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Things I Want to Remember | Part Two

In April, I wrote a blog post about random things I had written in the notes section of my phone since I was getting older and didn't want to forget them. I said I would make this a series because was so much more on the list. After a heavy couple of weeks, I feel… Continue reading Things I Want to Remember | Part Two

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Sarah, a friend of mine, published a post in November about the importance of asking yourself questions. Taking a deep breath and contemplating those questions. The answers may arrive fast, or they may take longer. But, ultimately, the answers will come to light. These are the reflective questions she included at the end of her… Continue reading Reflecting

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Podcast #36- There Are Other Ways I discussed how two events in the last week influenced my perspective on the path I should pursue with my book. I got a reiki reading and I finished a good book. I feel I gave up submitting query letters to agents too soon. When a literary agent requested a book proposal from me… Continue reading Podcast #36- There Are Other Ways


Podcast #28- Book Proposals, Gatekeeping, and Pity Parties Another literary agent emailed me a few weeks ago after reading my query letter. She wanted to see my book proposal, which I hadn't written yet. A book proposal is simply a sales pitch for why they should represent your work. I liken it to a car salesman telling the literary agent why they… Continue reading Podcast #28- Book Proposals, Gatekeeping, and Pity Parties

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Podcast #24 Engagement Vs. Numbers My podcast is available on Apple podcasts, my husband just informed me the other day. I know many of you aren't on Spotify, which was why you couldn't listen. I mentioned that I recorded my first ad, but it didn't play at the start of the podcast. I'm not sure what happened because Spotify… Continue reading Podcast #24 Engagement Vs. Numbers

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Podcast #22- Creating a Time Capsule and More If you're not a listener, there's a lot to cover, so let's get started. In case any of you are interested in starting your own podcast, I mention the book NPR's Podcast Start Up Guide: Create, Launch, and Grow a Podcast on Any Budget. In my podcasts, I say the word "um" frequently. I'm… Continue reading Podcast #22- Creating a Time Capsule and More