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What I Kept | May 2023

I started writing this post unintentionally a year ago this month. The origin of this post is rooted in grief. Grief that I didn't anticipate. Grief that I've had shame over having. This past year, I have grieved in ways I could not have imagined and it has changed me for the better. Thank you for… Continue reading What I Kept | May 2023

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Seven Existential Questions

My friend Ally is great at sharing posts that make us think. A while back, she shared this article about Minnie Driver's podcast, in which she asks each of her guests seven existential questions. The questions were inspired by The Proust Questionnaire. Ally's responses to the seven existential questions can be found here. Here are… Continue reading Seven Existential Questions

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Sowing The Seeds

(of love) I didn't want Tears for Fears to sue me because of the title. I planted the seeds for the soul garden last week, and I must admit that it made me feel a little emotional (in a good way). Ella helped plant the sunflowers 🖤 Sunflowers and black-eyed susans will grow in that… Continue reading Sowing The Seeds

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What I Kept | April 2023

These are things I kept on my phone in the month of April. Click here to read previous posts. This one may be a little longer because it's birthday month and there have been a lot of really cool universal things going on. Watching Daddy leave for work Cardinal on the first day of April… Continue reading What I Kept | April 2023

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Gratus | April 2023

In February, I wrote about a few of the little things that had made me happy. Since it's birthday week, I'd like to share a few more that have recently made me happy. Dinner with a friend at a favorite Mexican restaurant during a torrential thunderstorm, which ended just in time for us to get… Continue reading Gratus | April 2023

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100 Even, Even More Things I Love

It's birthday month, so I thought now would be a good time to share another of these lists. I'll keep writing these posts until my hands can no longer type. I am eternally grateful to whoever came up with this idea. All you need to know is that it wasn't mine. As always, there are… Continue reading 100 Even, Even More Things I Love