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Is It Over Yet? Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Part Thirteen

First, I need to say that my birthday was spectacular within a pandemic. My husband went to so much work to make sure that turning 50 while not being able to hug anyone who lives outside of my home was so special, that he created a private Facebook group after my mom had mentioned to… Continue reading Is It Over Yet? Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Part Thirteen


Birthday Week: Make it a Thing

I felt this was an appropriate post to share at the end of my 50th birthday week; how it all started. 🙂 

First published May 1, 2017

Birthdays are important.

My parents have always made me feel this way, especially my mom by carefully planning my gifts, the dinner I wanted, my favorite cake flavor.

I am the same with my children, talking about their birthdays for weeks in advance. I want to make sure they know how important the day they came into this world is to me and to others.

I didn’t always do that for myself, however. In my first marriage, my ex-husband never made my birthday feel special because it wasn’t on his radar even though I expected it to be. On my 30th birthday, he got me a candle and one could argue that, yeah, at least he got me something but I had just…

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Walking in John Hughes Footsteps: Movie Locations & Addresses

A few months ago, my husband had suggested I run a fun tour of these homes this summer for some of his co-workers as they were John Hughes’s movie fans. We had planned a route, where we were going to make pit stops, planned out tee-shirts, and even had a playlist. Then coronavirus hit and now we aren’t sure when or if this will happen. But since we are heading into birthday week, I wanted to re-share this post because it is one of my favorites. Mike and I had so much fun researching for this post and it is during my birthday week that we usually revisit these places together. 
This year it will have to be virtual. 🙂 
Reblogged on April 24, 2020

First published August 3, 2015

Back in January, I wrote an article for Chicago Parent about John Hughes and included a few addresses such as where…

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Google Searches That Define You

I started writing this post at the end of February when our lives were completely different. I thought about changing the searches to reflect our lives since the lockdown but decided that it may be better suited for another post entirely. I like the idea of reading this and knowing what I was innocently searching… Continue reading Google Searches That Define You