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100 Even, Even More Things I Love

It’s birthday month, so I thought now would be a good time to share another of these lists. I’ll keep writing these posts until my hands can no longer type. I am eternally grateful to whoever came up with this idea. All you need to know is that it wasn’t mine.

As always, there are no affiliate links in this post. I happily share what I love with all of you.

Here are where you can find the other lists:

100 Things I Love

100 More Things I Love

100 Even More Things I Love

Side note: these lists will always include a lot of food.

Here we go!

Creamer for coffee in a nice restaurant. It typically comes in its own little pitcher 💕

Cleaning before having company

Much needed motivation when I’m not motivated. See above

Seeing your food coming to your table at a restaurant

My falling asleep routine: I take my arms out of the blanket until they are very cold. Then I put them under the blankets to warm up, which is just enough to knock me out.

Laughing so hard that a fart sneaks out, which makes you laugh even harder

The feeling I get inside after spending time with loved ones

Candy Crush

Buddhist psychology

My bird camera

One of my favorite breakfast restaurants’ mini creamer pitcher

The taste of a dinner I didn’t have to prepare

Getting book recommendations

When someone asks me if I have time to grab a coffee

The fact that libraries exist

Mashable, for all of the Wordle hints it has given me over the last year.

Making my own personal pizza. I enjoy doing this at home, but Mod Pizza is also a fun place to do it.

Trader Joes cashiers

When the grass begins to turn green at the start of spring

A ham and swiss panini

My portable lamp

That this year, two of my dear friends are becoming grandmothers for the first time.

Cold pizza and milk. This exact combination.

Stocking caps

Starbucks iced water

Christmas cookies

Particularly Rolo Cookies

And my mom’s Special K candy

Gen Z. The future is so bright.

A good fabric shaver

A really good quote

Loud music in public bathrooms

This show

The first potato chips after opening the bag


Crying in the shower

My robotic vacuum, Victor.

When I go to lie down on the couch and my dogs are in another room, they hurry to join me.

When Anna facetimes me on her lunch hour

Newborn baby noises

My grandkittyyyyyy

He didn’t want Anna to leave, so he laid on her coat to protest. 🖤


Fries with vinegar


Zillow/ It’s fun to dream.

Bag balm

Snow days

This playlist

How snow transforms trees after a snowfall.

Playing hooky

Creating these blog posts

My dog’s nails clicking on our floors


Binaural beats

Restorative yoga

Listening to music through headphones

Song lyrics that make me cry

Squishy M&M’s

Going to Whole Foods on occasion as a “vacation destination.” 

London Fog Latte’s

This book

Courtesy The Telegraph

Dappled light

That my desk faces a window, and I can now see the seasonal changes in the backyard

That I am healing

That I am following through and reading (a little) more fiction this year

Being reminded of a memory through scent or song

Waking up to sun after a gloomy set of days

Purple. The color and the movie.

Crystal shops

Hammock season

My daughter’s relationship with one another

My future soul garden

Butcher block countertops (if you have them, I’m lovingly envious)

Resisting the urge to explain myself

Throw together meals

Days with no plans, no structure, no alarms

The smell of chicken frying



Palm trees

Observing others having fun

Photo by Monica Silvestre on

Watching a beach wedding

This beautiful video

The first bird songs of spring

Dunk eggs and toast

Learning about new cultures




Happy tears

Learning to love myself through daily selfies

Making these lists

Re-reading these lists on a hard day

The smell of earth when you go somewhere warm when you live in a colder climate. That first inhale of humid warmth is delicious.

Menopause. I don’t miss my period or the person I was with one.

The way semi trucks offer courtesy to other semi trucks on the road.

Not being in a rush

Short naps

Being more rebellious


Hearing Ella’s pet birds sing in her room

I hope I’ve inspired someone to make their own list. Please share it with us if so.

56 thoughts on “100 Even, Even More Things I Love”

  1. Too much good to comment on here, unless I’m prepared to leave you a novel-length note. Yeah, no. But I will say, even better than seeing your food arriving in a restaurant? Stepping away for a minute to use the bathroom and coming back to find it waiting there piping hot on the table.

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    Re: “When I go to lie down on the couch and my dogs are in another room, they hurry to join me.” – we are in an open concept house and I’ll be in the kitchen, so Rex lies in (usually an inconvenient) corner, then I’ll finish and go into the living room to sit in my reading chair. The second I sit down – twenty feet away – he hurries over to lie beside the chair. Like, frantic hurrying. It’s so cute.
    You know what I really love that is kind of strange? When something is really dirty and I clean it. Or, medium dirty. Then I like to admire my work. I’m just about to wash the floor of the mudroom and I am weirdly excited to see the transformation.

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  3. Yes! I am LOVING no more periods– don’t miss them at all. You know I love my library….. but I totally disagree with cold pizza. Mine needs to be nice and hot.

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  4. Pitcher. Good golly, that is the EXACT word I needed earlier. Instead I called it a “little cup with a spout.” Some days I am amazed that I am at all competent and then there are days like today. *sigh*

    Loved the list!

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  5. Not being in a rush is something I love too!

    These lists are awesome! Ages and ages ago I used to make “raindrops on roses” lists on particularly bad days and I think I need to bring it back. It’s such a good practice and I’m glad you’re sharing yours with us!

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  6. Kari, I love how you shared your sleeping routine. That’s awesome! Mine is, I start outside the blankets because I’m always so warm. Then, as my body temp drops through the night, I go under the blankets. I also have to sleep with my ceiling fan on (high) because I need to feel the movement of air on my face. I can’t stand “still” air. I’m a Libra (an air sign), which is why I crave the movement of air.

    “Seeing your food coming to your table at a restaurant” — I agree! Particularly a breakfast meal after being out all night partying in my wild clubbing days. LOL!

    Meeeee too! I love me a personal pizza. My favorite is a margherita pizza, with several glasses of red wine!

    That portable lamp is sooooooooo cool!

    YES to the Pema Chodron quote!!!

    “He didn’t want Anna to leave, so he laid on her coat to protest” — HA! My cat, Jerry, used to do that all the time! Handsome cat, btw!

    Nothing like trees after a snowfall. Gorgeous!

    Great selfie! Your inner light SHINES!

    As always, thoroughly enjoyed, my friend! Have a fantabulous week! X

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    1. I’m always hot, which is why I need to sleep with a fan! I love the white noise as well.

      After going out to the clubs, we used to go to Denny’s! Nothing compared to the taste of breakfast at two in the morning after working up a sweat on the dance floor! 😂

      I love margherita pizza too! We have sooo much in common!

      We love Luigi so much. He behaves more like a dog than a cat.

      I love that you think my inner light shines. That is such a lovely compliment. Thank you. 😘

      Have a wonderful week as well, my friend! ❤️


  7. I love this sooo much! (To add to my 100 Things I love list…Kari’s list!) So many things to comment on:

    I might have to steal some of your items for my own list, only because I didn’t think of them on my own. Because with so many of these, I was smiling and silently saying, “Yes!” Like with the little white porcelain creamers at restaurants…what is it about them that’s so utterly charming? BTW, where was that creamer pic taken; what is your favorite breakfast restaurant? Is that The Vegas?

    I didn’t know Mashable had Wordle hints, but I don’t like to look at Wordle hints unless I absolutely have to. There’s been a few times I’ve been stuck and I look at a friend’s daily Wordle post on FB because he always gives a hint. 😉

    The portable lamp…I got one after reading about it on your blog. I love mine, too.

    Envious of your friends becoming grandmothers for the first time. I have grandchild fever so bad lately. Though I know I have to be careful what I wish for since my son isn’t married, nor even in a long-term relationship! I was at DD this weekend and saw the cutest little boy who was about 3 years old. A blondie with a dimpled shy smile and kept showing me the candy he had in his pockets from the local Easter egg hunt in the park. I wanted to ask the parents if I could be an adoptive grandma, lol.

    Days with no structure, no plans, no alarms…the stuff dreams are made of.

    Fries with malt vinegar…mmm, yes. My Canadian father had me try these when I was a kid and I was hooked. In England, they have a thin brown gravy they put on fries. Dunno what it is, but that was really good, too.

    Milk and pizza…no, just no. 😉

    Crying in the shower…have never done this. Though I rarely cry on my own, anyway. I can tear up when someone else cries or during a touching commercial or sad movie, but other than that, I don’t cry. Not good, I know.

    Periods…always hated it from day one. What made it worse for me as I got into my 30’s was the pain from ovarian cysts and severe endometriosis. The pain during my periods was horrendous. Having a hysterectomy (laparoscopic) was absolutely worth it.

    OK, I could comment on every one of these things but I’d better shut up now.


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    1. I’d love to see a list of the 100 Things Melanie Loves. ❤️

      Wildberry is the name of the restaurant. There are locations in Libertyville and Schaumburg. I only go there once in a while, so it’s a real treat.

      I don’t usually need to look to Mashable for hints. What’s cool is that the longer I play, the less I need hints.

      I haven’t developed grandbaby fever yet. For the time being, I am content with grandkitty. 😂❤️

      Crying in the shower has become a ritual of late. When I do, though, it feels like a spa treatment.

      I, too, loathed my periods from the beginning. It’s not something I miss at all.

      Never shut up. I always enjoy your comments. xoxo

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      1. Have heard of Wildberry, but have never been there.

        You haven’t developed grandbaby fever yet because you’re still young and you have young children! I will be 61 in August…Phil would be 35 in July and Tim is 32. ❤

        I wish I could cry, especially in the shower. It sounds healing…water streaming down with tears.

        Will have to share my Love List with you. Maybe via email?


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  8. Wait, hold everything – you LIKE cleaning for company? I would say that I like the results of cleaning for company – but the chore itself. Ugh.

    I love the smells of spring, or flying somewhere warmer mid winter and inhaling the humidity and warm weather smells.

    One of my favorite things is to have college kids visiting for a weekend. Mini’s friends were here for Easter and it was so much fun. Looking forward to next year and hope more girls show up.

    I also LOVE the end of the school year. Obviously – given my babysit during the school year job.

    I love cherry Greek yogurt by Dannon. Ask me how I know just how much I love it? 😉

    Happy birthday month!

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    1. I love cleaning for company!  I used to enjoy cleaning in general. I don’t any longer, which is why I need motivation. If you want, I can come over and help you clean up before big events for free.

      I also enjoy having a houseful of children over. It’s fun to hear everyone’s laughter and conversations.

      I like strawberry banana Activia, but I’ve never tried cherry greek yogurt. I’ll look for it and give it a try!

      Thank you, friend! 😘


  9. Your lists are always inspirational. I’m laughing about Zillow/Realtor. Someone recently told me to go on there to see places I used to live in. In one case it was WOW such a great change for the better, I’m loving it– but in the other it was OH MY what has become of our sweet little property, it’s a dump now.

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  10. There are so many things on your list I love–too many to name. I love your links; you share such good stuff. But also, I want to say: We have butcherblock countertops now, and I love them, too. A nice benefit of not having much countertop space is that it didn’t cost too much (got them from Lowe’s) and we didn’t have to do any tricky cutting (other than the sink cut-out). It was an easier DIY than any other type of counter is. All of which is my way of saying: I hope you might get some, too.

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    1. I love that you have butcher block counter tops! I also appreciate how handy you and Cane are. Did you learn as you went along? It could be a fun project for Mike and me to do. I can hear him laughing as I say this, but I would love butcher block countertops and the satisfaction of saying “we did this together!”


      1. I can’t take much credit. Cane did most of it himself. But, yeah: I do get a lot of satisfaction out of doing things ourselves. I felt GOOD when I finished tearing down ceiling tiles over spring break and then pulled out every damn staple that had held them up. 🙂 I haven’t watched this video, but maybe it will be helpful?

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      2. I just have butcher block on my island, but I followed a blogger (now gone to the ether) who did them with just her husband and said they really weren’t terrible (or ridiculously expensive) to do. I’m cheering you on, because I’ve had mine for 5 years and I LOVE them.

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  11. I love these lists! Even more so because I feel like they are surprisingly hard to put together! I have been putting my own together since your second list and I still haven’t got into the 80s.

    I love pizza too. LIBRARIES. They are so magical. I had never heard of The Reluctant Traveler but it sounds so fun and heartfelt! I am not 100% sure what squishy M&Ms are, and originally the thought made me grimace, but then I thought about holding an M&M in my mouth until the chocolate gets all soft and… I love that. The semi truck item made me smile. I also like it when I pass a semi and put on my blinker and they flash their lights to let me know it’s okay to get in front of them.

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    1. They’re becoming more difficult to put together because I want to challenge myself not to repeat what’s on the other lists! It’s turned into a really enjoyable challenge. This list took me several months to collect by adding items one by one in my phone’s notes, but it’s a lot of fun to do.

      So squishy M&M’s are probably the worst thing ever, but Ella and I discovered them during lockdown. We like it when they get warm in our hands, so we started melting them in the microwave for a few seconds to enhance the flavor. I discovered on Tiktok that others do this as well, which made me very happy. You have the same thought by holding it in your mouth! Someone else suggested doing the same with Cadbury hard shelled eggs.

      I also love it when semi trucks flash their lights at me! I feel as if I’ve been accepted into their “club.” 💕

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  12. I couldn’t comment here until I had time to go through it all! Sorry for delay . . .
    I HATE cleaning before company; so stressful to me.
    I’m intrigued by your falling asleep routine. I might try it.
    I love to laugh so hard until I cry and get hysterical. No THAT’S a good laugh!
    I also love a dinner I didn’t prepare because it’s so rare. My DIL made me a traditional Chinese meal recently and it was delicious.
    TJ cashiers are SO friendly and upbeat. I feel like I’m on a vacation there, so I understand the Whole Foods as a vacation destination feeling.
    Zillow is so fun. I love to look at houses in neighborhood that are for sale. Also, it’s helpful when doing genealogy because sometimes you can find your ancestors home and a peak inside is amazing.
    Bag Balm – I just discovered it last week! I had my first bout with angular cheilitis, which was very painful. I tried numerous things without result. Either the bag balm healed it or the hydrocortisone.
    I highly recommend Elizabeth Strout books for fiction. SO GOOD!
    I adore seeing my kids enjoy their siblings.
    Dunk egg . . . my son-in-law grew up calling them dippy eggs and now my grandkids do. It’s too cute.
    Fade Into You by Mazzy Star is one of my favorite songs ever!

    Happy Belated Easter! XO

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    1. My husband caught me doing it last night and laughed. Before I wrote about it, he never noticed it. I hope it works for you!

      That kind of laughter is also my favorite!

      What a treat! Years ago, one of my high school friends came to visit with his wife, and he prepared a traditional Chinese meal for the four of us. It was fantastic.

      I’m glad you got the Whole Foods/vacation reference. To allow us to take our time and enjoy ourselves, we try to go when it isn’t very busy. We have a lot of fun doing that.

      I was hoping someone would bring up Zillow because I have the impression there is still more to discover there that I might be overlooking. I wonder if there is a tutorial for “fun” Zillow searches somewhere. I’ll have to do some research.

      That sounds really painful. I’m sorry! My skin around my nails was cracked, and it helped immensely. 

      I will add Elizabeth Strout books to my TBR list!

      Dippy eggs! That’s what my friend’s daughter calls them! LOVE.

      Into Dust is another good one by Mazzy Star. That’s also on that playlist. 💕

      Happy Belated Easter to you too! Xoxo


  13. I love your lists, especially when you sprinkle in something that is probably ONLY you: Your cold arms outside the blanket, then bam: Warm, and let’s sleep. I love that.
    Peanut also senses when I’ve laid down ‘somewhere’ and will find me in an instant.

    My heart feels better that you are healing. XO

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  14. The laughing so much you fart had been chuckling with my morning cup of tea. It reminds me of when relationships move into that comfortable place where a fart can be either applauded or laughed at. Love these lists of yours so much Kari ❤

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