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Things You Need For The Second Half of The Shitshow

Also known as the last half of the year that won't ever end. AND WE GET TO HAVE AN ELECTION TOO.       Before we get started I do have one little request. I want you to make sure you are checking in on people.   We wake up and our news feed is… Continue reading Things You Need For The Second Half of The Shitshow


The Day I Found Out I Was in Menopause

I promise this is the last in the menopause posts. This is a big week for me and I have been writing about this for a while. Let me bask in this, okay? 
Next week I have a fun post lined up. I know we have heavy shit going on in the world and you all seem to like the lighter stuff better. I get it. 🙂 

First published May 11, 2015

I’m nothing if not blunt; that is just who I am, unfortunately.
My whole life I have been known to have what is called, “a way with words”.
That is a nice way of saying “I have no tact at times when tact is very much needed”.
I would never have done well in olden times.
You know, when women were required to be quiet and discreet.
Don’t even get me started.
I can actually hear my grandma…

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September 23rd

I mentioned to my friend last week that I am officially in menopause on September 23rd and she was surprised because she thought I was already in it and I was like, oh no, no, no, noo, that is all the nonsense leading up to it. The appetizers before the meal. The preview before the… Continue reading September 23rd


14 Reasons Why I Cannot Blog While Awaiting the Crimson Tidal Wave

You will be noticing a theme in my posts over the next week…
So someone in the original comments (which were accidentally deleted when this blog was migrated from Blogger) had said they thought this post was about Alabama football because I guess they are called the Crimson Tide? So I am sure that demographic was shocked by what they got when they landed on this blog. I don’t think this will be your cup of tea if that was what you were looking for, just an inkling.

First published on October 14, 2014

That means “premenstrual” but I didn’t want to write “premenstrual” in the title because that would bring readers I am not sure I want to attract. Of course, saying “premenstrual” three times in the first paragraph of a blog post is just the SEO (aka- search engine optimization.. it’s okay, I had to look it up…

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Giving facebook the Big F-You

I began writing the word facebook with the little letter f, not the big letter f because I didn't want to give it the power it didn't deserve. Because it has taken away my power over the past 12 years. But most notably since March.     I needed to step away for my sanity,… Continue reading Giving facebook the Big F-You


What I Wish People Would Write on Facebook

I left facebook almost a month ago and I don’t honestly miss it. In fact, I am writing a post about it that will publish on Monday about how I came to my decision to leave it altogether. I think if it was more like what this post is about, I would have definitely stayed. 🙂 

First published November 21, 2014

I would like to credit my friend and fellow writer, Alison Lee for this idea, this brilliant idea.
She wrote this post back in October about random thoughts and ideas that don’t make it onto Facebook.

So I commented:

I have a way with words.

Then a few days later, Alison wrote:

So if Alison Lee says to please do it, you do it!
Because Alison Lee is awesome.
And so pretty.
I am not a stalker.
She is glad she lives in Malaysia. 
Far, far from me.

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