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Podcast #10- Be Kind to Retail Workers

Today’s podcast is a public service announcement from a former retail employee.

I was watching a TikTok created by a Starbucks barista (be polite to them as well) and she was telling the audience what your drink says about you.

My iced chai latte says that I’m a lesbian.

That makes me happy.

By the way, if you love a Starbucks iced chai latte, I have a hack, but I’m saving it for another podcast.

14 thoughts on “Podcast #10- Be Kind to Retail Workers”

  1. Yes, be kind to retail store workers. I worked in retail for way too long. It was not easy. I often said that one year in retail is like dog years, 7 years in people years.

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    1. You’re so right. I didn’t even talk about the aspect of having to always be “on”. If you’re working a job away from the public, you don’t necessarily have to think about that.


  2. I never go to Starbucks. I might be in the minority, but it’s ok. I’ve saved a bajillion dollars. 😉

    I worked in retail all through high school and a little bit afterward; I don’t remember any issues, but then again, my brain wasn’t fully developed.

    I am kind to everyone; I’m sure you knew this.

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    1. You, my friend, are smart. But I didn’t discover the love of Starbucks until I was in my 40s. I love their lattes, not their coffee. But I have discovered how to make their exact latte recipe at home. Just call me Ina Garten. Although, I’m sure she doesn’t go to Starbucks either.

      Oh lordt, you got off lucky. I have to say, most of my interactions were good but I do believe it was because of my mindset. But now, people are very entitled to the “customer is always right” attitude. I’ve dealt with many people I couldn’t make happy no matter how many smiles and how much I tried to fix the problem for them. I told Ally the other day that there is a good quote about people who always try to misunderstand you? Those are the customers I am referring to.

      You truly are, my friend. This is why those butterflies are attracted to you. Your good is from the inside out. 🙂

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