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Soul Garden

If you know me well, you know I absolutely love the flowers in my backyard. Last summer, I had some incredible luck with flowers I grew from seed. Last May, I literally dumped seed packets from Home Depot into the ground, and this is what I got:

I also purchased a bag of zinnia seed at Meijer at the end of April and spread it throughout my backyard, yielding the following results:

These pictures don’t even do it justice. Zinnias for days.

I enjoy caring for these lovely living things because they bring me joy. Because they bring others joy.

So I decided that this spring I am going to create a garden with flowers representing all of the people who have touched my life. People who have had an impact on my life in some way; people who are present and people who are no longer present on Earth. I was going to call it a memory garden before settling on soul garden.

I believe in the transformative power of intention and energy. My hope is that by planting these flowers (all from seed), this garden will grow to be a beautiful and therapeutic way to celebrate the people who have helped shape my life, as well as a way to reflect on the connections I share with others. It will also provide an excellent habitat for birds and bees. (Hooray for the environment!)

I’d love for all of you to be a part of this soul garden.

What I need from you is to identify your favorite flower and confirm that it can be grown from seed. Then tell me in the comments what it is so I can go buy the packet to plant in my garden. I’ll be blogging and sharing pictures about the garden’s progress throughout the spring, summer, and fall!

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50 thoughts on “Soul Garden”

  1. Cup plants! They are super hardy, the birds, bees, and other insects love them. They’re super tall and we use them as a mini-fence between our yard and our neighbors. (They are SUPER vigorous growers, though, so they might take over if you let them.) Zones 3-9, so they can be grown in a lot of places!

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  2. What an amazing idea!!! I love it! My favorite is the calla lily, but I know those are from bulbs. However, two of my favorite childhood flowers are pansies (due to their cute little faces, and we had them along our sidewalk at home), and if those seeds are hard to find, I do love carnations because they have a fresh (not floral) scent, remind me of childhood, and last a long time.

    So excited to see your Soul Garden grow!


    1. I don’t have calla lilies, but I do have lilies EVERYWHERE in my front and back yard, so I will be incorporating those into my gardens. I’ll also include your pansies and carnations! I’m excited to have the best cutting flower garden EVER. Last year, my zinnias and sunflowers alone provided me with numerous beautiful bouquets. I’m really looking forward to this summer.

      I absolutely love memories you have with your favorite flowers. These are so special to me. I am so honored to have your flowers in my soul garden. 😘❤️


      1. I just remembered, for St. Patrick’s Day, my mom would sometimes buy the white carnations that were dyed green. I thought that was so cool, as a kid. I also remember learning that carnations were edible, so I tried one when mom wasn’t around.🤣

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  3. What a great idea! Unfortunately, most of my favorites are bulbs (tulips, iris, glads). Hydrangeas can be grown from seeds; but I don’t know how long it would take OR if they are considered annuals in your area – here they always come back and are beautiful.

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    1. I have irises on the side of my house, so I plan to make gardens in the front, side, and back of my house so that I don’t have to transplant any of my bulbs and so that if anyone has a favorite bulb flower, I can include them!

      I also included your hydrangeas! Our hydrangeas are perennials, but maybe there are some that are annuals? This weekend, I’ll go seed shopping to see what’s available.


  4. I left you a comment on IG but I’ll leave one here, too…there are sooo many flowers that I love, but two of my favorites are zinnias (I *loved* sitting on your patio last summer and seeing your colorful array!) and cosmos.


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    1. I had a great time with you on the patio that day. I think about that day all the time. I can’t wait to have you over this summer to see all of the flowers! I’m keeping track of everyone’s flowers so we can go through the garden and figure out who has which flowers. ❤️

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  5. Kari, those sunflowers are GORGEOUS! I love sunflowers because they always look like they’re SMILING. 🙂 Such a happy flower!

    I’m so impressed by your “green thumb” gift because I literally have no talent in that department. I adore and appreciate flowers and plants, however, I have a black thumb when it comes to them. I kill everything. I’ve even been known to kill silk flowers. LOL!

    I LOVE your idea (and name) for a soul garden!!!! As you know I’m a Reiki practitioner; therefore, I totally believe in the power of intention and energy.

    Looking forward to your garden of flowers this spring!

    My favorite flowers are sunflowers!

    FAB post, my friend! And thank YOU for all the positive energy you bring to this space! X

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    1. They do look like they are smiling! All I had to do was plant the seeds. It took very little time or effort!

      They do look like they are smiling! All I had to do was plant the seeds. It took very little time or effort.

      Ron, you make me laugh. I’m sure you have a greener thumb than you realize. I used to think I was bad at gardening and plants. However, intention plays a significant role in all of this. I shifted my perspective on everything to one of selfish means (ha!) It all changed when I decided to make beautiful things for myself rather than for my neighbors or other people. I swear, that is all it was. By the way, I still kill plants and flowers. I tried to grow ranunculus from bulbs last year, but they died after I planted them.😒

      I’m so glad that you like my idea and the name. Your energy seems to reflect that this garden will be fruitful all summer. ❤️

      I’m adding you to the list of sunflowers! It’s also my personal favorite. My two favorites are zinnia and sunflower.

      Thank you for your positive energy as well. I am extremely grateful for you.


  6. Oh, how lovely. I have a garden in my backyard that I call my Friendship Garden. For my 50th birthday I asked people to share a plant from their own garden, or from a garden centre if they weren’t gardeners, as my “gift.” The garden is full of plants that have a story and a meaning. I love it.
    I have never included zinnias in my garden, but I think I’ll start this year.

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  7. I love growing flowers from seeds. People seem oddly intimidated by it. You hit on one of my favourites – zinnias – flowers for days. I also grow Aztec marigolds – the plants are so tall – five feet plus. They also discourage critters, if you can find the seed. I’d send some – I harvest my seed – but I’m pretty sure that’s a border violation.

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    1. I, too, absolutely love zinnias! I found Aztec Marigold seeds online! Yay!!

      This year, I plan to harvest seeds. I didn’t do it last year because I thought it would be too difficult or time consuming. Do I do that in the fall?

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      1. Yes. Just let some of the blooms dry out on the stem. Then snip ’em, let them dry a few more days inside, and then pull out the petals. The seed is at the base of each petal (zinnia) and looks ike an arrow. The marigold seeds look like black sticks with white on each end. It’s so fun, but beware – each flower yields a lot of seeds – I have far too many.

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  8. What a great idea! Unfortunately, most of my favorites are bulbs (tulips, iris, glads). Hydrangeas can be grown from seeds; but I don’t know how long it would take..So excited to see your Soul Garden grow!

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    1. I know.. I discovered that many of the flowers requested were bulbs. I did purchase a few packages, so we’ll see!

      I love Hydrangeas! Adding to the list. 😊

      I am so excited to see it grow too, Tyler!


  9. Kari how did you know I needed this post? Health has kept me from gardening & it is killing me *sob*. I’ve been getting my plant fix virtually with photos and a lotta staring out the window at the budding trees & meadow grasses…. Your idea of a Soul Garden is unique & magical & so very you my friend. I would love to be a part of your garden & look forward to the pictures!

    Picking a fav is obvs impossible but I do adore Salvia. One easy to grow from seed Salvia is Salvia coccinea ‘Coral Nymph’. It is a delicate light pink (almost white). Sturdy in full sun & blooms nonstop once it starts (late spring if warm/full sun & then well into Fall). Drought tolerant. Butterflies & Hummingbirds love it too!

    It is an annual in all but the warmest zones. Seedlings may wait for your temps to rise before they really get rolling. In my garden it would magically appear and take off when the early/mid spring bloomers were beginning to wrap. I think it will work waaay up there where you are but… If it is something you can grow I’d be tickled pink. 🙂

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    1. Maddie, I I’m so glad this post brought you some much-needed sunshine. I’m sorry your health has prevented you from gardening. I promise to post lots  of garden photos, my friend.

      Salvia is one of my favorites! I’ll put it on my list! It’s wonderful that it’ll attract butterflies and hummingbirds to my garden. I can’t wait to see this garden. It has been something that has brought me so much joy in the last few weeks. 😘❤️


  10. This is such a fun and sweet idea! I love your heart so much.
    I love all flowers, but off the top of my head I really love Daisies, (they were my Mom’s fave too) Sunfflowers, (I know, you already have those) and Cosmos.
    How about you just go through all your sunflowers and write my name on them? You have time, right?
    I bet the bee’s are having so much fun. I started planting Zinnias last year (or the year before? Who can remember) and I had no idea how easy and fun they were.

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    1. I have ALL of those flowers on my list, and I bought them this weekend, so I’ll add your name to the list so I can remember who’s favorite they were!

      Yes, I intend to engrave the bees’ honey on each flower. I have that kind of talent! 🤣

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  11. At my Gram’s memorial, packets of forget-me-not were handed out. I ended up with a bunch somehow. I went searching to find them because I thought I’d send you one, but I can’t find them. It made me sad because I can’t think of where I put them. Hoping they turn up.

    I’m planting zinnia in my garden this year because I absolutely love them, I also love allium, nasturtium, and calendula. Calendula, mostly because it’s a “trap” plant. Aphids love them and go to them instead of ruining my other plants.

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    1. Oh, I love that idea for a memorial. I’ll look for forget-me-nots if you can’t find them.

      Allium is on my list as well.

      Oh, that’s interesting about trap plants. Adding calendula to my list. 💕


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