the sushi: try salmon or tuna first. Very smooth. And, a spa facial – those are lovely. As for Chicago style hot dog, if you can get to Portillo's I highly recommend. Love #12 and #22. Looking forward to reading more!


  3. Great list Kari! You don't know how to grill? What?!?! I prefer to be the one to do the grilling, my hubby has a tendency to over-cook meat. lol I have my 20 year coming up in 2015 and can not believe it has been that long since I've been in school! How did those years fly by soo fast? Good luck checking off each and every one of your goals!! =) ~ Catie


  4. @ Molley- I know, its amazing how fast it goes, isn't it?? @ Rebecca- thanks for dipping my feet into the world of sushi and sewing. Love you friend!


  5. I love this list! ..totally doable…well most. I'm with you on the white water rafting! Now that I know only 2 people died ever, I'm totally doing it! Did you double check that statistic?


  6. Kim- OH I hope you come back and read this since I couldn't reach you via email….only 2 died at THAT rafting place. Not ever!! So it is still kinda dangerous. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!!


  7. Love your list!! It's so funny that we have a couple of the same things! Only difference is you only have a year. You can totally do it though! Good luck on your journey. Hope you blog about them all. 🙂


  8. Great list. I wanna go white water rafting too. Never done it but always wanted to. Love the idea of an overnight trip w/ your daughter – never thought of that. Good Luck!


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