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Scriú air, Tá mé ag ithe Tater Tots – Cuid a hAon Déag (Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Part Eleven)

This month’s title is in Gaelic to honor St. Patrick’s Day, my husband’s Irish heritage, and my oldest daughter Annie’s 20th birthday, which falls just four days before St. Patrick’s Day.

Happy Birthday, sweet Annie! We love you!

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Cad é a fhéachaim

(What I’m watching)

I am in love with all the characters, but my favorite is Frankie.

What are you watching this month?

Nach bhfuil Eithne Agam ort?

(Don’t I know you?)

I’ve been sitting on this story since last year, and I want credit. Do you realize how difficult it is to sit on a story when you are a writer?

Hard. Really hard.

Woman Doing Goggles Hands Gesture

I talked to the other person involved in this story and she is all thumbs up because she is a blogger and will be writing about it on her blog today too.

So about a year ago, I noticed a new name commenting on some of my posts. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this new name had discovered my blog through a mutual blog.

Is there a record for using the word blog in a paragraph? I think I just beat it.

I eventually clicked on her name in the comments, and it led me to her blog. Over a period of several weeks, I began reading her blog regularly, and we began a back and forth commenting on each other’s blogs. I was reading one of her posts and I realized she lived in the Chicago suburbs and thought that was pretty cool.

Her blog is secret, which means she doesn’t share the real names of her family members, and even her own name, “Ernie”, is a pseudonym. On one particular post of hers, I commented about living in a certain suburban area of Chicago, but I was also ambiguous because I didn’t want to give away all of my information.

We eventually began emailing each other because emails are linked to blog comment information. It was over email when we started learning we had a lot of things in common; we’d been to a lot of the same places, we ran in similar circles, and we lived in adjacent towns at one point.

Long story short, we discovered her husband was a groomsman in my first wedding and that I attended her wedding.




And here I am, in 1996, at “Ernie’s” wedding reception.

So when you see Ernie’s “name” in the comments section here, give her a little virtual hug.

We have a past. 🙂




I find it hysterical that the word for slacks is universal. Well, at least in Ireland and in the states. Why don’t we use the word slacks any more? Perhaps a better question is, why did we ever use the word slacks in the first place?

Cuimhnigh ar Anne Geddes?

(Remember Anne Geddes?)

When I was pregnant with my first child, Anne Geddes was all the rage.

Image result for anne geddes

Now they are relegated to pediatricians offices, and those kids are now living on their own, have mortgages and potentially even children of their own.

Image result for anne geddes
Courtesy/ Time

B’éigean dom a bheith báite le Riverdance

(I used to be am obsessed with Riverdance)

In the winter of 1996, I discovered Riverdance.

I don’t care what Chandler Bing says; it was really cool.

Soon after, I bought a Riverdance CD at Target, and I played it daily.

Then, a few months later, I was given the Riverdance VHS tape as a gift and played that daily.

Okay, I am going to be very vulnerable here; for a solid year, I used to come home from work to my crappy apartment, get into my workout clothes (aka-stained tee-shirts and shorts, also probably stained), drink some water and try to dance like the Riverdance people to my CD before my husband came home.

It was my daily secret Irish workout routine for a solid year.

Image result for drinking jamesons


I was never in better shape in my entire life.

Then I got so good at it, I felt as though I might be qualified to be IN Riverdance.

Like, I should fly to Dublin and audition.

Man, I had big dreams.

Also, since I am being vulnerable, you must also know that I love Enya.

Fight me.

Is fuath liom, Gwyneth Paltrow

(I don’t like Gwyneth Paltrow)

I can’t nail down one particular reason why I don’t like her, just many little things.

Saying she popularized yoga, is one.

So I was innocently googling random stupidity one night and this fucking article pops up in my Google feed:

goop vagina candle
Courtesy/Entertainment Tonight

I. Don’t. Like. Her. Even. More. Now.

I didn’t even think that was possible.

Listen, I’m not jealous because she is rich. I am evolving as much as the next person, but her vibe just strikes me in such a visceral way.

Bad vibes.

Do you get bad vibes from people? Like, people who lots of other people like? But you can’t stand that person? Then you feel like there is something wrong with YOU?

Side note- I don’t want to cut down on people and I want everyone to succeed. I swear. She’s just not my cup of tea. Maybe she was my boss in a former life or something. 

Naisc randamacha

(Random links)

20 movies to watch if you loved The Breakfast Club

How to get more pleasure out of everyday life

This ad is a raw look at postpartum life. The Oscars rejected it for being too graphic. 

The original Fettucine alfredo recipe doesn’t have any cream- here’s why



Happy March, my little shamrocks!

30 thoughts on “Scriú air, Tá mé ag ithe Tater Tots – Cuid a hAon Déag (Screw It, I’m Eating Tater Tots- Part Eleven)”

  1. So much in one blog post. Is there a prize for that? I March it’s a shamrock, probably.

    I’m glad you’re starting to watch Grace & Frankie. I was hesitant at first, but now that I have I think of it as a primer for what is to come. I love Coyote, btw.

    I wasn’t/am not a fan of Riverdance. I’m of Irish ancestry on both sides of my family, but apparently my people didn’t dance. We were of the drinking kind of Irish, if’n you get my drift.

    Happy March. Carry on as you see fit.

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  2. Where do I begin?? I had a billion comments while reading….can I remember them? No. I need to go back. Hold.on.
    Sweet Annie! Happy birthday to your daughter. Do you love the song Sweet Annie? Our friend Wyatt Durette co-wrote it with Zac Brown. I hope she has a great 20th year. Do you remember being 20? I do. I didn’t know shit, but I was thin and energetic. *sigh*

    I always wondered if dyeing the river hurt the environment? I’m gonna guess someone checked on that before doing it. Right?

    I love Frankie and Grace although, one thing annoys me. They’re both 80 something and they have MORE HAIR THAN POSSIBLE. Can we be a little realistic about the hair? Just a little?

    Parasite; did you like it? I don’t know if I can watch a movie with subtitles. Worth it?

    I love the story of you and Ernie! WHAT A SMALL WORLD! One of my best friends from high school; Stephanie. We realized when we were in our 20’s that my Aunt was in Stephanies’ Mom’s wedding! They had been friends while working, then lost contact. They both had the same (maiden) name too; Patricia Sullivan. SMALL WORLD.

    I remember slacks. My mom wore them all the time. I think I call them ‘dress pants’ now….although, I hardly wear them. Slacks is a funny word if you say it more than once.

    Gwyneth. I know, we’re supposed to lifting each other up. But yeah. There’s something about her….she’s always so, umm, so casual? Like breathy, soft, relaxed. Is she taking too many edibles? And what does her vagina smell like? I’m guessing it smells like $75.

    I clicked all the links to read later, but I love your zazzle shop! Plant Mom is genius!
    I worked for a lady years ago and she wanted to design shirts; I thought of one, but she didn’t love it. “Selfie Involved”. Maybe it wasn’t that great, but it was when people started taking so many selfies.

    Well, my comment is almost as long (but not as good) as your post.

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    1. I love comments like this because then I get to bullet point respond to them! I love me a good bullet point.

      Also, I am responding to comments on the app instead of my laptop because I spilled coffee all over my laptop this morning. I also spilled French onion soup all over my yoga pants too. Story for another tater tot post….

      – I feel like we might be kindred spirits for so may reasons but the fact that there is a six degrees of separation between me, you, and Zac Brown is incredible. My husband and I have seen ZBB at least three or four times live. We even brought Annie to one of the concerts and love that song and that is the coded “sweet Annie” comment and you picked it up. We love Zac. And now we love your friend, Wyatt as well. ❤️

      -I remember 20. I miss my long hair and my knees.

      – I googled it and it says that the dye is vegetable based and doesn’t turn green until it hits the water. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not?

      – Yeah, their hair is not age-appropriate AT ALL. Maybe they should have a wig or a weave company too.

      – Loved Parasite. Scary though but not horror movie scary, class struggle scary. But gore too in parts. And following the subtitles was very easy. I can see why it won an Oscar.

      – I know, I love our story. I just found out this week but she also worked at the same place I did before I started working there. Insane.


      – I don’t feel like Gwyneth is a true lifter upper, honestly. Not that it should be about tit for tat. And I just said tit in the comments.

      – It was so much fun making those shirts and bags. I love selfie involved!



  3. My grandmother always called them Slacks.. slacks and dungarees when we were out shopping together. I love Grace and Frankie and want to adopt Grace’s style of dress when I get just a bit older… let’s face it though I’ll probably look more like Frankie only with baggy shirts and yoga pants.

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  4. We have been discussing dumping direct TV and doing ANYTHING else – if we end up with Netflix then I will get to start watching some of your suggestions.

    I totally appreciate the link to movies like Breakfast Club – I have not seen some of those, like Heathers. Always open to a good movie suggestion list.

    I love your t-shirt ideas. I say things all the time to my kids and then think that should be on a shirt – but there are probably too many 4 letter words in phrases I spew at them. Yikes.

    I know very little about Gwyneth but she named a kid Apple, right? And the whole ‘this smells like my vagina?’ some thoughts should be kept quiet. I cannot wrap my brain around this kind of ‘I think I am all that’ people.

    Slacks – omg. I visited the OBGYN a few years back and was concerned about getting a period while I was on vacation. He tried to commiserate with me by saying that he and his wife had finally gotten to go out of town alone and on the plane she got up to go to the bathroom and realized she had unexpectedly bled on her SLACKS. He had me until ‘SLACKS’. He was only a few years older than me and I was like ‘Who says slacks?’

    I have not been downtown for a parade in ions. Curly will be dancing in a number of shows near us. Not a fan of the added ‘appearances’. At least for shows they do not require her to wear a wig – unlike competitions. I actually have an upcoming post about shows and dancing in general – next week. A couple of emergent posts are ready to share for the rest of this week.

    I am dying that you taught yourself to Irish dance in the comfort of your apartment to a Riverdance tape. Hilarious. Maybe you can take Ella on a homeschooling field trip to my house and Curly can teach her the jig. Would that count for gym credit? Would you be nudging Ella out of the way so you could learn/show off your moves from back in the day?

    I think our story belongs in a movie. Hey miss early riser (I have struggled with sleep off and on over the last week – and I am wondering if it is menopause related?) why don’t you write a screenplay about two women who meet as bloggers and then realize they originally met at one of their weddings? it is a damn fine plot line. What’s that saying ‘stranger than fiction?’ Thanks for the push to finally get our story out there- I need to start a notebook of topics to blog about because I lose track of the tiny scraps of paper I jot things down on.

    Top of the morning to you and all that!


    1. Netflix and Hulu are worth dumping cable.

      4 Letter Words would make an excellent band name. As well as an excellent brand name.

      Yes, Apple. And Moses is her son. Not the ACTUAL Moses. I have no problem with her children’s names but she just rubs me wrong. I almost took that whole section out in light of being a good person. But it’s okay not to like people. 😉

      Ooh time to find a new OBGYN! I kid. Kind of. Not really.

      I’m surprised she hasn’t been in any parades! Also, yes to the homeschool field trip/gym. I would love to see her dance in person. Gives me time to work on my Riverdance moves….

      Our story is WAY cool. I can’t wait to read your post. ❤️


  5. Happy Birthday Annie! Enjoy your 20’s! It’s slowly downhill after that until 40 when you’re on a bullet train to hell!

    The first two seasons of Grace and Frankie were the best, then a steady decline which seems to be the way all shows go these days.

    Very cool story about your “new” friend! The world is definitely small in the scheme of things.

    Riverdancing would be the ultimate workout. Oh and Enya is the shizz, no shame.

    I know I’m going to get voted most unpopular comment but I don’t get the hatred everyone has toward Gwenyth in general. I don’t feel bad for her or seek her out for any reason but people born into Hollywood royalty have zero similar experiences to the rest of us so she’s destined to come off snooty and entitled. I actually watched the Goop Lab series (on a dare…from myself) and every woman should watch the episode with Betty Dodson because she’s a rock star. If that candle wasn’t $75, I’d buy it because the ingredients sound heavenly and she should make an expensive cooch spray of the same name because she can. *I* couldn’t get away with that. (Not that I want to but still.) That was way more time than I wanted to dedicate to her. :-\

    I can vouch for Edge of Seventeen and Love Simon but that Booksmart movie was half funny half ram my head into the wall. (From your Bfast Club link)

    Another thing I can vouch for? You will in no way get rich off of a Zazzle shop but it’s a good outlet for creativity!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen to life flying by after turning 20. I feel like I was just 20.

      Aww man! I’m only on season three and it’s pretty good. Do you watch Schitt’s Creek? I’ve heard that show gets better and better with each season.

      You are not at all voted unpopular for saying that. Goop is proof that she has many fans. I did watch two episodes of the Goop Lab: the one about mushrooms and the other about signs from beyond because my favorite author was on it. I still don’t like her but I will watch the Betty Dodson episode for sure. Even if Gwyneth is in it I KID.

      I LOVED The Edge of Seventeen! I still need to watch Love Simon.

      I figured as much. Amazon Affiliates and Netflix Stream Team prepared me for that. 🤣


  6. That is the coolest story about you and “Ernie”. Talk about a small world!

    What am I watching…well, I don’t watch much TV in the first place. I watch The Connors and This is Us on Tues nights. But lately Brian and I have been watching That 70’s Show on weekend nights. I tried watching Grace and Frankie awhile ago and just couldn’t get into it. Otherwise, if I do even turn on the TV, it’s to watch some random cooking show.

    I’m with you on Gwyneth Paltrow. I never did like her either. I have a sense of humor, but I think the name of her candle crosses the line. It’s not funny, it’s disgusting. I read the story behind it and still don’t think it’s funny.

    I have a feeling you’re a good dancer, in general. Especially if you had a couple of drinks. I wanna see you at a wedding. 😉


    Liked by 1 person

    1. So I tried Grace and Frankie two years ago and didn’t like it either. It does get funnier and just heartwarming.

      I’m a good dancer after three drinks. Mike and I are a hoot at weddings. People should hire us to warm up the crowd. 😂


  7. So many things to comment on…I look forward to these posts more than anything else online. 😂

    Loved Parasite! So creepy!!

    That is the coolest story ever. What a coincidence!

    I loved Riverdance too! Lord of the Dance, however creeped me out a bit. I think that is why Riverdance gets a bad rep.

    I can’t stand Gwyneth either. And it’s okay to not like her and write about it. I am pretty sure she won’t be sad to hear one person doesn’t like her and I’m very sure you’re not the only one who feels this way LOL.

    I love that A Grace Full Life now has merch!! That is really cool. I think us readers should buy shirts and then have a cool conference. That sounded stalky.

    Happy March to you too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hated Lord of the Dance too! And Michael Flatley creeps me out too. He did in Riverdance too but the other dancers were way cool.

      I have merch!! What is funny is that I was working on a merch tab for the top of the blog when I spilled coffee all over my keyboard. Is that a sign???? 😳


  8. I’m watching The Shield, because apparently somewhat depressing stuff is what I need right now lol. I’ve been meaning to check out the Grace and Frankie show. Sounds like it’d be somewhat lighter viewing 😉

    Blog friend! I’m jealous, I always think it sure would be nice if some folks lived close by, but that doesn’t happen much when you live in the buttcrack of the South 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I am watching Grace & Frankie too and loving it! Hubby and I have to pace ourselves and try to make it last as long as possible. I could watch all of the episodes in one sitting! Also really liked American Factory.

    Loved your paean to St. Patrick’s Day. It’s my grandson’s birthday!

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  10. Oh, I am going to be later than I want to be for work, so only a quick comment. The whole post was worth it just for this line: “I am evolving as much as the next asshole.” ohmygodyes. Just so much yes.

    And I want to come back and click on all your links, but for some reason I had to see the postpartum commercial right now and WTF why can’t they show that shit on TV?!?! I??? I was SO unprepared for any of it. NO ONE told me! Not even my mom. WHY? Why didn’t any friends. That mesh underwear. Those pads like diapers. While I was recovering from literal near-death and trying to figure out how the hell to take care of two tiny, mewling morsels of flesh that didn’t look anything like the beings I had imagined. I certainly don’t need those products now but I want to go out and buy everything they sell just because 33-year-old me feels so SEEN right now.

    And, also: You don’t need to know why you can’t stand Gwyneth. That candle was a jumping the shark thing for me. I used to try to cut her slack–and I will give her all kinds of props for being crazy media/business smart–but, no. NO.

    And thanks for the shows to check out. I need some new ones. I am almost through the latest season of Better Things available on Hulu and I don’t have cable so I won’t be able to watch the new episodes about to air on FX and I need something.

    That is all. Have a wonderful day. Thank you for the…everything.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “I’m an evolving asshole” should be my next tee shirt.

      I feel like I knew nothing when it came to the reality of childbirth and menopause. Although, I guess it’s everyone’s experience and how different they were. My mom had two vaginal births and I had two c-sections. So in no way could she have prepared me for what I was going to experience. But the fact that we weren’t allowed to see it during the oscars shows how far we have to go as a society.

      Have a wonderful day too, my friend. ❤️


      1. I’m just jumping in to piggy back on the whole postpartum commercial…. I remember being a couple weeks in and a mom saying to me “isn’t it just amazing” and me completely deadpan answering “no. I’m drowning.” and the complete look of disgust I got. It took me YEARS to get
        over that look. Maybe if we had more commercials like that showed the nitty gritty, we could talk it about the nitty gritty, and we wouldn’t feel so alone. *off soap box*

        I’m excited to check out the show recommendations! I’ve needed some.

        I like all this snippets. You make me laugh. It’s nice.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I felt the exact same way. I had another friend who I told, “they aren’t fun until after six weeks” about my then-newborn baby and she hugged me so tightly because no one had been that honest with her. So yes, I feel you completely.

        Also, Better Things with Pamela Adlon. Omg. So damn good and real. Really real.

        That is the best compliment. I love to make people laugh, so thank you. ❤️


    2. Omg so you mentioned Better Things and it stuck with me because it sounded familiar. Then I headed down a google spiral of Amy Sedaris and JUST NOW figuring out that David Sedaris is her brother ( I know ) and that led me to Amy’s Instagram and she shared a post about Better Things and I see the picture of Pamela Adlon (who I love) and I’m like, “wait, I watched the first season! It’s on season 4 now??” So I apparently forgot the name and now I have some catching up to do.


  11. Eric does not like it when I use the word slacks. I have no idea why. Because bruh, that’s what they’re called. That Ernie story is bananas, in such a wonderful cosmic way! Also, YES YES YES to your zazzle shop. Talk about dropping the ball on shirts, I wrote you an email to get that started and then completely abandoned it. I think longingly about it from time to time, but I’m so glad to see you went through with it! There are so many wonderful things that you’ve said that need to be on shirts for all to see!

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