Podcast #28- Book Proposals, Gatekeeping, and Pity Parties

https://anchor.fm/kari-wagner-hoban/episodes/Episode-28--Book-Proposals-are-Hard-e1b53d9 Another literary agent emailed me a few weeks ago after reading my query letter. She wanted to see my book proposal, which I hadn't written yet. A book proposal is simply a sales pitch for why they should represent your work. I liken it to a car salesman telling the literary agent why they… Continue reading Podcast #28- Book Proposals, Gatekeeping, and Pity Parties

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Podcast #24 Engagement Vs. Numbers

https://anchor.fm/kari-wagner-hoban/episodes/Episode-24--Engagement-Vs--Numbers-I-Appreciate-You-e192t5j My podcast is available on Apple podcasts, my husband just informed me the other day. I know many of you aren't on Spotify, which was why you couldn't listen. I mentioned that I recorded my first ad, but it didn't play at the start of the podcast. I'm not sure what happened because Spotify… Continue reading Podcast #24 Engagement Vs. Numbers

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Podcast #22- Creating a Time Capsule and More

https://anchor.fm/kari-wagner-hoban/episodes/Episode-22--Creating-a-Time-CapsuleTouch-Pad-PhobiaWhere-Have-All-the-Cardinals-Gone-e18nrdd If you're not a listener, there's a lot to cover, so let's get started. In case any of you are interested in starting your own podcast, I mention the book NPR's Podcast Start Up Guide: Create, Launch, and Grow a Podcast on Any Budget. In my podcasts, I say the word "um" frequently. I'm… Continue reading Podcast #22- Creating a Time Capsule and More

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Podcast #17- Not Taken Seriously/ Writer’s Gathering

The link to the podcast is at the bottom of this post. In last week's podcast, I mentioned my library book problem, but the stack of books in the photo didn't truly reflect it. Here is a better picture: This week's podcast was very cathartic for me. Those who listen will learn why. I talk… Continue reading Podcast #17- Not Taken Seriously/ Writer’s Gathering