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Podcast #42- Chapter Three- Not My Mother’s Menopause I was in my third year of perimenopause, and I was plagued with migraines, anxiety attacks, vertigo, and emotions I didn’t even realize existed. I’d been without a period for six months and I hoped that I was finally out of the woods.  I could see the clearing. I could almost taste freedom.  I… Continue reading Podcast #42- Chapter Three- Not My Mother’s Menopause

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Sarah, a friend of mine, published a post in November about the importance of asking yourself questions. Taking a deep breath and contemplating those questions. The answers may arrive fast, or they may take longer. But, ultimately, the answers will come to light. These are the reflective questions she included at the end of her… Continue reading Reflecting

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Podcast #40- Chapter One- Not My Mother’s Menopause The following is a quote from a magazine article that I found recently thanks to a blog I love. Despite this menopausal transformation in myself (the one I’m passionately describing), I also feel that my culture and society have failed me so badly. I need elders to show me how to do this, but… Continue reading Podcast #40- Chapter One- Not My Mother’s Menopause

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Working On Becoming a Better Listener

I'm learning to accept the less-than-ideal aspects of myself. One of them is that I have difficulty having conversations. There are two aspects to this: I struggle with making eye contact, and I have to work hard to listen. This has nothing to do with the other person being interesting. This is due to my… Continue reading Working On Becoming a Better Listener

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Podcast #36- There Are Other Ways I discussed how two events in the last week influenced my perspective on the path I should pursue with my book. I got a reiki reading and I finished a good book. I feel I gave up submitting query letters to agents too soon. When a literary agent requested a book proposal from me… Continue reading Podcast #36- There Are Other Ways

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Podcast #34- Heavy I felt ornery on the day I began spotting Edited to add- My biopsy results were normal! One less heavy thing. On today's podcast, I explain why I haven't been recording podcasts. It's not because of Joe Rogan, but since we're on the subject, let me share some important links with you. Jon Stewart… Continue reading Podcast #34- Heavy