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“The 4 1 1 on the ATL”. That Means “The Details On Atlanta” For Those Less Hip Like Me.

Over spring break, our little family got to go south to visit my parents.
They live in Chattanooga and that area is lovely but since we have done the whole Chattanooga thing before, my mom thought it would be fun to explore the Atlanta area which is only two hours from their home.
And apparently, always 10 degrees warmer.
Good to know.


The grass is always greener in the South

This picture was taken just south of Nashville.
People of the Midwest understand the reasoning for a picture like this.
The last week of March and do you notice anything….. different?
Green to the grass.

Green grass in Chattanooga

Get used to the grass pictures.
This is my foot on my parents’ lawn.
By the way, my dad has already mowed his lawn.

Really, Atlanta?

OK, so I called out Atlanta on Facebook about this sign.
I know this winter was rough in most of the country.
Except for California.
And Arizona.
And maybe Nevada.
But the rest of the country experienced the result of the said polar vortex.
But can we in the upper Midwest get a gold medal for the MOST of all the POLAR VORTICES??
Because 10  degrees up here isn’t “polar”.
It’s called “February”.

The Varsity in Atlanta

Mom suggested we visit the Varsity restaurant while in Atlanta.
There are several locations and we were going to do the original location but ended up at the Kennesaw location.
This is what I have learned in life.
When there is a restaurant that has been around for generations, order what they are famous for.
What put them on the map?
For The Varsity, it is the chili slaw dog.
Or a chili dog.
Or a slaw dog with no chili.
Basically, the dog.
And the onion rings.
The fries were OK, but the onion rings were Omazing.
See what I did there?

The Varsity in Atlanta

This you need to know.
I am not a chili dog kind of gal.
This is what I like on my dog: mustard and onion.
A pickle on a good day.
I dislike the “Chicago dog”.
I HATE poppy seeds.
So I like a very simplistic hot dog.
But I wanted to try what they are famous for because of the whole “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality.
So I ordered the chili slaw dog with mustard.
I don’t remember ordering the mustard or if it comes that way.

The first bite?

Second bite?

Third bite?

This was the best dog I have ever had.
I wished I had ordered two, they even had that option but I only ordered one.

Spring in Atlanta

Beautiful Atlanta.
And the weather?
This day was actually colder than normal.
It was 65.

Beautiful spring trees in Atlanta

Look at the trees!
They have those strange flowery things on the ends of the branches!


My arm in spring Atlanta

When I get excited about the weather, I take body pictures.
Like my bare arm.
End of March.

I wanted to soak every single moment in.
I kept inhaling like I was smoking something the whole time I was outside
I smelled all the smells…..fresh cut grass, cedar mulch……oh my sweet tarts… was so special.
So. so special.
I go back to that whenever Paul Konrad tells us it’s gonna be colder than normal in April.


Coca Cola Museum Atlanta

The World of Coca-Cola.
I don’t want to say anything bad about this place.
Because a year ago, Coca-Cola paid for this amazing blogging experience in Chicago.
I feel a little loyalty to them.
But I also feel the need to be real.
Because I feel more loyal to YOU.

The people are exceptional.
Well, I have a feeling that might be a south thing rather than just a Coca-Cola thing, but the staff was really nice and helpful.
The place is really nice, but the exhibits were overwhelmingly claustrophobia-inducing.
It was overpriced, as most museums are, but it was a fun experience.
The most favorite part was the end where you can taste test different coca-cola products from around the world.

Coca Cola Vault Atlanta

This is where they keep the “secret recipe” of Coca-Cola.
I think it is holding “the secret infrastructure traffic plan” for Atlanta.
There needs to be something done.

Atlanta, your traffic sucks. It really does.


Picture of the beautiful Tennessee mountains.
That took me down.
Apparently having root canal surgery a week before heading to higher altitudes isn’t advisable,
I was in excruciating pain for three days while here.
But it was worth it.

For seeing my parents.
And the smell of fresh-cut grass alone.


16 thoughts on ““The 4 1 1 on the ATL”. That Means “The Details On Atlanta” For Those Less Hip Like Me.”

  1. It's really not going to be the same if I throw chili and coleslaw on a hot dog here in NY is it? I mean besides the indigestion, as that is a given either way. That is a lot of skin you showed there with the arm! ;)My knowledge of Atlanta is limited to the airport, once…and I was running to catch a connection. I porbably ought to give the pace another try!


    1. I have been to that airport.DEFINITELY better than the city. And I need to eat a NYC dog bc I am sure I would like it better than a Chicago dog.


  2. I'm just going to sit here and stare at your Spring pictures. Because it's supposed to snow tonight.


  3. How can you not like poppy seeds? They're just little black dots of nothing unless you've had a bad experience with poppy seeds?? Wink wink.:)


  4. We are in full blown spring here. In a couple of weeks it will practically be summer. I sweated for the first time (NOT exercising) just before leaving for Erma. And then yesterday it was a blustery 45 degrees. I feel I should tell you that I like ketchup on my hot dogs. I saw a Food Channel show once that said that was a total no-no. I have no damns to give. Bring me the Heinz!


    1. Ketchup is "illegal" in Chicago but so is not eating a pickle and peppers on it too so you are in really good company. 😉 And "I have no damns to give" is the best line in a comment EVER.


  5. The Varsity onion rings ARE Omazing! I am not opposed to helping with a hot dog tasting tour this summer. It sounds like it is needed.


    1. OMG a hot dog tasting tour would be O-Fabulous!That didn't work there, did it?If you do it, Shannon and I are IN!!!


  6. This is hilarious! I lived in Atlanta for 10 years and went to the Varsity two times, I think. This photo is making me think I should have gone WAY more often. And yo, the traffic. For the love of Pete.


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