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Sh** I Bought During a Pandemic

Aside from toilet paper and essentials, I acquired some items. Yes, I am a minimalist at my core, but I needed distractions and enjoyment. I know I'm not alone in obtaining stuff over the previous year that served no purpose than to produce a smile. Maybe even to anesthetize the horror a little. “We saved… Continue reading Sh** I Bought During a Pandemic

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The Perfect Home

Over the last four years, I have gradually evolved towards a minimalist lifestyle, and the coronavirus has definitely helped me attain this endeavor. It began in 2016, after I watched this documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Co1Iptd4p4 What is a minimalistic lifestyle? In a nutshell, it's living with less shit in your possession. After watching that documentary, I couldn't… Continue reading The Perfect Home

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Nesting and Routines

I'm doing better than I expected during this pandemic. I have bad days, but nothing like what I expected before all this started. I honestly believe our home has a lot to do with it. I'm grateful for everything that my home has done for me lately. It is currently tasked with keeping all of… Continue reading Nesting and Routines

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Big Blue Wall

  In the spirit of winter homesteading or home tending, I have been nesting into our home this winter like no winter before. In fact, I haven't really nested in my home this much since my little birdies were much younger. I have to say that homeschooling Ella has made me appreciate our home more… Continue reading Big Blue Wall

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Family Cave Makeover

  When Ella was born, my mom came from central Illinois to spend two weeks helping me adjust to baby-hood again. At the time, it was a survival technique. It was January, really cold in these here parts. It was dreary, and dark at four in the afternoon in these here parts. Mike was working… Continue reading Family Cave Makeover

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I Hate Painting Furniture

I've read enough DIY blogs to know that whatever I make is, at best, mediocre. In fact, one could argue that my once DIY blog has nothing to do with DIY any longer. Unless, of course, DIY stood for Dammit! Ick! Yikes! which is exactly my approach to any DIY problem I try to solve… Continue reading I Hate Painting Furniture