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100 Even More Things I Love

This has turned out to be a really enjoyable project. I would like to encourage all of you to work on something like this in your lives, whether it be in your journals, on your devices, or on your blogs if you have one. 

In fact, my friend LA created her own list of 100 Things I Love, which inspired another blogger to create their own list. This makes me really happy.

I was considering writing a post about 100 things I don’t love. But I was concerned that it might come out as excessively negative and would offend people. It is currently in the planning stages. I’ll keep you posted.

I already started that post. It was also a lot of fun to create. 😂

My first 100 Things I Love can be found here, and my second 100 More Things I Love can be found here.

*This post contains absolutely no affiliate links. I simply enjoy sharing what I love.

100 Even More Things I Love

Lazy Sundays

Crisp fall weather

Trader Joe’s plant and flower section

Sleeping in

Sharon Salzberg’s books

This sausage and tortellini soup recipe

Mood lighting

Prioritizing rest over being busy


The smell of freshly mown grass


Breakfast at a restaurant

The crunch of fallen leaves under my feet

Binge watching a show and anticipating returning to it each night

My friendships

Cutting boards made of wood (they make me feel like I am a chef)

Sunday dinners with my parents

Hearing my daughters voices upstairs

The smell of dried eucalyptus

My jade Gua Sha tool

The thought of some of you wondering what the hell a Gua Sha tool is. 🙂

My home

The realization when I have nothing planned for the remainder of the day.

Finding a book on the library shelf that was on my TBR list.

This bag/purse

Homemade macaroni and cheese

My friends’ blogs

Being sincerely happy for the success of others. I wasn’t always like this.




This time period that Anna is spending at home before moving out on her own. 

This website


Unexpected Starbucks runs

Ube donuts


When the sky is a purple and orange color

My morning soul homework playlist

“Will you love yourself for that?”

When things get bad, there’s always Schitt’s Creek and Gilmore Girls.

And Costco cinnamon rolls.

That my zinnias brought hummingbirds to my yard for the first time.

And that my sunflowers brought finches to my yard for the first time.

Only Murders in the Building

Mod No Name Cakes

Stranger Things

Accepting my neurodiversity (and it explaining so many things in my life).

Sitting inside a Starbucks on a cold rainy day.

Cardigans over tee-shirts

The recipe I discovered for homemade birthday cake. It has evolved into a lovely tradition over the last two years. 

New perspectives

These bowls

Taking ownership

That Ella enjoys giving the dogs baths, meaning I don’t have to.

This website

Teva sandals

A really good cheeseburger

When a friend I haven’t heard from in a long time texts me unexpectedly.

When I’m alone in the car and have the opportunity to cry, talk to dead people, sing, and listen to my favorite music.

Going with the flow

This shirt

Golden hour

Jones Road miracle balm

Windows down, sunroof open, sunny day, loud music


Our daybed

Seeing bigger pictures

Letting go

Amazon Smile (We loathe Amazon, I know. This is making me feel better until we leave.)

This perfume

Fuzzy socks

Salt lamps

Boba popsicles


Net Galley


A fun gift shop full of things I don’t need.

Finding a song that feels like it was written specifically for me.

My podcast (I miss it. I need to get into a routine again.)

The plane finder app

I was following Mike’s flight with the Plane Finder app recently. Just look at all those planes flying over Lake Michigan.

Cafe mocha


This lotion

Dresses with pockets

A good quote

A good salad

A good bra

This children’s book

Looking through old pictures

Not recognizing myself

These overalls

When anyone brushes my hair

Or scratches my back


When I get to use the self-checkout scanner (Beep! Beep!)

The smell of green peppers and onions frying

Tara Brach’s books

Birthday week/month

Anna calling my soul homework “mommy magic”

This was recently in my Instagram feed:

What are your ceremonies…how wonderful.

It felt very much in sync with these 100 Things posts. ❤️

What do you love? I know you can come up with something good if I have enough to build three lists (300 items). Why not try building a list of your own?

62 thoughts on “100 Even More Things I Love”

  1. Oh, oh, oh – I think I love this list even more than your previous two! And I feel inspiration to do (yet) another one all over again.

    This one, in particular, resonated: When I’m alone in the car and have the opportunity to cry, talk to dead people, sing, and listen to my favorite music. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. First of all, I’m looking forward to your 100 Things I Hate, because that’s the sort of thing that cracks me up. Another blogger has written posts on how much he hates Hello Kitty and I die every time. I wouldn’t be offended if you hate things I love, but I might question your sanity. LOL.

    I clicked on all the links and now I need to get my grandkids the Maybe book. I’ve never seen such good reviews for anything on Amazon. Another car crier! Sometimes, it’s just what the doctor ordered. Plane Finder always delights me. I track my son’s plane every time now. But I love finding a plane going over me that’s headed somewhere unusual.

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    1. Is it Ron? Because I just started following him because of your post today, and I am all in for someone who loathes Hello Kitty. 😂
      I finished the hate post in a single day. I’m not sure what it says about me, but I had no trouble coming up with things I didn’t like!

      Buy that book. On Friday, my friend Kristen and I were in a local small bookstore, and she placed it in front of me and said, “This is all you.” The artwork is beautiful, as is the message.

      For YEARS, I’ve been crying in the car. The most effective therapy ever.

      Plane Finder was recommended to me by you. 😘


  3. Oh I totally should come up with my own list! I did see a few on your list that would not make it onto mine… I am not a breakfast fan so I rarely enjoy breakfast at a restaurant and I do not get the appeal of Ikea. We visited once and I think my son and I were done exploring in an hour and only bought a cinnamon bun each.

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    1. I’d want to see your list!

      I appreciate eating breakfast at a restaurant solely because I dislike preparing it. I also enjoy eating it at other people’s houses. 💕

      I can see why IKEA might not appeal to everyone. We are really fortunate to have THREE IKEA stores within an hour of our home. The one closest to us has one level and, if we go early in the morning, it won’t be crowded, so we can take our time exploring.


  4. There are so many things on this list that I love, too. I can’t comment on all of them, but wanted a shout-out to the kind of overalls you linked to. My daughter talked me into getting a pair at a second-hand store last spring, and then I saw this lady on and HGTV show call them “jameralls” and I love them for that name as much as for how comfy they are. I now have two pairs. 🙂 Also fuzzy socks, golden hour (enjoying it right now!) and Mod No-Name Cakes (who are they fooling? those are Ding Dongs, dangit!) but most especially bonus time with my young adult daughter living back at home. What an amazing, unexpected gift.

    Love the idea of this. Feel better just reading all these lovely things in the world.

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    1. I spent the entire summer in those overalls! I have them in three different colors.

      “Ding Dongs, dangit,” yet they’re much better than a Ding-Dong. MUCH, MUCH BETTER. Especially if they are refrigerated.

      I love that you’re also getting this time with your daughter. You’re totally right about it being an unexpected gift.

      I am happy that you feel this way about this list. 😘


      1. They are really good–maybe they aren’t Ding Dongs. But they’re knock-offs, then. (How often is a knock-off better than an original?) Anne Helen Peterson posted a topic about childhood snacks on her Culture Study newsletter this week, and consensus seemed to be that Hostess products are lesser now than they used to be. I ate a LOT of Ding Dongs growing up. Just another reason to be glad to be a kid in the 70s.

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  5. I was one of those people who wondered what a gua sha tool was!
    My son is also spending this gap year at home and it is lovely.
    Your whole list made me smile so much. Of all the meals to eat out though, breakfast is my least favourite! It’s my husband’s absolute favourite. I would much rather go out for dinner, but we do that very rarely.
    Also, birthday week/ month – GIRL. You know I love that!

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    1. I love that you’re spending time with your son as well. 😘

      It’s interesting that breakfast is one of the least favorite meals! I am excited when someone invites me out to breakfast. That is far more appealing to me than dinner! 🤣

      You’re my birthday week/month buddy!


  6. Hi Kari!

    Just wanted to let you know that I dropped by yesterday and left you a comment on this post, and then stopped by this morning and left another one because I didn’t see my first comment. I’m wondering if it’s a your spam folder.

    Anyway, it was so nice meeting you!

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      1. Hello again!

        This is the comment I left on my previous two tries. Maybe now that my comment above went through, this one will too.

        Hi Kari!

        Thanks so much for dropping by my blog via Bijoux and leaving a comment. So nice to meet you!

        OMG, so many of the 100 things you love are mine as well!

        Crisp fall weather, Trader Joe’s plant and flower section, the smell of dried eucalyptus ( in fact, I have a huge dried eucalyptus wreath in my apartment), Only Murders in the Building (LOVE that show!!!!), Sitting inside a Starbucks on a cold rainy day (cold rainy days are my favorite days), Golden hour, Documentaries are my favorite film genre, aren’t salads wonderful? I eat one/sometimes two a day.

        Again, so nice to meet you! GREAT post! X


      2. I found all of your comments in my spam folder and will answer even if they are duplicates!

        I adore how you responded to my favorites with your favorites I am so glad I found you through Bijoux. 😘


  7. I love sundresses and the weather that allows me to wear them. I equally love SmartWool socks, wearing them today. I love a good book and crossing things off of my list. I also love stalking on sale items and then buying them when they get marked down to a price I can handle.

    This is fun. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. You are so good with coming up with these lists! It’s harder than it looks – I know from personal experience. 🙂

    I’ve never heard of Unkers! Their products look interesting. Do you know where I can buy them?

    Being sincerely happy for the success of others…I hear you. I get better with that as I get older, too. I still experience envy sometimes, depending on the situation. But for the most part, I’m truly happy for those people.

    The humbleness article was fantastic. I have some work to do in this aspect!

    I love the Cup of Jo web site, too. One of my faves.

    How did I not know of the burger place, Small Cheval? I see their in Wicker Park, which is where Brian and I have gone the past two summers. We ate both times at Antique Taco. (Highly recommend!) Next time, we’ll have to try Small Cheval.

    I’ve used Amazon Smile for years. I change my charity at the beginning of every year. Did you know Goodreads is owned by Amazon?! They also own Zappos and IMDb (as well as a lot of other companies). I KNOW.

    Aaagh, I hate self-checkout! I think because 99% of the time, it screws up in some sort of way and then I have to wait forever for an employee to come over and help me.

    Just a heads up on the CeraVe lotion for what it’s worth – it contains petroleum. You might not want to use petroleum on your skin. (Google why are petroleum based products bad.)

    The book, Maybe….wow. Looks amazing. I ordered it and sent it to my cousin in Tacoma to read with her 7-year old daughter.

    Now to work on my own “love list”. Thanks for the inspiration! xoxo

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    1. Unker’s was recommended to me by my dad many years ago! He used to get migraines, and it helped him a great deal. It has also helped me. I get mine from Amazon.

      When I realized that what isn’t meant for me won’t happen and that there is enough for everyone, I began to sincerely be happy for others success. It hasn’t been an easy road to get here, and I’m still a work in progress every day. 🙂

      Many years ago, Rebecca recommended Cup of Jo to me. I’ve only recently become a big fan.

      Antique Taco will be added to my list! Small Cheval is FANTASTIC.  They exclusively serve burgers, fries, and beverages. I like it when a restaurant has a small menu because it typically means they are outstanding at those dishes. 

      I recently changed my charity, but I enjoy the idea of changing at the start of each year! I had no idea they owned all of that.

      Also, when two bags stick together and I can’t separate them. That is one of the 100 things I Hate. Soon to be published…

      That’s strange. That lotion was recommended to me by my dermatologist. Eek…

      That is the perfect children’s book. You might want to get one for yourself. Or I’ll show you the next time you come over.

      I’m excited to see your list! ❤️

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      1. Is it awful to say that I’m not surprised your dermatologist recommended that lotion? Most western medicine doctors have no clue about toxic ingredients in products or in our food. In medical school, they learn how to “put a Band-aid on the problem”…they focus on the disease and learn what pharmaceuticals are best for that disease. Pretty much, the end. There’s no digging into what the root cause of the problem or disease is. Side effects from toxic products or too many pharmaceuticals? No problem, they have yet another drug to counteract that. And the vicious cycle continues.

        I had a weird rash on the palm of my hand a couple of months ago. My dermatologist prescribed a steroid creme and then gave me a list of 3 different over-the-counter lotions to continue using. (I think one of them was CeraVe, ha ha.) I got home and looked up the name of this particular rash and learned more about it. Didn’t get the steroid creme prescription filled. Tried using pure lanolin on the rash and covering it with a Band-aid, as the lanolin is sticky. (I tried the lanolin, as this is what has cleared up Brian’s eczema that he only gets in the dry winter weather.) Ta-da, rash cleared up with no steroids needed. I continue to keep my hands moisturized with a natural lavender lotion and haven’t had any problems with the rash returning. 🙂

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      2. I completely agree with you. Your opinions about the medical system are similar to mine concerning the educational system. It’s all one giant video game….insert Wii music here.

        So, which lotion would you recommend?

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      3. Personally, I like the Andalou lotions. You can get them on *cough* Amazon or at certain grocery stores like Fresh Thyme and Whole Paycheck Foods.

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  9. Such a delight to read through this list, and click on the link and find so many treasures!

    Now that we’re turning toward winter, I got a little prickle of happiness reading about the smell of freshly cut grass. Oh, I love that smell! I will await its return.

    This feels so true: “When things get bad, there’s always Schitt’s Creek and Gilmore Girls”

    And I would love to know more about your gua sha tool and how you feel about it! I have seen that tool on instagram and in articles, and it sounds so appealing… but would love a first-hand account.

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  10. I LOVE your lists. All of them make me happy. I should start a list. Or three.
    I know about the gua sha tool because I have hip daughters. 🙂
    I had fun clicking on your links, reading your words and looking at your delightful photos.

    I have so many things that make me happy, but at this moment:
    The thought of an upcoming chilidog for lunch. (a rarity for me)
    Two sleeping/snoring dogs behind me.
    My hard-working husband is just four feet away working on his computer as I’m reading my friends’ blogs on mine.
    Thinking about making a Thanksgiving meal plan.
    It’s Wednesday, and I don’t have any obligations. 😉

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  11. I loved reading this list and I plan to make my own soon. I am a little worried that I can’t come up with 100 things but maybe I should just start writing and it will surprise me? I was worried I would not make it through Nablopomo and now I am half way thorugh.

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  12. With few exceptions – a good bra comes to mind – most of these items on your list would also make my list! And you have reminded me that I’ve been meaning to check out “Only Murders in the Building.” Might have to finally jump in today!

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