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Hormonal Room Changes

Last fall, my then 12-year-old daughter wanted her room to look more grown-up.
You can see all the changes here.
She loved it!
I loved it!
Then piece by piece, the room imploded.
Oh, a mirror here, a piece of artwork there.
Slowly and one by one, I would find random pieces sitting outside her door over the past nine months.
Me- Why is this mirror sitting out in the hallway looking all sad?
A- Because I don’t really like it in my room anymore.
Me- It has only been in there for a month.
A- Yeah. Not feeling it anymore.

Me- why is your bedding sitting in the hallway all forlorn?
A- Well, I am going another way in the bedding department.
Me- Are you making your own bedding??
A- Well, see that’s where YOU come in……

I call the above “hormonal room changes.”
I get it.
She is 13.
She is exploring who she is.
It’s a time of change, zits, and massive emotional implosions.
And, if THIS is the worst of puberty?

The one thing that won’t change?
Her room color.
We have painted this room four times.
I don’t care how much she isn’t “feeling” the room color, it stays.

It actually started with new bedding.

My teen's "little girl" room before we made it over

So the old bedding was apparently becoming too little girl or “so last year“.
To which I replied, “ you sleep in here. Unless you have a trust fund and a BFF named Bunny, we are not changing bedding styles every single year.”

That is, until a week later.
We were at Meijer, and we found her new bedding for 25 bucks.
Which included EVERYTHING.
Sheets, comforter, pillow shams.
Bunny’s mother would be so proud.

Then I was at Goodwill two weeks ago and found some cool pieces.

My new Goodwill metal plant holder

This cool metal thingamabob.

Cute metal bow holder from Goodwill

Another cool thingamabob that I didn’t have to do anything to (except clean ) and is now the home to all the bows for Ellie.
Both items under a dollar.

I knew I wanted that metal plant holder thingamabob in Annie’s room to “hold things”.
Because on most days, this is her storage “situation”:

This closet situation needed to change immediately

Piles on the floor.
So I knew any extra storage I could get for her room would be needed.

Then I was at Lowe’s looking for lamps for our family room and I saw this:


I love Lowes for inexpensive lighting

A go-anywhere pendant light!
On clearance for 10 bucks!!!
I bought the only two they had left because I knew I would regret it if I didn’t.
I knew exactly where one was going:


I love this go-anywhere pendant light I got at Lowes!

In “hormonal hall.”
Because it gives her light from above, which is important for all the homework-doing and makeup-applying going on in there.
Also, it looks so cool!!!
Points for mom!
And trust me, you will be DESPERATE for points when they hit this age.
Some parents will tell you that validation doesn’t matter.
They are LYING.
Deep down it feels great to know your 13-year-old thinks you are hip.

I also painted her once highlighter marker yellow chair.
At her request.
Of course.

My teen's chair from IKEA before
I see you eyeing my garage/workspace/kids dumping ground.
Don’t be jealous.
You too can have this for yourself.


Re-painting my teen's IKEA chair

This is halfway done.
I mean, I know my standards are low, but come on.

So add all the above and you go from this:

Before my teen room was made over

To this:


I love the bedding from Meijer for my teen room


The black lamps that flank the bed we found at Target in their college section for 15 dollars each.
Cool new bedding from Meijer makes this teen room look great


The cord you see is for the pendant lamp.
It’s supposed to be there.
But when you are 13, things like this don’t drive them nuts.
My 13 year old's room after a makeover


Hello, One Direction.
Don’t think this door gives me nightmares.
And don’t think I haven’t flicked their heads when no one is watching.
I love how my teen's room looks now!

The newly painted chair has become a table to hold her CD player.


My teen's new nightstand


There is my Goodwill find holding all her “stuff”.
Looks so much better than where I found this “stuff”.
All over the floor, on the bottom of the bed, and on top of the dresser.
It’s a wonder she even comes out looking as good as she does each morning.

Goodwill metal wall basket is perfect for holding my teen's jewelry

I ended up spray painting it a bronze color.
It was a bronze-ish color before.
This just gave it some more shine and a cleaner look.
I already had the spray paint from a project last Christmas, so no money spent.

My new-to-her teen room!

The cool nail polish rack was a gift from Mamie and Papa last Christmas.
She loves to paint her nails.
And I love how her polish becomes part of the decor.

My teen loves her room so much more now

The table was my Gramma’s from her farmhouse.
The A was also a Goodwill find, 50 cents.

So total money spent to update her room into something that she can “feel”: $65.00.
Not having to listen to her say “that was so last year” once more?

16 thoughts on “Hormonal Room Changes”

  1. Super cute! I love the nail polish display holder and I could totally use one installed inside my linen closet door. I also love the $25 comforter set deal. =)Deals like that are why my house ended up with a super cute king-sized Jonathan Adler comforter set from Target on super sale for less than $30, but we don't even have a king-sized bed. Whatevs… mama likes a sale!


  2. Marianne, tell me when and where and I am so there.I secretly want to be an interior decorator in my next life.Oh ok, this life too.


  3. i need you to spend a weekend at my house with access to Home Depot spray paint department and let yourself go bananas. LOVE IT. She's a lucky girl.


  4. Oh my gosh this is too funny! I have an 11 yo daughter and can totally see this happening in the next year or so! And she shares the 1D obsession too…I even braved the movie with her and 7 of her friends! Oh my, it was an experience 🙂 This rooms looks so great though! I am so impressed by all you finds for it!


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