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Making John Hughes Proud at the Skydeck Chicago Sears Tower

So much to love about this post: Chicago being just so beautifully Chicago, my little family, John Hughes, Ferris Bueller, and Ellie doing us all proud. It’s my favorite sponsored post I’ve ever written because it doesn’t feel like a sponsored post. 

First published June 14, 2016

Yes, I said Sears Tower.
Yes, I realize it’s not called the Sears Tower anymore.
No, you won’t ever hear me calling it anything else.
Even in a sponsored post.

When the fine people over at the Skydeck Chicago at the “Sears Tower” asked me if I wanted to come on over to their pad and hang, I was all “sure! Be right over in a few!”
Okay, maybe they didn’t ask if I wanted to “hang” but I feel like that is what the Sears Tower would say to me if we were BFF’s and I do feel like we are BFF’s after our little adventure last weekend.
Because look:


I got up there and said, “it’s like they were waiting for me!”
And then my husband said, “orrrr it’s in honor of Ferris Bueller’s Day off turning 30 this year.”
The Sears Tower was my BFF, my homie.
It was rolling out the red carpet!


Look at the views my BFF gives.


Everything looks so small from up here.
I just recently wrote about gaining perspective from afar
Amazing what a couple thousand feet can do.

There’s nothing like watching the world from way up high above.


Pointing out familiar buildings.


Like that one over there that we aren’t mentioning right now because of HELLO “Sears Tower”.
But that building does hold a lot of history for our little family.


Speaking of, this exhibit was going on when we were up at the Skydeck:

Those mannequins were set up to recreate a scene from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
Side note: seriously BFF, you couldn’t find a better wig for Sloane?
Anyway, we were totally stoked to see this exhibit.
If you have no idea what this exhibit means, you wouldn’t be alone.
And that makes me very sad.

Here is the clip of the movie from where this exhibit began:


So we see there is a line for this exhibit but I am prepared to wait because HAVE YOU JUST MET ME?
Oh in case you have just met me, let me introduce myself!


My name is Kari. 
I have what some would say is a John Hughes obsession.
Not a keep his hair in my drawer, wallpaper my wall with his face, stalk his family members obsession.
No, nothing sinister like that.
I write posts about favorite movies that you should see, where all of the movie locations are in the greater Chicago area, tell you that I went to his former home and that I felt the need to connect with him on a deeper level, and finally I rallied everyone I knew to get a John Hughes museum started here in Chicago. 
You don’t even want to know the inspiration behind the screenplay I am writing but I think you already do. 


So I waited in line with my husband and my eight-year-old Ferris Bueller lovin’ daughter because the teenagers were all John who?
They know who Ferris Bueller is and like the movie and all but they don’t have the mad love for the director like this crazy train does.
Anyway, as we were waiting I started to notice a trend within the exhibit:

Umm, ma’am? You’re doing it wrong.


Over and over.
One after the other.
Instead of getting up and posing like Ferris, like the other two “dummies” up there?
No one was doing that.
Instead, they were doing the above.

Or this:


To clarify, there are many other window walls at the observation deck to take pictures. This is just a small section,

See that couple on the right behind/next to “Cameron”?
They cut in front of everyone and just started taking random pictures.
So if someone, say, wanted to take an accurate picture?
You would have gotten Hans and Priscilla in your picture as well.
Did you hear that?
Oh, that was just the sound of John Hughes rolling in his grave.

Not one person in a 20-minute wait knew what was going on, knew how to pose, or was even in touch with what this exhibit meant.
I was losing faith in humanity with every person who stood on the window sill.
Until it was our turn and our eight-year-old daughter jumped up there and did this:


It was probably one of my proudest moments as a parent.
With no prompting whatsoever, our third grader got up there and schooled an entire room of adults.

A line full of adults who clapped loudly and cheered when they saw her do it the right way.
Faith in humanity restored.

By the way “Sears Tower”/BFF, I am totally available for a part-time gig if you want to hire me to stand by that exhibit and explain the history of this pose!
I will even show your guests how to do it.
And all you have to do is pay me in Ferris Bueller merchandise.


After the rush of the exhibit, we finished off our day at the Skydeck with DA DA DUM…


I am not afraid.
And neither should you be.
Although I don’t know if I would go out there after someone has done one of those Van Halen jumps.

Note- do not do that.

As brave as our third grader was to jump up and be Ferris for a few minutes, she was a little apprehensive about going out on THE LEDGE.


I love this picture that my husband captured on his phone.
I rarely get “in the picture” and this one is perfect because LOOK! THERE I AM!

What a great view.
In more ways than one.

On the way out of the tower, we had to make a mold of our BFF as per tradition.

Thank you, BFF, for letting us watch the world from afar for a little while, getting to be a tourist in our city for a day.
It was nice to gain some perspective.

If you would like to visit the Skydeck Chicago and be Ferris for the day, then head to the link for their hours, prices and a lot of cool trivia.

*This exhibit is from 2016 and is no longer there. 

My family and I were provided tickets to Skydeck Chicago. 
But I was not paid to write the above words.
My love for John Hughes is all mine. 

11 thoughts on “Making John Hughes Proud at the Skydeck Chicago Sears Tower”

  1. I call it the Sears Tower. That’s what it was called when I visited there shortly after the dinosaurs went extinct and that’s what it’ll be to me forever. I didn’t know about the Ferris exhibition [is that what you call it?] but would like to take this opportunity to say that I thought Sloane was about the coolest girl ever when I saw that movie for the first time. I wanted to be Sloane. I might still want to be Sloane. Wonder where that actress is now?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been here, but not when it was dedicated to one of the greatest movies of all time. I wanted to be as cool as Sloan….even if it was for one flipping day. Did that ever happen? Nope
    I was horrified to see all the people doing the pose/photo moment incorrectly. What the hell people? Thank goodness your (then) 8-year-old schooled them properly.
    What is it called now though? “Not the Sears tower”?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am so behind in my blog reading. But on the upside I have whipped up countlesss vats of food to freeze for when I start my class. My freezer is jam packed.

    Embarrassed to say we have never taken our kids to the Sears Tower. I cannot call it W-i-l-l-i-s. Love that movie too. I might have to write a post about the little stunt my buds and I pulled senior year. We sorta recreated Ferris’ day off by ditching a field trip. Not intentionally. Just sorta happened.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would say it’s probably because it costs a small college loan to get inside the Sears Tower and you have eight people to pay for. 😂
      Thank God for free tickets.

      Also, a Ferris Bueller-inspired post is always a good idea.


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