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Adult Field Trip- Third Ward Neighborhood Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Last month, I mentioned that I wanted to go on more adult field trips. My friend Elizabeth wrote a few months ago about friends who came to visit the area where her husband and she now live in Arizona. The friends had basically planned some places to visit while they were in the area.

The view from our hotel.

It got me thinking about how much fun it would be to treat the area in which you live as if you are visiting it for the first time. It was the end of October when Elizabeth wrote that blog post. Omnicron wasn’t even a word in our vocabulary at the time.

I had made a list of museums and places I wanted to explore around the area in which I live. I had notes in my phone and tabs on my computer. I was becoming excited at the prospect of exploring.

Kinnickinnic River

I haven’t traveled outside of my area in over two years. Mike and I haven’t spent a night alone since July of 2019.

The best breakfast we’ve eaten in a long time.

I hadn’t even been in a hotel since February of 2020.

Christmas windows. Damn you, capitalism.

This year, instead of gifts for each other, my husband and I decided to get away for the night. We decided on Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The historic third ward neighborhood, to be exact.

We sat at our window, watching our “neighbors.” I was curious about all of their stories. I’ve felt so alone throughout this pandemic, but seeing these windows lit up made me feel comforted.

Why do we stop going on field trips once we finish elementary school? In middle or high school, there’s the very occasional field trip. However, as we become older, they come to a halt.


For the first time in two years, I had wine.

A field trip is defined as studying something firsthand. The purpose of a field trip is to enrich our lives with personal experiences.

Creme brulee-style French toast. Like my friend Kristen said, “you manifested that shit.” Indeed.

In 2022, let us hope for more field trips and less nonsense.

Where have you recently gone on a field trip? A trip to the grocery store, a walk in the woods, or a bookstore you’ve always wanted to visit. Tell me all about it in the comments.

28 thoughts on “Adult Field Trip- Third Ward Neighborhood Milwaukee, Wisconsin”

  1. Glad you were able to have a mini getaway … I miss those. But wow, my jaw is hanging open at the thought of no wine for two years. 😳
    I also have to ask…. Why does your hotel room bureau have a giant red 2 on it?

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  2. I want to have field trips everywhere. It’s become a running joke with my husband; especially when we pass the marble factory in GA. (not playing marbles, but old school white marble slabs and marble chips)
    I’m so happy you were able to get away! The french toast looks illegal.

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  3. Um, the places I’ve been recently, mostly college visits or visiting college kids or warm places with a POOL where Coach teaches. I think my favorite place (not counting the fun it was to visit my good friends in Dallas or have alone time with Coach) was early November when Mini and I visited my alma mater. I learned more about my college and I want to go back there, as a student. The things I missed or want to do again. It was freakishly warm out and she and I walked around after our tour and it was so nostalgic.

    Glad you got to enjoy a getaway. Looks lovely. I do enjoy people watching and that breakfast – divine.

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  4. Not too many field trips for me right now. (Thanks, Covid.) I’m having a hard time with the Artist Date part of Cameron’s recovery program. That neighborhood looks like a cool place to go exploring, and what I wouldn’t give for a night out at a nice hotel with just my husband. I’m glad you got to do that.

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    1. It’s a good thing we got away when we did. Right before the bottom fell out…again.
      I’m having trouble with the Artist’s dates as well. Ella caught COVID last week (she’s better now, thank goodness), so I couldn’t go on my sticker hunt because of the five-day quarantine. So I’ll save it for another time.

      I still think of our night in the Third Ward now and then. It was a lovely reprieve before the craziness set in.

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  5. Oh I don’t think I’ve ever stopped going on field trips! I’ve checked out so many small/ obscure little museums in our area that I’m not even sure there are any left for me to explore. My husband and I have been getting away more and more for the weekend– just the two of us and I’ve been trying to pick new parts of New England we haven’t been to before. We tend to explore the outdoors more when it’s just the two of us but even just trying new restaurants is lots of fun.

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  6. We’ve talked about doing field trips like yours, but keep saying it’ll be our retirement goal. I love the idea of getting to know more about where you live. Of course you live somewhere great so it’s more compelling to get out and see it than it is around here.

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  7. I took the kids exploring through some trails behind our house on freshly fallen snow the other day. We walk these trails a lot, but it felt like we were all seeing it through new eyes with all the magic of the snow. We collected all sorts of natural craft supplies – berries and pine branches and cones – and came home to make ice wreaths. It was fun.
    That said, after a week of online learning and exactly 1 month of having the kids home 24/7 since school let out early before Christmas because of Omicron…I AM READY FOR A FIELD TRIP away from the kids!

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