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What’s Made Me Smile This Month- December 2021

I was looking through all the images on my phone last week while in the waiting room of my headache doctor, and I noticed my face smiling to all of the pictures in front of me. I've decided to share them with you all. I hope these can make you smile as well. Buddy and… Continue reading What’s Made Me Smile This Month- December 2021

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Podcast #24 Engagement Vs. Numbers My podcast is available on Apple podcasts, my husband just informed me the other day. I know many of you aren't on Spotify, which was why you couldn't listen. I mentioned that I recorded my first ad, but it didn't play at the start of the podcast. I'm not sure what happened because Spotify… Continue reading Podcast #24 Engagement Vs. Numbers

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Podcast #20-Building a Book One Step at a Time Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on The topic of today's podcast is the book writing process and how it's going. If you've ever wanted to or have written a book, the easiest part of the process is writing the book. Insert maniacal laughter. I discuss in the podcast that I am submitting query letters… Continue reading Podcast #20-Building a Book One Step at a Time