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This Lego Party Was Over Before it Began #StreamTeam


I love writing for Netflix for many reasons:

– the posts pretty much write themselves because I love Netflix, I watch Netflix daily as do my children and I am very transparent in what I write about, so it is truly a good fit.
– it is a company I am proud to say I am in cahoots with.
I am pretty sure they don’t appreciate me using the word “cahoots” but I use words like “cahoots”, “anyhoo” and “aw snap”. It is part of my charm, so go with it. 

– they send us free cool stuff all the time. I liken it to receiving a care package from mom every month. Only it is from Netflix and it is filled with stellar things like blow up swords, Rubik’s cubes, and fanny packs. If they were a boyfriend trying to get me to sleep with them, I would already be in the bed totally naked with a rose in my mouth. LIKE TWO YEARS AGO.

Oh, you would be too.
Stop being such a prude. 
So when Netflix sent my youngest daughter a Lego set recently, my first reaction was not one of usual blue funk excitement, it was one of dread because Lego’s in our home can go either way.
Oh, my eight-year-old loves Lego’s, don’t get me wrong, as evidenced by this love note she left for Netflix after seeing her new Lego set from “Mommy’s job”.
She knows I am the reason she gets to watch Netflix each month, so therefore she calls it “Mommy’s job” and I haven’t corrected her because of feminism and women’s rights and all.
Plus, I really like that she knows that Mommy is the reason she gets to watch her favorite programs each month.
Anyhoo, this is the note she gave me to give to Netflix:
Aww, snap. 
But as I said it can go either way because she either loves playing with them or she gets really frustrated.
Which I originally didn’t understand at all when she first started playing with Lego’s a few years ago.
Until I sat down with her and followed the step by step 40 page instruction manual that is meant for someone with an engineering degree and the patience of Mother Teresa.
Then I totally got it.
Someone who didn’t have children invented Lego’s. 
So I told her to go on her own and make her own designs without the instruction manual.
Do what you do best, be YOU.


That is Barbie’s couch.
It did not come with the set.
Because of creativity.

I happened to peek into her Lego bin and found an interesting mix of things.

Is that a kleenex?
Oh and a window marker and Fred from Scooby Doo.
Because of creativity.
courtesy of Netflix
One thing that doesn’t frustrate Ella is watching her Lego Friends shows.
They totally look like they are ready to throw down, don’t they?
Like visual Lego’s without the 40-page manual.
Or without Fred and the window marker in the basket.
Aww, snap that would be a great punk rock band name!
courtesy of Netflix
They are in cahoots with me.
I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. Meaning, for the next year, once a month I will be writing posts about how my family is using our Netflix. They provided me with a Roku and a voucher for my Netflix account.