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Sacred Space

The word sacred has been on my radar a lot in recent weeks. One day in June, I read the word in a daily affirmation passage from a book I love. "With the best of intentions, we often build false careers of studying the river without ever getting wet. In this way, we can ponder… Continue reading Sacred Space

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Adult Field Trip- Third Ward Neighborhood Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Last month, I mentioned that I wanted to go on more adult field trips. My friend Elizabeth wrote a few months ago about friends who came to visit the area where her husband and she now live in Arizona. The friends had basically planned some places to visit while they were in the area. The… Continue reading Adult Field Trip- Third Ward Neighborhood Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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What’s Made Me Smile This Month- December 2021

I was looking through all the images on my phone last week while in the waiting room of my headache doctor, and I noticed my face smiling to all of the pictures in front of me. I've decided to share them with you all. I hope these can make you smile as well. Buddy and… Continue reading What’s Made Me Smile This Month- December 2021

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Where Do You Wanna Go?

I've assembled a travel bucket list for the past several years because I discovered my passion of travel when I was in my forties. Maybe it's because I've realized how quickly time passes, or maybe it's because of my oldest daughter's wanderlust, which has pushed me outside of my comfort zone. Can you say traveling to… Continue reading Where Do You Wanna Go?

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California. On a Kari and Anna Budget

A few years ago, Anna and I discussed going on a girls' trip after she graduated from high school. I'm not sure when we started talking about it, but it became less talk and more action over the last two years. Because when your teenager requests to vacation alone with you, you take it seriously. We also… Continue reading California. On a Kari and Anna Budget