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What’s Made Me Smile This Month- December 2021

I was looking through all the images on my phone last week while in the waiting room of my headache doctor, and I noticed my face smiling to all of the pictures in front of me.

I’ve decided to share them with you all. I hope these can make you smile as well.

Buddy and Biscuits playing. I swear they love each other.

We were at Target a few weeks ago when we noticed this board. These are some great suggestions, and I thought I would share them.

I listen to music all day long, whether I’m at home, in the car, or on my phone. So this statistic isn’t surprising.

I grabbed a screenshot of this after seeing it on TikTok. I believe that all of us may benefit from this as a nice, healing journaling project.

Pass it on.

I like these kinds of resolutions.

I read an article (see link below) and you know how I love a good prompt…

I Moved to a Remote Cabin to Write, and I Hate It – Outside Online

This appeared in my inbox the day I concluded that maybe the purpose of my book isn’t to make money, but rather to help other women who are going through the same thing I am.

This was at a cute plant shop in Geneva, Illinois. My mom, Kristen, and I went on an adult field trip. In 2022, I plan to write more about adult field trips.
Because of COVID, many of the restaurants have these. I hope they stay because I love this idea.

What has made you smile lately?

I’m going to take the rest of 2021 off. Thank you for taking the time to read and listen to my words each week.

I’ll see you in January. 🙂

30 thoughts on “What’s Made Me Smile This Month- December 2021”

  1. I love looking at the images on my phone; they’re like a little visual found-poem of what’s been going on. I also LOVE the link to the letter/response from Outside. I could so see myself being that person. When I was in my 20’s I read Alice Koller’s An Unknown Woman, a memoir about moving by herself to Nantucket for a winter and confronting all kinds of inner demons, and I wished I could do something similar. Instead, I did exactly the opposite, probably because some part of me knew I’d go stark raving mad. And now I want to re-read that book.

    Enjoy your break! And wishing you a very happy holiday. Thanks for all the gifts you’ve given all of us here.

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    1. I’m adding An Unknown Woman to my TBR list. I considered going off the grid for six months beginning in January, and just the concept of it made me nervous. Ha!

      Thank you, Rita. And thank you for considering my writing to be a gift. I feel the exact same way about your writing. Have a wonderful holiday as well.


  2. I love all of these, but maybe the photo of the dogs the very most! It’s too cute and funny. I think I listened for something like 22,000 minutes and I thought that was a lot! You have got me beat for sure. Happy Holidays, Kari, and I hope you have a great break. I am so glad to have found you here! I enjoy your writing so much.

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  3. The dogs! LOL, Buddy’s face.
    The questions for your child is amazing as is the Goals for 2022!
    I copied the Their, There, They’re.
    The little dome is cute. I’m guessing it’s to keep warm while outside?

    Merry and Happy to you and your family.

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    1. Buddy rarely gets upset, so catching his face in that way was rather funny.
      I enjoy all of those types of prompts, questions, etc.. 🙂

      Yes, the dome is designed to keep us warm. I’m not sure whether you saw, but there were also wool blankets and bottles of wine inside too. At night, they are illuminated with twinkle lights. If we gotta be cold, at least it’s pretty.

      Merry and happy to you and your family too!! XOXO


  4. You make me smile with your adorable puppers pic! The deer have been making me smile lately. We have two young bucks that occasionally wander through our meadow. They sorta “fight” each other but it looks wonderfully ridiculous bc they have two short nubs on their noggins (not proper antler racks) & so they sorta tentatively *try* to lock antlers but there’s nothing to lock! Much maneuvering and missing and redos and… it is all v adorable. You can practically hear them saying: “Oh! Pardon me! So sorry! What if you just? Perhaps if we?” Plus they’re always together – meaning nobody wins, I guess? And somehow they managed to get a doe follower (or more likely they are both following this poor single doe….). Seeing them makes my day. 🙂

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

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  5. I died at the dog photo. So dang funny. I have so many photos on my phone that I took to go with a post that I then don’t write. I should go through my phone and write posts on the photos as prompts. That would be riveting, right? I’m also laughing at our friend in Florida who is asking for clarification I’M GUESSING IT’S TO KEEP WARM WHILE OUTSIDE? I’m envious that she’s from another climate and she has to guess. Ha.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the new year.

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    1. I, too, forget about the photos, which is why I email them to myself. 🙂

      Ernie, I laughed (out loud even) when Suz wrote that. Bless her heart. She isn’t familiar with outdoor dining when the temperature is below 65 degrees. I wish we didn’t know either.

      Have a wonderful Christmas, my dear friend.


  6. Animal photos always make me smile! And so do animals themselves, of course.

    And my friends! Which reminds me…I have a compliment for you. 🙂 I don’t know if you’re familiar with Brenda from Cozy Little House. She emailed me the other day and said , “I’ve spent at least an hour going through your blogroll and clicking sites. I’m truly enjoying some of these bloggers that are really writers. I’ve made a new section on my Lovely Reads page called Heartfelt blogs. Wish I could find more great writing. Thanks for finding them!”

    I went to her blog and looked who she added to her Heartfelt blog list…and you’re one of them! She also added Rita’s blog. 🙂

    Hope this makes you smile!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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