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Things People Say on House Hunters that Annoy the Crap Out of Me

First published January 27th, 2017

Do you get as annoyed at House Hunters as I do? What happened to just being thankful for having a roof over your head?  Why have we become so spoiled when it comes to searching for a home? First world problems abound when watch this guilty pleasure show but here’s the thing: most likely it is staged.


We are now learning that House Hunters is probably fake.

This shouldn’t really surprise us but I hate that the Wizard behind the curtain is being exposed because this is one show that my husband and I love to hate.

So here are some of our thoughts on HGTV’s most annoying show, House Hunters.

Make it a drinking game and get completely shit faced tonight.

all photos courtesy

A Photo of Mother and Daughter



1- “What mommy wants mommy gets”

Ew, you just called yourself mommy.


Assorted-color Apparels


2- “This closet isn’t even big enough, wide enough, long enough, to hold half my stuff!”

It is. Quite big enough. Wide enough. Long enough.

That’s what she said. 


Couple Sitting on the Kitchen Floor Watching on the Laptop


3-  “The floors are laminate? I really wanted hardwood”

Me too Sally but I also want my kids to go to a four-year college.


Woman Sitting in Front of the Laptop Computer in Shallow Photo


4- “Are those travertine counters?”

No, they’re made out of 100% organic quinoa, Karen.


Man Wearing T-shirt


5- “So where are you going to put YOUR clothes, honey? HAHAHAHAHA”

America gets it.

You have a SHIT TON of clothes.



Collage Photo of Woman

6- “But those countertops! What is that even? Laminate. OH MY GOD NO. THAT WILL NOT DO”

I feel like they won’t do in my zip code.


Man in Red Long-sleeved Shirt


7- “I really, really, really wanted a double sink. Where will we brush our teeth in the morning?”

From the hose in the backyard? No?


Photo Of People Sitting Beside Cactus Plant

8- “Now Linda, you know I hate a brick exterior”

Now, Linda, you know I hate an entitled bitch…..


Photo of Two Women Smiling Wearing White Shirt

9- “I really need a gourmet kitchen”…”but you don’t even cook!”  (Titter titter)

Hold me back……


Woman and Man Hugging Dog


10- “Oh Brad, this yard will NOT do, Where will insert name of dog (Fido, Barkley, Max, Sam, Boots) play???”

Blink, blink, blink.


Woman And Man Sitting on Brown Wooden Bench

11- “We’d have to put up a fence though. One more added expense”. SIGHING LOUDLY

It’s only your children’s safety but I know you really have your eye on that travertine countertop, Sheila.


Woman in Gray Tank Top


Blink. blink. blink. Again.


Woman Wearing White Top Holding Smartphone and Tablet


13- “So, where are you going to put YOUR shoes, honey? HAHAHAHA!”

America gets it.

You have a SHIT TON of shoes.


Photo of Couple Talking While Holding Laptop and Ipad


14- “That brick is too red.”

I can’t or I will get stabby.



Man and Woman Sitting at Table


15- “I cannot get past this paint color though.”



What annoys you about the show House Hunters?

41 thoughts on “Things People Say on House Hunters that Annoy the Crap Out of Me”

  1. They are also 30 yrs. old and have a budget of $700,000! Our first house was $59,000 with orange cupboards, orange and yellow striped wallpaper, old carpet etc. and we were thrilled! I also hate when they climb into the bathtub, annoying!


  2. I used to like this show….now it just makes my eyes and ears bleed. Probably because of all you mentioned above and the fact that these people have already bought the house/are in contract before they even tape the show.


  3. It is the sense of self-entitleement that gets me. What ever happened to being grateful for the opportunity to have a Home? My only concerns when I was house hunting were enough bedrooms no matter the size (down size your bed child), is there a fence for my dogs to have a safe place to be, and will the piano fit….somewhere….anywhere? I would LOVE a gourmet kitchen but if it has a kitchen it is perfect anyway.


  4. “I feel like they won’t do well in my zip code.”

    Mine either. Formica is where it’s at. I love it. According to this show I am the only one.

    Buncha snobs.


  5. ROFLMBO! Boy you nailed this Kari! I love the show but seriously….and they HAVE to have granite countertops and stainless steel appliances! This made me laugh out loud you funny nut!! xoxoxo


  6. If I hear one more, “It doesn’t have MY white kitchen” I’m going to scream! Tonight’s “The yard might not be big enough for our horses” almost topped my list of ridiculous needs.


  7. Honest truth. I used to love HGTV until a few years ago and now never watch it. Two things happened: our crazy India trauma changedourlife incident. I just could not even deal with superficial or “pretty” people anymore and then they gave that dang show to you know who because I messaged you. I can’t even.

    Now I watch TLC. Give me the messy, f-up’ed Real people Please.

    And I call myself Mommy 🤫😯. It’s an India thing. When we met our first adopted daughter they introduced us as Papa and Mommy to her. Not what we had planned to be called but it was all she Somewhat understood From her culture. So it stuck. I’m forever Mommy. I remember thinking it weird when I met my husband and he referred to his mommy. And now I’m one 🤣.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YESSSSS. I agree with you. I don’t watch it much anymore either. Especially the show you are referring to; I refuse to watch THAT show ever again.
      I think it is a definite cultural thing. I also don’t like it when adults call their dad “daddy”. It creeps me out. But I feel bad saying that because that if that is what they say, then it is my issue, not theirs. But it does bother me. LOL


  8. The whole premise of the show annoys me. Who goes around filming themselves while looking for a house? Only narcissists, that’s who. And why would I want to watch them do this? That is the question I can’t answer. Granted as a drinking game it has it’s appeal, but couldn’t I just drink quietly by myself without all their inane comments? Why, yes I can.

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  9. Hahahahaha! When they act allergic to any given paint color as if it i a deal breaker. There is an even more special place in hell for the folks on Househunter INTERNATIONAL…how big of an island do we want? How many bedrooms for all of our guests?!?!?!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. This is allso true. I watch sometimes with my girls and we always try to guess what house they pick. Curly and I just watched one while I was working out in the family room and the woman wanted carpeted stairs so her little dog would not slide down the stairs. Every time she mentioned it, we died laughing at her. In the end the house had wooden stairs and the dog was FINE. We were like Duh! People do come across so dumb or materialistic. One guy brought a marble to every house to check if the floors were even. Please!


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