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100 Things I Love

I stumbled found a blog article about 100 things I love the day before Thanksgiving. It inspired me to create my own 100 Things I Love list in my phone, adding items as I thought of them. It’s been a lot of fun to thinking about things that tickle my fancy, and it made me think that… Continue reading 100 Things I Love

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I “Found Myself” in Florida

For spring break this year, we got to get the hell out of dodge and go to Destin Florida. I honestly don't know how exactly we landed on Destin. I do know that our oldest daughter didn't want to go anywhere "lame" which leaves a lot for interpretation because me being the travel nerd that… Continue reading I “Found Myself” in Florida

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The Week I Ate a Poop Sandwich Turned Out to Be The Best Week of My Life

We all have those days, those weeks, maybe even those months. Where nothing goes right, everything is bad, nothing looks good. Your hair is jacked up, you can't find a good parking space, you got kicked out of your apartment. Basically, you get served a big old poop sandwich. And you have to eat your… Continue reading The Week I Ate a Poop Sandwich Turned Out to Be The Best Week of My Life

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25 Before My 25th

My 25th high school reunion is next year. It hit me I am almost twenty-five years from the year I graduated high school as I was driving to the bank with my youngest daughter. I was 25 when I got married for the first time. So it has been a young, stupid, naïve Kari since… Continue reading 25 Before My 25th

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Summer Scenes So Far 2012

saying goodbye to mom and dad the latest fashion in running..... for old women getting my nails did by my favorite girls after a hard day stuffed animals on a "plane" playing video games with daddy on father's day little sis getting her nails did by older sis running to shore a day at cedar… Continue reading Summer Scenes So Far 2012