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Sh** I Bought During a Pandemic

Besides toilet paper and essentials, I acquired some items. Yes, I am a minimalist at my core, but I needed distractions and enjoyment. I know I am not alone in obtaining stuff over the previous year that served no purpose than to produce a smile. Maybe even to anesthetize the horror a little. “We saved… Continue reading Sh** I Bought During a Pandemic

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The Perfect Home

I love the website Becoming Minimalist. I stumbled on it a few months ago when the quarantine first began and it has been a find for me. Over the past four years, I have slowly morphed into a minimalist lifestyle and the coronavirus has definitely helped me attain my minimalistic attitude. It started when I… Continue reading The Perfect Home

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Nesting and Routines

I am doing better than I thought I would do during this pandemic. I have days that aren't so good but nothing near to what I thought I would be before this all began playing out and I honestly think our home is a huge part of why.     I appreciate all that my… Continue reading Nesting and Routines

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Big Blue Wall

  In the spirit of winter homesteading or home tending, I have been nesting into our home this winter like no winter before. In fact, I haven't really nested in my home this much since my little birdies were much younger. I have to say that homeschooling Ella has made me appreciate our home more… Continue reading Big Blue Wall

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How To Decorate For the Holidays Using Only the Target Dollar Spot

  Target Dollar Spot, for those who aren't informed, is the little section at Target by the front doors that offers little items for under five dollars. Back in ye olden days (so like five years ago or maybe more), they only offered items at a one dollar price point. Then Target being the sneaky bastards… Continue reading How To Decorate For the Holidays Using Only the Target Dollar Spot

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Unsponsored Clothespin Wreath Post

  So Rebecca and I decided for the sake of humankind that we should do a craft once a month. I've been transparent about self-care, about my foray into being Ma Ingalls, about me going to therapy and now you know another secret: I do monthly crafts so I don't stab anyone while waiting in… Continue reading Unsponsored Clothespin Wreath Post