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Candy Bar Wreath. Because Nothing Says “I Love You” Like a Root Canal

*I recently migrated my blog and some of the pictures didn’t make the move. So please excuse the words where pictures should be but I don’t have the time or energy to find the pictures. 

I love to come up with fun things for my children.
But unfortunately, I don’t come up with them.
Usually, I can thank OTHER people for the ideas.
Every single idea I have ever used for fun with my children has been inspired by someone other than myself.
I can pretty much guarantee that.
I have no shame in admitting that.
Oh, I am sure that when I was a much younger mommy, you know,  when I was full of energy and mommy creative juices, that I did have an original idea or two but now?
I got nothing.

Most of my fun ideas are given to me from books, magazines, family, friends, Pinterest, teachers, ideas heard on the train, bus, field trips, lines at the grocery store.
You get the gist.
I glean most of my fun ideas from other people and I am OK with admitting it.
Because at least I can admit that I am still up for trying to create fun things in the first place.
Trust me, there are days when it takes everything I have to make a grilled cheese sandwich so if I can go on Pinterest and type in “candy bar wreath” in the search engine?
I am winning.
And so are you.
Because that is why you are reading this today.

My oldest daughter turned 15 this year and in addition to giving her money, her request for her birthday this year, I wanted to give her something to open.
Not just a card with moola in it because where is the fun in that??
So I decided to make her a candy wreath.
Now, I know this seems a little childish for a 15-year-old and to that I say, you don’t know teenagers!
First of all, they love candy!
Well, at least mine does and while I am not a huge fan of giving her candy all the time, especially because she has braces, I decided that this was a fun way to show her that we were letting loose a little.
So off to Pinterest I went in search of “candy gift ideas” and voila!
The candy bar wreath idea popped up!

That’s my amazing dentist who is probably having a massive coronary right now.
She totally did.

So this is what you will need:


Supplies for our easy to make candy bar wreath

– lots of mini candy bars. This can get expensive. Go to Dollar Tree. This is where I got mine because you won’t need more than probably 10 small bags at most, I had leftovers. Get different brands of candy and don’t get boxes, only individually wrapped candy bars because you will be hot gluing the individual bars onto the wreath.

– hot glue gun and glue sticks

Start with a straw wreath

– straw wreath NOT a foam wreath or it will melt

candy bar wreath all over my laminate floors

By the way, when you get a straw wreath, it will do that.
Be warned neat freaks.
So get out the broom.
I shook it out a little before I started gluing and that helped a lot.

Let’s get to gluing!

Simple to make candy bar wreath

Let me just say, this was therapeutic.
I texted my mom while I was doing this and said, who knew this was all it took to let all my stress melt away…need one of these??
Instead of knitting or reading, I might be making these babies for everyone I know.
If you get one of these bad boys on your front porch, be warned.
Maybe I will start an Etsy shop.

It took me all of  45 minutes from start to finish and here is the final product:


Simple to make Candy Bar Wreath

I added a bow I got at Hobby Lobby in the gift wrap section to the top.


Easy Dollar Tree Candy Bar Wreath

I love how this turned out.


Simple Candy Bar Wreath ala Dollar Tree

Anna gave one of her good friends a bag of candy for her birthday back in February before I found this idea and now I wished I had seen this.
Maybe I will make another one for her because HELLO, THERAPY.


Make this candy bar wreath in under 20 minutes!

You could make a sugar free version too.
Or a peanut free version as well.
The possibilities are endless.
I would hot glue anything to a wreath, quite honestly.
Hair products?
That could be the coolest idea ever.
I wonder if that could work.
Someone stop me.


Easy to make candy bar wreath

Anna put this on her door and just pulled the candy from it each day.
The wreath didn’t last a month.

Total cost for everything from wreath form to bow to candy to glue sticks- $25.00 for a fun gift.

Nothing to see here!
This entire post was about teeth brushing and how amazing you look!
I am totally making him a wreath out of floss and toothbrushes out of guilt.
Heading to Hobby Lobby now…….

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14 thoughts on “Candy Bar Wreath. Because Nothing Says “I Love You” Like a Root Canal”

  1. OMG I THINK THAT IS GENIUS.Orrrrr Mike's Hard Lemonade bottles??ORRRR MINI VODKA BOTTLES FROM THE AIRPLANE?????Why are we not starting a business plan????????


  2. Oh my! I have done sundae dishes (pain in the backside to transport) and bouquets with candy, but this has more candylicious fun!!! Now I need candy…I do not want it…I NEED it! This could be the perfect past time for when I get done painting my stress away!


  3. When mine were 15, they’d have LOVED to get this! Who am I kidding – they’d love it now, they’d just have to hide it somewhere to keep it away from the grandkids! Thanks for sharing with Party in Your PJs!


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