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Podcast #29- I’m Not Broken

Rants, Rita, and Realities A Grace Full Life

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  2. Birds, Botox, and Bashes?
  3. 80's Names| My Name is on the List| Grieving
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  5. Not My Mother's Menopause- Chapter Eight

I talk about how, thanks to the internet, I’ve learned a lot about my mental health. It’s helped me heal from a variety of issues while also teaching me that I’m not alone. I believe it is our obligation to care for our mental health, even if we don’t have insurance.

I shared an interesting TikTok about a book that is on the New York Times Most Notable list but quite possibly should not be. At least, not according to the owner of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s City Books. I’ve never more wanted to go to Pittsburgh more in my life. Visit her if you live within driving distance.

Please listen to her audio on the podcast and let’s see if we can figure out whose book it is!

*I know which book it is after some investigation, but I’ll leave it up to you to figure it out.

Here is the list of the New York Times 100 Most Notable Books of 2021. This isn’t the same as their bestseller list. The book is on this list.

In this week’s tater tot post, I shared the movie About Time. In the podcast, I mentioned how I discovered it on TikTok.

Side note- TikTok is not a sponsor of today’s episode.

However, the TikTok where I discovered About Time was a post about Movies To Change Your Perspective on Life. I promised to share the remaining seven films on the list, and here they are:

Into the Wild

Good Will Hunting

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Requiem for a Dream

Dead Poets Society


Captain Fantastic

Have you seen any of these? Which are your favorites?

In addition, I use a TikTok soundbite at the start and finish of my episode. I’d like to credit the author here: Mads (zapdos_equis)

41 thoughts on “Podcast #29- I’m Not Broken”

  1. Never saw into the wild, good will hunting and dead poet’s are freat films, eternal sunshine sucked, requiem for a dream is a bit of a nightmare, I liked trainspotting when I saw it in the 90’s but like requiem it glorifies drug use (I saw its sequel as well), never saw captain fantastic.

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      1. Wow none huh..yeah pre pandemic/pre marriage my life was going to the movies or renting movies…i used to be on this site called Letterboxed, which was a film index of sorts…i think I had seen about 10,000 films.

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  2. The only two we’ve seen are Good Will Hunting and Dead Poet Society; both I enjoyed a lot. But it sounds like we’ll be watching Into the Wild tonight!

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      1. I hated Into the Wild.. it did not change my perspective on life at all. I thought he was totally unprepared and kind of a jerk and just didn’t get it at all…

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  3. I can’t believe you haven’t seen any of those movies. What? I love Good Will Hunting. We own it. Love. love. I like Dead Poet’s Society too. Coach and I watched Captain Fantastic. it was an odd movie, but also interesting. Some parts are just down right funny even if they aren’t intended to be. it point out many important aspects of society, etc. I thought I’d seen the sunshine one, but no. I was thinking of the one when the sisters clean up crime scenes or after someone has died as a start up business and make serious dough – do you know the one I’m talking about? It was very good. Amy Adams, I think.

    I’m intrigued about this book thing belonging on a list or not. Do you want to drive to PA because you want to give this woman the stink-eye in person or because you want to give her a high five?

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  4. I’ve seen a few of those movies, but I wouldn’t say any of them really spoke to me that much. My son loves the book Into the Wild, but I have a huge aversion to it for a number of reasons. My husband loved the movie, and gave me a rundown of the plot, but I thought it was not something that I wanted to see/ read at all.

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    1. If I’m not being too personal, I’m curious to your aversion about the film. It’s a two-hour commitment to watch the film. Unless it moves me, I’m out. If I’m going to devote time on something, I want it to make a difference, if that makes sense. The same goes for a book. I’m done if I don’t like it after the first chapter.


      1. Hmm, how much time do you have? No, I kid. The honest truth is I have a huge aversion to stories about people making poor choices and dying because of it (he goes to Alaska hugely unprepared), people who want to “drop out of society,” and people who quote Thoreau constantly. Lol! Thoreau. What a jerk that guy was. You’re totally right, time is so valuable, no need to waste it on things we don’t like/ don’t make a difference.

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  5. I’ve seen several of these movies on the list and honestly, none of them have really stood out for me – or were too bizarre. I do have Dead Poet’s Society on my watchlist. That’s one I’ve been meaning to watch for years.

    Tim got our cat, Clementine’s name from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. 😉 He loves the movie, Trainspotting because I think it reminds him of Phil (heroin use). I don’t want to watch that one…I’m afraid it will bring up too much trauma/sadness.

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      1. At first I didn’t recognize the name of the movie, Captain Fantastic…then I’m like wait, why does that sound so familiar? I just looked it up and laughing at myself…I just saw this a few weeks ago! Yes, I really liked this one, too though parts of it were a little bizarre.

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  6. I hate Dead Poet’s Society, but I’ve never seen the whole thing. I hate movies about charismatic unconventional teachers that are completely unrealistic. Said teachers are usually martyrs, mentally ill, or both. I’ve known a few in my real life, and their relationships with students crossed boundaries they shouldn’t have. (Like, lose your job boundary-crossing.) I have some strong biases, obviously.

    I really liked Captain Fantastic. 🙂 Into the Wild was a hard watch, and more backstory (the sister’s perspective) came out a few years back. I’m not sure how I feel about that one. It was sad. Good Will Hunting is a better Robin Williams pick than DPS (imo). But I don’t know about life-changing. This seems like a pretty male-perspective list. Now I’m thinking about life-changing movies for women…

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    1. I think I never saw those movies because I was never a big fan of Robin Williams. So I’ll skip DPS because I dislike those types of teachers as well (usually male).

      I’d LOVE for you to compile a list of life-changing movies for women! We just finished watching Adrienne, a documentary about writer-director Adrienne Shelly, who wrote Waitress, last night on HBO Max, and it was both sad and inspiring.


    2. It’s interesting that you talk about those kind of teachers being lose-their-job-boundary-crossing teachers, because essentially, that’s the whole of the movie. I do love that movie (and a lot of Robin Williams movies) but within the framework of it being a movie/cautionary.

      I never watched the movie Into the Wild because I was one of the few people I know who didn’t like the book either.

      Adding Captain Fantastic to my list!

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  7. “Raw-Dogging life”
    I love it!
    I’m also overly sensitve to distracting sounds; it gets under my skin and nothing else can be of my focus. It’s horrible.
    The book review and then “praise” is just crazy!
    I’m sorry that you’ve been struggling with your mental health; I hope you can get through this as you’ve made SO much progress.
    I can totally relate to the sound-bite. I love it.

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  8. I agree with you that we all need to take responsibility for our mental health, even/when insurance doesn’t help. As for the list of movies, I’ve seen: Into the Wild, Good Will Hunting,
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind [my fave in this group], and Dead Poets Society. For a non-movie buff, 4 out of 7 is amazing to me.

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  9. Earlier I left a comment about movies but then I listened to this podcast episode & thought two things: 1. Omg I am that TikTok quote and 2. This podcast has so much goodness in it. Sooooo much. So I’m commenting again (I am that TikTok quote)! Sending hugs and also an invite to Introvert Camp – where no one actually attends camp but everyone is welcome to be part of the (not a group) group. You can just pop in when you’re feeling it. 😉 We’re waaaay out in the countryside. No bass lines, just the sounds of nature. You prob won’t see your fellow camper introverts but we’re out there & we love you.

    Also, I have to tell u I had this “aha” moment that was totally bc of you and the wise words you share on your blog. Whether or not your book finds a publisher or if you decide to share some or all in your blog… what you’ve already written and talked about *here* is out there (thank goodness). Thanks for sparking an “aha” moment for me.

    Hope this week brings something lovely your way – like a good soul homework book or just a really nice walk in the woods. Hugs.

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    1. I love this camp! I wish there was an Introvert Camp, but in reality, we wouldn’t leave our cabins. LOL

      I’m so excited that I triggered an aha moment for you! To be honest, this blog has brought me so much joy that writing a book is just an extension of that. So, however my book comes to be, I just want it to make people feel less alone.

      I just got back from a lovely long walk in the woods! Wow. The universe has already begun to pay it forward. Thanks, Maddie. 🙂


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