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What’s Made Me Smile This Month- December 2021

I was looking through all the images on my phone last week while in the waiting room of my headache doctor, and I noticed my face smiling to all of the pictures in front of me. I've decided to share them with you all. I hope these can make you smile as well. Buddy and… Continue reading What’s Made Me Smile This Month- December 2021

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Is Your Favorite Childhood Book the Key to Who You Are?

I was grabbing some glasses out of our dining room cabinet one day when I noticed this book tucked into the corner: Miss Suzy was probably my favorite childhood story book. I felt like I was a child again as I flipped through the pages. It's a bit jarring when my two worlds merge like… Continue reading Is Your Favorite Childhood Book the Key to Who You Are?

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Podcast #25- Vision Board Project This week's podcast is a long one, but my ad was accepted this time. I think my podcasts need to be longer than 20 minutes in order to accommodate the ads. So here's to longer episodes going forward. 😉 I also had to break my podcast into segments for the first time, which was… Continue reading Podcast #25- Vision Board Project

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On Elephants and Hitting Walls

I came across an article online about scientific ways a home can make you happier, and I immediately clicked on it since it piqued my interest. Then I notice the author only shares 25% of his blog posts to those who read his posts without subscribing to his content. The rest of his content is… Continue reading On Elephants and Hitting Walls

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Good Thing I’m Not Afraid of Rabbits

So the Universal things keep happening, but I also have poop sandwich weeks, just in case you think I am always happy and rainbows, which would be so irritating, wouldn't it? Someone who is happy all the time while the rest of the world is imploding? Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you since… Continue reading Good Thing I’m Not Afraid of Rabbits