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I’ve Been Using Karma Incorrectly and I’m Guessing Tori Spelling Has As Well

  That title got you in here, didn't it? WELCOME TO THE SH#* SHOW!! No, but really, we need to discuss something serious. A few months ago, my husband (the hoarder that he is) brought home some candlesticks from a former co-workers office. Let's just say the situation on how he got them wasn't ideal. NO… Continue reading I’ve Been Using Karma Incorrectly and I’m Guessing Tori Spelling Has As Well

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Big Blue Wall

  In the spirit of winter homesteading or home tending, I have been nesting into our home this winter like no winter before. In fact, I haven't really nested in my home this much since my little birdies were much younger. I have to say that homeschooling Ella has made me appreciate our home more… Continue reading Big Blue Wall

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Family Cave Makeover

  When Ella was born, my mom came from central Illinois to spend two weeks helping me adjust to baby-hood again. At the time, it was a survival technique. It was January, really cold in these here parts. It was dreary, and dark at four in the afternoon in these here parts. Mike was working… Continue reading Family Cave Makeover

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I Hate Painting Furniture

I am publishing a follow-up post to these hideous nightstands on Monday, so I felt it only necessary to share this post today. Plus it's another old favorite which is why I am reblogging on Friday's to begin with. 🙂  First published on September 12, 2017 I have read my share of DIY blogs to… Continue reading I Hate Painting Furniture

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Laundry Sucks. Let’s Make a Sign

  A few weeks ago I was perusing Pinterest and I found something so wonderful that I pinned it then emailed it to myself and texted it to myself for good measure. What? It's good. Just look.     After some clicking, it turns out a blog called A Girl and a Glue Gun made this.… Continue reading Laundry Sucks. Let’s Make a Sign