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Ten Stuffing Recipes Because Stuffing is Good

I know most of you probably already have your ingredients for stuffing/dressing but I thought I would reblog this today because stuffing/dressing is my favorite part of Thanksgiving.  Also, since I am making Thanksgiving this year I asked my mom for the recipe for stuffing and she was telling me that she didn't have a… Continue reading Ten Stuffing Recipes Because Stuffing is Good

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Unsponsored Clothespin Wreath Post

  So Rebecca and I decided for the sake of humankind that we should do a craft once a month. I've been transparent about self-care, about my foray into being Ma Ingalls, about me going to therapy and now you know another secret: I do monthly crafts so I don't stab anyone while waiting in… Continue reading Unsponsored Clothespin Wreath Post

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Leftover Chicken Nachos

  To be clear, the nachos aren't leftover just the chicken is. Because if we are being honest, leftover nachos are the nacho version of swamp ass. Nasty, soggy, messy, and just not something you want to be around. So here's a tip if you want second-day nachos: save the toppings SEPARATELY from the tortilla chips. You'll… Continue reading Leftover Chicken Nachos

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Stuff to Buy on Amazon if You Love Gilmore Girls

This page includes affiliate links as I am a part of the Amazon affiliate program. I've only written about Gilmore Girls twice in the lifetime of this blog which blew my mind. So I decided I needed to write another one because I don't have enough going on in my life. When life gets stressful and… Continue reading Stuff to Buy on Amazon if You Love Gilmore Girls

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Anatomy of a College Care Package

College, sigh. Oh sure, I'm not in college anymore, but I am getting an education. Did you know they share a lot of things in college? Did you further know that there are things such as community water bottles that everyone drinks out of in the dorm? No matter how many hygiene lessons you've given… Continue reading Anatomy of a College Care Package

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Mental Health Crafting-Mod Podge Flower Pumpkins

  I swear to GOD this is the last post about pumpkins this fall. Promise. Pinky swear. Honestly, I wasn't even going to write about it but Rebecca sent me this idea a few weeks ago and we decided to do some "mental health crafting" one glorious fall day when the stars lined up and we both… Continue reading Mental Health Crafting-Mod Podge Flower Pumpkins