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Podcast #18- Mixed Tapes/Talking to Plants/ Giving My Dogs Voices

The link to the podcast is at the bottom of the post.

This week’s podcast was inspired by my comment section from last week’s podcast. Is there a term for that?

That, I believe, is the definition of meta, no?

Suz mentioned in the comments that her family appreciates her blog and other things that make her happy, such as her love of butterflies. That took me down a gravel road of quirks, and then BAM, podcast content.

There is no wizard behind the curtain here.

In summary, here are my specific quirks I discuss on the podcast:

Nothing to see here, just saving some plants

-Creating an Apple Music playlist for hormonal music. Yes, there’s such a thing.

-Talking to my plants

-Rescuing plants at stores

-Sage(ing) people and inanimate objects

Nothing to see here, just saving my soul

-My soul homework

-Giving my dog’s voices (only while within our home)

What are some of your quirks?

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22 thoughts on “Podcast #18- Mixed Tapes/Talking to Plants/ Giving My Dogs Voices”

  1. I’m sure I have many quirks but can I think of any off the top of my head? Of course not.

    I have given my pets voices ever since I was a little girl. 🙂

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  2. This post is fun, thoughtful and yes, certainly meta.

    My quirks include buying/owning too many black shoes. In fact that is almost all own. I love them and they bring me joy. The latest ones have subtle sparkles and are comfy flats.

    My other major quirk is a fondness for books about WWII. And movies. But mostly books. Just finished one about a female US spy titled A Woman of No Importance. She single handedly changed the course of the war. One of my favorite vacations pre Covid was to London, and seeing Churchill’s war rooms. Drug my adult kids to it and even they enjoyed it.

    Reading some WWII non fiction while wearing a pair of black shoes and comfy clothes would be a great way to pass some time.

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      1. London is one of the world’s great places to visit.. You would probably also enjoy the countryside outside the city- beautiful gardens, sheep grazing near the road. If you watched Downton Abbey they give tours of the castle. One of my work friends went there and said it was fabulous.

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      2. That’s exactly what I had in mind: the English countryside! My mom and I love watching the programs that feature people purchasing homes in the English countryside.

        I enjoyed Downton Abbey, so I would really like that. I believe I wrote a post a few years ago about that being on my bucket list. I’ll have to look for that. 🙂


  3. Your quirks seem perfectly normal to me. Well, aside from the saging of your people. That’s pretty funny!
    Why shouldn’t dogs have a voice??
    I also water my plants on Thursday. Why? i have no idea but I’ve been doing it that way for many, many years!
    How much does Biscuits weigh?
    The lady with the shirt? IRONY!!

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    1. I love that we water our plants on the same day! Tipping my can in your direction. Watering can, that is. 😉

      Biscuits is a whopping seven pounds. Which is why I’m paranoid. HE IS A SNACK.

      That woman must’ve won the shirt in a raffle.

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  4. Oooooo! When u said u are preparing your blog for your next life phase (Famous Author Phase) I got chills because this week I was thinking about nothing (as one does) & had an odd image of you making the decision: What Is My Author Name? I dismissed the image because in your blog while you’ve sort of indicated you don’t feel like a “Kari” you also seem to have made peace with it plus you don’t have a preferred nickname that you want people to use instead of Kari…. But you getting your blog in order reminded me of my random thought, made me wonder if you’ve thought about your Author Name. Many people I know (including me) have had this weird exciting/anxious/whaaaa moment where we are about to publish that first Important Thing (a thesis, an article, a book, whatever) and we realize that this Thing will introduce us – including our Official Author/Professional Name to the wider world. And the name you use on the first Important Thing becomes Your Name…. So you have to decide, full name + middle initial + last name, or first initial + middle initial + last name, or do you use a nickname?? It sounds like a silly (there’s silly from your podcast!) thing to focus on, but actually it is important enough that I know so many peeps who have seriously thought a lot about it. Anywho, this podcast made me wonder if The Author Name Decision was in your thoughts. And if it is, I wanted to tell you so many people have also grappled with choosing. I have more thoughts on your fabu podcast (including a big thank you for making me laugh a lot!) but eeeep! out of time right now.

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    1. First, I love how interconnected we are!

      Second, I just sent my first two query letters yesterday. EEK.

      So, yes, I have considered all of this. Do I use my given name? My name on my blog is pretty much out there. I also want my friend’s name on the book, because she helped me bring my words to life. So then do we both use pen names or real names? But now you’ve got me wondering. Is it common for authors to use pen names? This is a good Google!


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