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Podcast #17- Not Taken Seriously/ Writer’s Gathering

The link to the podcast is at the bottom of this post.

In last week’s podcast, I mentioned my library book problem, but the stack of books in the photo didn’t truly reflect it.

Here is a better picture:

This week’s podcast was very cathartic for me. Those who listen will learn why.

I talk about the book The Artist’s Way (again) and how much I appreciated it. I discuss how creative processes are often disregarded, and how this book will help anyone who wishes to reconnect with that part of themselves.

This quote was featured in the book, and it struck a chord with me:

Does it strike a chord with you as well?

So, whether you choose to listen to the podcast or not, here are a few questions for everyone.

Was there anything you’ve always wanted to try as a child or a teenager but you were told it was frivolous, so you dismissed it?

Are you taken seriously if you are an artist or creative of any kind? Is your family or friend group supportive of your artistic endeavors?

In the final segment of the podcast, I talk about hosting a writer’s gathering next summer. I’m an introvert at heart, so it wouldn’t be a massive conference; in fact, it would be the polar opposite. Listen to the podcast at around the 11- minute mark to get a sense of what I’m thinking. It sounds a lot better in the podcast than it does here. 🙂

Think hippie commune/actor table read/bonfire with friends.

Would you be interested in being part of something like this, depending on Covid situations?

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25 thoughts on “Podcast #17- Not Taken Seriously/ Writer’s Gathering”

  1. I’m not a podcast listener so I appreciate reading your ideas. As a young child, I loved ballet, but I lost a ballet slipper somewhere. My mom told me she realized I wasn’t really interested and that was the end of class. Of course, the ballet studio was an hour away from home in the city. I think that was the true reason I was pulled out of ballet. My first quarter of college, I enrolled in ballet class and stuck with it into my 40s.

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  2. You raise an interesting point. I am guarded when I share the I am writing a book /trying to write a book. I think it’s because it feels like an impossible dream and I want to protect myself from the embarrassment I will feel if it doesn’t happen. So, I either tell people who are very close friends or I tell people who I might not ever see again. 😉 I would not anticipate much support from my family of origin, so I keep them out of the loop.

    As someone who runs an in home daycare and has a big family, that quote spoke to me. YES – I do try to squeeze in writing during nap time. Or other downtime and it is ALWAYS the least prioritized part of my day, Sadly.

    I’d enjoy the get together that you speak of. You had me at shopping. Kidding. Since I’m writing a book, I wonder how much of my project could be read and critiqued in that time frame – BUT of course there are always some chapters that I feel need a little more ‘help’ than others. It is hard for me to get away sometimes, but that’s another story. Keep me in the loop.

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    1. Oh my friend, I knew you’d understand. Even responding to these comments took a backseat in favor of the rest of my life. Or as you put it, “the least prioritized part of my day.”

      I’m working on making this event happen next year, so I’ll definitely keep you posted. Especially because you are local. There is NO WAY, you are missing this. 😉


  3. Your library stack looks a lot like mine (well, different genres but just as high!). In fact I just stopped in to pick up one book on hold and the librarian asked “just one today?!”

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  4. I started writing when I was 12…short stories, poetry, journaling. (OK, back then it was called writing in a diary. Journaling sounds much more sophisticated.) No one told me it was frivolous, but I wasn’t encouraged either. The only thing I was encouraged in was music. And I didn’t even choose that. My mom basically forced me to take piano lessons starting at age 8. And then was encouraged to try a band instrument and since I felt pressured, I chose the flute. Was in both concert and marching band all through high school. It definitely wasn’t MY passion. So was there anything *I* wanted to try? Not that I remember. I pretty much just went to school, did my homework, hung out with my friends, and was busy with band.

    My writing has never been taken seriously by anyone – except myself! I’ve gone to workshops and have joined various writer’s groups over the years. I do it for myself. As you know, I also love decorating. And I dabble in some art journaling and scrapbooking.

    A writer’s gathering? Heck yeah, I’m in. Depending on this (*@#$* pandemic.

    Of course, I had to look at all your book titles. Reiki…another creative endeavor I never really followed completely through. Remember when I got certified in Reiki 1? I think that was like 5 or 6 years ago.

    I hope to be able to give your podcast a listen tomorrow when hubby goes back to work and I have some quiet, alone time. I want to hear more about your idea for this writer’s gathering.


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    1. Melanie, you and I are very much alike. In high school, I played clarinet and was in both symphonic band and marching band.

      When I was thinking about the writer’s gathering, I had you in mind. I’ll put it on my winter to-do list, along with planning a vegetable garden, lol. I love having something to look forward to during the winter.



      1. We all need something to look forward to during the winter! I listened to your brainstorming idea…I’m sure whatever you come up with will be wonderful. I hope you (we?) can make it happen. {{hugs}}

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    2. Oh, I didn’t necessarily mean me and you when I said “we”. Sorry for the misunderstanding! I meant “we” as in a group effort…for whoever would be interested in collaborating on this. IF you want help or ideas. 🙂

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  5. This was a deep and raw podcast. I’m sorry that there are people in your life who don’t take you seriously….I certainly do! I applaud you for chasing your dreams and not just talking about them.
    Seeing your book problem makes me think a 12 step program might not be enough. But it’s still a good problem to have.
    By the way, I listened to the podcast while I was outside trimming some plants, the dogs lounging in the sun before it’s 200*. You made me think: Does anyone NOT take me seriously. Wait. What do I do that is serious? Do I write? I don’t consider myself a writer. I’m a sharer. A storyteller. That’s different. Right? I don’t know. But my family loves my silly blog. They love my obsession with butterflies and that I did a cartwheel on my 54th birthday. 🙂 I guess I’m very fortunate to have a lot of support doing whatever it is I want to do.
    When is this get-together you speak of?

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    1. Thank you so much, friend. This means a lot to me.

      A 12-step program. Now THAT is funny.

      I should say, Mike and the girls appreciate my silly blog too. They understand my plant obsession, how I sage everything that we bring home from resale shops, they “get” me. So I consider myself fortunate to have that support. To be honest, I wouldn’t have shared that podcast if I hadn’t hit publish right after, and I have no idea how to delete it once it’s published LOL.

      This gathering will take place next summer. I’ll begin planning it in February, along with my vegetable garden. So it’s really happening. 🙂


  6. Kari, sweetpea, your super power is *totally* caring. This podcast, your blog…. all proof. I don’t know if my comment will make it thru (my comments aren’t going thru lately) but I was really moved by your podcast & hope you’ll read this: You are talented. You have amazing insights. Your story is important and I appreciate how you tell it, how inclusive you are, how caring you are. If you’re not ready to share your book’s title…. maybe listen to that gut instinct. Maybe your book is a newborn. You want to protect her from the world for just a lil more. Keep her safe until she is ready. (Also if your title makes u giddy, maybe don’t share until u have the IP rights or whatever…. ya know? 😉 I have more thoughts but honestly I think this comment will never get published so…. BUT one last thought (ok two): you mentioned Patreon, money for podcasts/blog posts, etc, Our culture has a crap message that Money/Fame/High #s(sales, likes, followers) always equals Value, Quality, Importance. This is BS. Many (most?) artists will toil away in utter obscurity. It doesn’t mean they’re no good. And also? Have you seen the crap that is making money, getting famous? Ick. Create for the joy creating brings *you* and you will make a diff in someone’s life…. even if you never earn a dime, become an influencer, etc. Second, no one in my family (practically) takes me seriously. I’m a girl, hun. And I have a brother who is Amazing (everything a family who values male heirs could ever want *plus* he really is a nice guy!). I still love my fam, love my awesome brother. But I never ever pin my self esteem on their recognition. I know they love me but they’re not capable of seeing or hearing me. Thank god I figured this out early – prob bc I was blessed with teachers, bosses, friends, clients who took the time to tell me I was smart or good at whatever. So please listen to us Internet Strangers, your lovely friends, husband, kids and *most importantly* that Your OWN Voice Inside **You** saying: you are important, your words, thoughts, and ideas are valuable and, above all, ❤ Thank You ❤ for sharing. Ok, gonna hit publish and watch this paragraph vanish into the ether. Ah well.

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    1. I AM SO GLAD THIS PARAGRAPH DIDN’T VANISH. I believe the Universe intended for me to see it.
      Thank you so much, Maddie. For all of this. I think our society sends the wrong message about money and artists. It’s heartbreaking, really. I could go on and on, but your comment sums it up perfectly.

      I would love for you to be at the gathering next summer. It’s open to all types of creatives, and it would mean so much to have you there.


      1. Yay! I’m so glad my comment didn’t vanish too! 🙂 And double Yay!, I would *love* to be at your Gathering! Omg the fun + deepness that is your blog but in person…. I’m not a writer but I’m your gal if u want to geek out over plants and animals – that’s “creative” right? Just one cruddy spanner in the system (is that a saying? See? Not a writer lol). In reality, attending is prob beyond me due to rl health stuff. I don’t mean to be mysterious but feels weird to overshare with the internet. But basically, barring a miracle…. Really wish I could join you tho. Your blog (and your lovely circle of blog friends/comments folk) have gotten me thru a lot. A gathering of yous guys would be so much fun!

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