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Smothered, Covered, Chopped-Florida Spring Break Part Two

    I mentioned in part one the traffic hell we experienced on the road to Destin. Just after the Alabama rooster incident, Ella got car sick and had "sick" all over her clothes. Thank God she had layers on (us Midwesterners, always ready), so we literally stripped her down in an abandoned parking lot, … Continue reading Smothered, Covered, Chopped-Florida Spring Break Part Two

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Thank You Alabama Rooster-Florida Spring Break Part One

  Before I start our story, we need to address the traffic on the way to Florida by me telling you this: don't drive to Florida. Seriously. If you are even thinking about it, stop. Stop now. Because this is what awaits you: Lots and lots of that. To be clear, I live in the… Continue reading Thank You Alabama Rooster-Florida Spring Break Part One

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Our Promise to Buddy

  As I am writing this, I am being interrupted by one of my favorite people in this world. Our dog, Buddy. I know he isn't "people" but to our family, he is. For many years, we were good without a dog; we had a fish, Lucy, that required no care other than the weekly… Continue reading Our Promise to Buddy

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Life and Stuff

    I was working away from home the last week of school before Christmas break. Mike sent me this picture on the last day of high school after finals for the holidays. Buddy needs a phone apparently.     Making doggie biscuits. I made homemade bread for the first time for our Christmas dinner.… Continue reading Life and Stuff

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Dollar Tree Handmade Christmas Ornaments

  Years ago back when this blog was brand new, it seemed I was on a mission to create projects with items I found at Dollar Tree. This was my first Dollar Tree post back in August of 2010, two months after I began blogging. It went downhill after that. Or uphill depending on how… Continue reading Dollar Tree Handmade Christmas Ornaments