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“Merry Christmas, Shitter’s Full”

Disclaimer #1- this post will be filled with bathroom humor and swear words. If you don't like that sort of thing, read The Pioneer Woman or something. I tried to think of a better title for a post filled with nonsensical and fun Christmas anecdotes but I honestly couldn't think of anything more fitting. I… Continue reading “Merry Christmas, Shitter’s Full”

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Felt Board Quotes- Fall Edition

I have shared with you a couple of felt board quotes posts over the past few years for many reasons, the least of which is solely for filler. Now that I no longer write to get pageviews and therefore no longer get paid to write on this blog, I don't have an "agenda". So these… Continue reading Felt Board Quotes- Fall Edition

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Quirks? I Got ‘Em By The Boatload

  My friend Jeanette, the mastermind behind the vision board, has gotten me to thinkin' again which is never ever good. She wrote a post about 30 Refreshingly Unique Blog Writing Prompts and let me tell you, they are indeed refreshing. Every once in a while, bloggers/writers/journalists/"influencers" (hate that word) run into a dirty little… Continue reading Quirks? I Got ‘Em By The Boatload

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Things I Didn’t Do Before My 30-Year High School Reunion

      On July 21st, I will be attending my 30-year high school reunion at my rural Ohio high school. It will be full of fun things like seeing old teachers, visiting old schools, seeing old classmates. Lots of old stuff to make me feel less old or conversely, even older. Let's just say… Continue reading Things I Didn’t Do Before My 30-Year High School Reunion

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John Hughes Playlist Because I Have Too Much Time on My Hands

This page includes affiliate links as I am a part of the Amazon affiliate program.   I don't. Have too much time on my hands, to be clear. But my John Hughes addiction never sleeps. Never. Sleeps.    And yours shouldn't either which is why I am sharing with you something that I have kept… Continue reading John Hughes Playlist Because I Have Too Much Time on My Hands