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One Lovely Weekend

3 grateful things

1- Mantel fun-I got to work with my sister-in-law Kristy this weekend on her mantel since she was having a party for my nephew Will’s 2nd birthday party and you know how I love to move things around/ work with what ya got/ stage a house or two, right? Here is the before:

Looks pretty good to me, but she wanted it to “pop” a little more…
Here is the after:

We did not spend one dime on this mantel. Every single thing came from their home! We scoured closets, the kitchen, and dining rooms for the stuff we put on the mantel. “Shop” your home today and I swear it will make you feel good.


2- An important birthday party for an important little man- As I mentioned earlier, it was my nephew’s 2nd birthday party this past weekend, and it was so much fun to get time with little Will since we don’t get to see him often. He is growing up so fast and it seems like each time we see him he is getting bigger, smarter and cuter.


He got a little boo-boo on his face a few days before the party, but what would a two-year-old’s birthday pictures be without little facial bumps or bruises, right? So much fun ate way too much food and enjoyed spending time with our family.

3- Someone who is more organized than me? I also got to go with my mom and Annie to see my cousin Ashley’s new home while we were there, and although I have always known that she is organized, she has even put me to shame.

Here are some of my favorites from her adorable home:


This is a mural on the wall of Ashley’s daughter’s room. Isn’t that cute? My cousin Tonya painted it.


This table alone makes me want to stay the night; she got it at the Pottery Barn Outlet. Yes, I said O U T L E T. And it is 20 minutes from their home. Why doesn’t Chicago have a PB outlet?


This was an old chest of drawers that they repainted. I don’t know why, but I think I loved this piece the most because it was re-purposed and you know how much I love to use what you have around the house.


Last but not least was this stockpile in the basement. When I walked down and saw this, I almost squealed. Or maybe I did, I don’t really remember because I was in total awe.

4- A “somewhat” fun road trip with my oldest-   I got to go to Ohio with my oldest daughter alone, which was such a treat since it is hard to get time alone together. Since we were going on a road trip together alone, I thought it would be fun to take Route 30 all the way from Indiana to Ohio so that she could see the small towns that dot the map along the way. I introduced her to the musical styling of Dave Matthews Band and Barenaked Ladies, we ate some fun food and she caught me up on all the school gossip…all good things that is until we got to….

Fort Wayne, Indiana.


This little/big town got us all flustered because, on the way to Ohio, we missed an exit and got to experience downtown Ft. Wayne. Thanks to GPS, we got out of there pretty smoothly and only lost about 15 minutes of time. But helpedon the way home, we missed another exit and lost an hour because of roadblocks and an almost tornado looming overhead. So to my Fort Wayne readers, your city looked lovely, but it has it out for me and I don’t know why. It did help Annie to learn some new map reading skills, so it was all good.

5- Mike got to party like it was 1999 or maybe 1987–  So I was grateful to get away and I have a couple of people to thank for this. First to one of my friend’s Melissa who watched Ellie for half of a day and created this for us in honor of our anniversary:


I love this so much and have it on our kid’s “artwork wall”.

And also a big thank you to our neighbor/sitter/adopted family member Hailey for watching her the rest of that day.

But my husband was in charge most of the time we were gone, and he made the best of a weekend alone with the three-year-old.
He partied like a rock star.

Now don’t go call DCFS on him, he was a wonderful daddy taking her to his work to meet some co-workers, going to McDonald’s for lunch, going over to our friend’s/neighbor’s house for pizza and a play date with their two-year-old. But when Ella was asleep on Saturday night, his friend Brian came over (he was bachelor-ing it too with his wife out of town) and they sat outside with a bonfire, beer, and the baby monitor to live it up.

My husband said to me and I quote, “UMM, I got college drunk last night and fell asleep in my clothes“.

Oh boy.

Well, I am glad he had a wonderful weekend and now I don’t feel so guilty leaving him alone with a toddler for the weekend. But next time, he is coming along with us.

Happy Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “One Lovely Weekend”

  1. Thank you so much for coming this weekend – it meant the world to us! And I had a blast working on the mantel 🙂 I'll have other problem areas ready for the next time you visit 🙂 Love you!


  2. No problem. 🙂 It was so much fun for us too. And I love to do this type of thing and can do it from afar if you send me pics of what you have and where you want it, I can help you set it up from afar. 🙂


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