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I Did a Thing

I did a thing.

I have a podcast.


Selective Focus Photography of Gray Stainless Steel Condenser Microphone
By the way, I didn’t need any of the above. So you don’t need any fancy-schmancy stuff to start your own podcast.

I originally wanted a podcast to be linked to the blog thanks to an idea I got from a fellow blogger who is far more tech-savvy than I am.

However, in the process, I made an actual podcast. Like it’s legit and shit. LIKE ON SPOTIFY FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD TO HEAR.

And I have no idea how I accomplished it.

To begin, you may need to have a Spotify account. If that is a deal-breaker, oh well, you’ll never get to hear my husky voice.

You can head here to get to my first-ever podcast. 

But I have to say, I’ve already had a snafu. I had to change the name of my podcast on the first day.

I didn’t think to see if there were others with the same name: Peas in a (Pod) Cast (catchy hardy har har).

Yeah well, there are AT LEAST three other podcasts who have the same name and I didn’t want to be like anyone else.

This was NOT going to be like the 2010 ducks in a row incident.

Five Brown Ducks In Body of Water

I had a similar thing happen when I was trying to come up with a name for this blog. I first wanted to name it Ducks in a Row. It literally took me days to come up with that name. I think it took me longer to name my blog than it did to name my children.

Do you know how many blogs had the name Ducks in a Row in 2010? A lot. There was a lot. There is STILL a lot.

ANYHOO, this is the reason I am doing a podcast- I want to start a deeper conversation with all of you weekly. I want more of a back and forth. So I will do deep dives into your comments within the podcast. It will be lots of fun! Think of it as an extension of the tater tot post in voice form. I would eventually love to bring all of you into the conversations as guest stars to the podcast. I do not know if this is a possibility, but man, wouldn’t that be magnificent?

But hang in there with me because I am just getting the hang of this. I promise it will get better.



If you have a WordPress blog and something like this interests you as well, head here for the details. I am not getting paid to tell you any of this. I simply love sharing information like this because creating a podcast always seemed out of reach for me because of costs. This cost me NOTHING and I love that for me and for you if that is something that kept you from reaching out verbally with your readers.

31 thoughts on “I Did a Thing”

  1. This is amazing and makes me insanely happy. 😆 I NEVER want to be a guest, okay. But I love that I get to connect with you even more and can’t wait to binge listen (you know how I am).

    Yay!!! BEST news today! Shoot. Best news in weeks. First best news of March!

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  2. First off! Great job! Second Thank you!! Third….your voice is awesome, but I said the exact same thing the first time I heard my podcast. 4th….I love oatmeal as an ingredient…don’t like straight up oatmeal. But chewy oatmeal raisin cookies are my second favorite cookie

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  3. You have a podcast! Whaaaaa! Awesome! I’m so excited for you! But bummed bc we don’t Spotify.

    I know, right? Yah. We even cancelled Netflix. I dunno when exactly bc we haven’t noticed the absence. Get tf out, right? Right. I can’t believe it either. I think we’re regressing. Like kids do under stress? We’re going back to DVDs, CDs, books, the click wheel iPod. (*kisses click wheel iPod*)

    But I’m still cheering wildly for your podcast. You are **crazy** full of talent. The world needs to hear your voice! Literally!

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    1. I will figure out a way to share it on here! The whole point was to have it appear here in the first place, so eventually it will appear on the blog.

      I’m not the best when it comes to new technology. So even creating a podcast to begin with is light years ahead of my skill set. 😂


  4. You go girl. When Mini helped me clean out my closet, I thought afterwards that it should’ve been done live on a podcast. I still haven’t even posted about it. My teenage daughter reflecting about my articles of clothing was hilarious.

    Um, so did you consider naming it PEES IN A CAST? Because I think that would definitely stand out . . . especially if you use a graphic of someone (off camera) shooting a stream of pee onto some unfortunate person’s cast. You could work in ‘live-streamed’ too, right? I’m on a roll here, and no I haven’t been drinking. Why do you ask?

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  5. This was SO much fun. I didn’t even know I had a spotify account until I clicked on the link. When did I make that? 1999? WHO KNOWS?
    Why is it we all loathe the sound of our voice? I love your voice, little raspy and all.
    This is where you can discuss all the big worries in the world: Oatmeal Vs Cream of WhAT?,
    Girl Scout cookies, Books, the pronunciation of names. 🙂

    I SO wish I could just pop over and help you with the block editor. I promise YOU ARE overthinking it. You can just start typing and there is your paragraph. When you want to add in a photo, go to the little + button and type in or click IMAGE, then you grab your image from wherever or pull it from your MEDIA already loaded in WordPress. Do you want a separator? Click on the + button and search for Separator.

    Damn it. I’m coming over. Get that gimlet ready.

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  6. This is perfect timing, I finally jumped on the listening to podcasts trend and I just added you on Spotify. Also, I finally got Spotify. So it’s been a big day for me. I love that you did this and I cannot wait for more Kari!

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