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I Did A Thing- Part Two

So I added music to the original podcast, which is why it was only available on Spotify. I also had to write this post in block editor (those on Word press will understand how hard this was for me LOL). Lots of new things this week.

Welcome to my podcast!

There are two episodes. Click on Episode one first. 🙂

Rants, Rita, and Realities A Grace Full Life

Rants about blogging Rita gives me inspiration Realities about life and birds
  1. Rants, Rita, and Realities
  2. Birds, Botox, and Bashes?
  3. 80's Names| My Name is on the List| Grieving
  4. Navigating
  5. Not My Mother's Menopause- Chapter Eight

23 thoughts on “I Did A Thing- Part Two”

  1. Oh look. Now you’ve added it RIGHT INTO YOUR BLOG.
    Did you use the Block editor? I think you did.
    Thanks for the listen. I listened to all three.
    I know there are only two, but I listened to the first one twice. I’m on a freaking roll here.

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    1. I did!! I watched a video tutorial another blogging friend shared a while back. It’s not necessarily hard, it’s just going to take some getting used to. The whole block situation. But I think I will end up liking it.

      I will probably only do the podcast weekly but I love that I can share it on the blog now!

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      1. You’re doing a great job. I was laughing because I was thinking that I’m totally a work in progress podcast wise, and the past two days I used notes, so I’m glad you’re using them too!

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      2. I think I’m ok with the scripted stuff, the comments I choose to use. But my commentary….I’m going to have to script that too because it’s like infreeze up. Which is rare for me because I am really talkative….😆but thank you! I loathing you are very natural and come across as someone I want to talk to. That’s a gift


  2. Look at you – branching out and learning new options and stuff. And sharing it minus the spotify part. So cool. I laughed at Suz’s post because I listened to 3 also, because I listened to one of them twice, at least partly till I realized it sounded awfully familiar. I love your voice. My voice sucks.

    You mentioned hospital food. I know you were referencing cream of wheat, but am I alone here: when I had my kids I was super excited about the hospital food. I suppose it was because it was food that I didn’t need to prepare . . . almost like eating out ‘for free’. OK, so not ‘free’ because having a baby is a pricey deal. Anyway, I found the hospital food delightful and full of choices. Sometimes I cheated and when it said circle one on the menu I circled extra. You know how they starve you while you are in labor? Well, I was flipping STARVING.

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  3. Squeeeeee! I can hear your voice now! Thx for taking out the (prob extremely rad) music and learning a new skill just so we can all listen to your podcast. This is why I love your blog so much! And now I love your podcast. ❤

    Your accent! I heart! You sound like (my fav) Thanksgiving to me bc that’s when I’d see all my Midwest relatives. Def got the warm fuzzies/made your podcast sound like sitting around the kitchen table for a chat. And listening to you say certain words made me realize why I say certain words “funny” according to the Midwest deprived people I know & love. That’s just my Midwestern heritage showing! Ohmygosh. Now let’s have some pop.

    Cream of wheat! I’ve heard of it bc I’m cosmopolitan like that but I’ve never seen it. Steel cut oats baby. Sweet or savory. My most worldly roomie (her parents were European! Her dad was famous adjacent!) tossed my sad instant oatmeal packets and replaced them with Steel Cut Oats in the tin that required an advanced degree to open. Life changing moment. Rolled oats for cookies (obvs) ;-).

    I say “um” too! Didn’t even notice u saying um till you mentioned it. Then I went back to not noticing. 🙂

    One thing that I *did* notice – how **warm** your voice became when you talked about comments or why you blog. Made me smile to hear (in your freakin voice!) how much love you have for this wonderful space you’ve made. That’s also why I love you & your blog. You’re not blogging for cash or bc u r a narcissist. You’re genuine.

    Can’t wait to hear more chats w you on your podcast. Belated Happy Birthday to your daughter Anna!

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    1. Oh Maddie, I love this so very much. This space has become so special and I love this added way of connecting with all of you.

      I have to say, knowing you didn’t have a Spotify was a driving factor in me figuring out how to share it here on the blog. ❤️


  4. Trying to get caught up here straying from my morning routine! Well I kinda love your voice, like I think maybe you could read to me at bedtime even! As far as podcasting from where you write…I just heard on a Dont Ask Tig episode -one of her guests was saying if you have a space in your house dedicated to one thing, you will eventually condition yourself to do that thing there (so like maybe that is your creative space). Meanwhile, why is every room in my house an eating space!?!?!

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