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I Love Lists

I’m currently working on another 100 Things I Love post, and it’s made me realize how much I enjoy making lists. I love creating lists, reading lists, and anything else in list form.

When I was going through my computer’s Favorites tab for links to include in my most recent tater tot post, I discovered that many of my links featured articles and blog posts were lists. So I thought it would be fun to create a blog post specifically for all of those links.

Here are some of my favorites.

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12 Ethical Companies to Find Clothing, Bedding, and More

One Hundred Reasons Why I Write

49 Things You Should Do Before You Die

50 ways to be ridiculously generous—and feel ridiculously good

47 Fall Soup Recipes That’ll Keep You Cozy

99 Reflection Questions To Ask Yourself For Personal Growth

120 Things To Remove From Your Life

11 Weird and Wonderful Lists on Wikipedia

Pema Chödrön’s 3 Ways to Transform Your Emotions

20 Facts About U.S. Inequality that Everyone Should Know

We Are Mosaics – 12 Life Lessons My Granny Left Me With

5 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health from Social Media

53 Delightful Gift Ideas Under $10 for 2022

8 Organizing Ideas to Steal from These Beachy Airbnbs

The Ultimate Guide to Wondrous Independent Bookstores

250+ Not-Boring Questions To Connect And Get To Know Someone

Things People Think They’re Good At (But Definitely Aren’t)

65 Websites to Waste Your Time On

Wikipedia List of Every Hobby Imaginable

25 Perfect Weekend Getaways (Midwest)

The Most Popular Book Lists on Goodreads

Edited to add:

This gem was shared with me by a blog friend:

List of lists of lists

Is anyone familiar with the Book of Lists? When I was a kid, I remember looking through my parents’ copy, and I just saw a reference to it in a book I was reading the other day.

49 thoughts on “I Love Lists”

  1. I could lose the whole day to this post. And the list of all the bookstores could turn me into a traveler (which I’m very much not!). These are very cool, and I’m looking forward to coming back to this post to explore further. I think I remember seeing (way, way back in the day when I cared about such things) that list posts are most likely to go viral/get shared. Maybe that’s why there are so many of them? Wonder if that’s still true?

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    1. That makes me happy! Two of those bookstores are on my list of places to visit in the area. I wanted to stop by Myopic Bookstore today when I was in Chicago for an appointment, but I didn’t have time.

      I’d never heard that about list posts before, but I can see why!

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  2. I enjoyed browsing your links. It was nice to see Cleveland and Columbus made the weekend getaway list, esp. since we just did that. I enjoy giving compliments to strangers, so glad to see that was at top of the generosity list. Why not make someone feel good about themself? I’ve used a lot of those Goodreads book lists to find new books.

    Have a wonderful week!

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  3. This is fun. Oh, how I love lists. I live by my to do list, but I also like my list of things to pack when I go somewhere. Sometimes when my to do list gets too overwhelming, I will make tiny post-in note size lists to micromanage my lists. Will need to come back and visit some of these links. Tuesday is my busy babysitting day. ;0

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  4. Now that you mention it I remember the Book of Lists, but couldn’t tell you what was in it. I like lists, often refer to myself as the Lady of the List, but rarely write a post that is a list. Once upon a time such posts were called *Listicles* and frowned upon. That I remember.

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  5. I do love a list. Especially when I can check something OFF my list!
    Going to check out some of your list recommendations….on the top of my list are Organizing ideas from beachy vrbo’s (redoing our condo) and 49 things to do before you die. (I’m getting closer every day!)

    I don’t remember the People’s Almanac of Lists, but I’m intrigued.

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