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There’s Just Somethin’ About Soup

Isn't there? Last week someone online made a comment about how it's "soup season" and I was all.....um, soup has a season? I eat soup year-round like I am being paid to do it, so I have no idea what kind of weed they were smoking, but can I have some? What were we talking… Continue reading There’s Just Somethin’ About Soup

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Felt Board Quotes- Fall Edition

I have shared with you a couple of felt board quotes posts over the past few years for many reasons, the least of which is solely for filler. Now that I no longer write to get pageviews and therefore no longer get paid to write on this blog, I don't have an "agenda". So these… Continue reading Felt Board Quotes- Fall Edition

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Mental Health Crafting-Mod Podge Flower Pumpkins

  I swear to GOD this is the last post about pumpkins this fall. Promise. Pinky swear. Honestly, I wasn't even going to write about it but Rebecca sent me this idea a few weeks ago and we decided to do some "mental¬†health crafting" one glorious¬†fall day when the stars lined up and we both… Continue reading Mental Health Crafting-Mod Podge Flower Pumpkins

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Dollar Tree-Ish Floral Pumpkin

  Consider this part of a series of posts that have nothing to do with reality because reality is really overrated at this juncture. You can count on plenty of nonsensical topics, swear words by the gallon, and gifs. There is a lot of fuckery going on right now, welcome home. If I lost you… Continue reading Dollar Tree-Ish Floral Pumpkin

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Fall Home Tour 2018-The Same as Summer, Only More Orange

To be honest, I was a little sad about putting up the fall decorations this year.     Look how summery it is in hereeeeee. Sigh. But fall is upon us and I only had one day to put it up and out, so I decided to light a pumpkin candle and get it over… Continue reading Fall Home Tour 2018-The Same as Summer, Only More Orange