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100 Things I Don’t Love

This was a lot more cathartic than I expected. It also didn’t take long to think of. Everyone should make one, in my opinion. I’m thinking of making another one.

100 Things I Don’t Love

(in no particular order)


Overhead lighting

Cannons at parades

Home improvement stores

The smell of burning hair

Awkward silence

Small talk

When someone performs a good deed and then posts about it on social media.

The stomach flu

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Perfume/cologne with a strong fragrance

Anything pumpkin-flavored other than pumpkin pie

Having to make a doctor appointment

Glennon Doyle

The term “girl boss”

Emotional invalidation

Having to make a phone call

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Hobby Lobby


Rejection letters

Holding back tears

Anything that needs to be ironed

Sensor-enabled automatic sinks

Malicious intent




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Conference calls on speaker with more than one person

When my phone’s battery falls below 60% (I’m one of those)

Stuffy rooms




Gossip. Gossiping about celebrities doesn’t count.

How I appear in Zoom, mirrors, and selfies

Ego. See above.

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When someone attracts attention to me in a public place (see below)

This should be illegal 😂

Watching sports

Feeling left out of a conversation

When people tailgate me


When a solicitor rings the doorbell. We have a no solicitors sign on our door.

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When my hands are sticky

When there are crumbs on the floor and I step in it.


People telling secrets in front of me

Chapped lips

When I am unable to separate the plastic shopping bags in the self-service checkout line.

High pressure situations. See above.

Fruit-scented candles, lotions, or soaps

Gas station bathrooms

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Cold French fries

Water parks. Indoor or outdoor.

Card games like bridge, poker, canasta. Does not include Uno, Skip-Bo, or Old Maid.

People who tell me to smile. My face always looks like that.

Banging my toe into a piece of furniture

Clothing static

Hair static

Trying on clothing in fitting rooms

Shaming of any kind

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Wet socks

Las Vegas


Having to poop in public bathrooms

Being tickled

Holding in a fart

Jump scares

Gory movies

Having a wedgie

Waiting rooms

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Emergency rooms

Working out in public

Having to do any type of painting (furniture, walls etc.)

Navigating a shopping cart in a crowded store

Crowded stores

Condescending people

Christmas music

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Parent teacher conferences


When the person in line behind me gets too close. This isn’t a six feet Covid thing; I’ve always been this way.

Waiting for a doctor while wearing a paper gown

The act of belittling

Healthcare costs in America

Organized religion

The sound of my voice

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Insurance companies


Having to make eye contact

Argumentative people

Cleaning bathrooms

Live music

When I have something caught in my eye

What are some things you don’t love?

74 thoughts on “100 Things I Don’t Love”

  1. An interesting post, Kari. The stomach flu made me cringe and smile. Totally not good, yet, helped rid me of some of my Winter fluff. The sensor-enabled sinks….I figure there is a hidden camera watching me make a fool of myself. The selfies….scary. I am nodding my head, ‘yes’ to almost every point on your list. Relatable 😊You remind me how we are more alike than different as humans.💕Erica

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    1. Those sinks…now you’ve got me wondering if there isn’t a camera!  I always seem to get the sink that doesn’t work. When you have soap all over your hands, it stinks. But you don’t need me to tell you that. 😂

      I’m glad I reminded you that we are more alike than different. Thank you for saying it.❤️😘

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  2. Right there with you on many of these: Stomach flu, Glennon Doyle, Facebook, Fruit-scented candles, lotions, or soaps, Healthcare costs in America. In fact I might be there with you on all of these, now that I think on it. Love the idea for this list.

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  3. OMG!! The people standing too close in line thing is 100% one of my biggest pet peeves. It’s not going to get you out of here any faster if you jam your cart up my backside while you wait!!

    And Glennon Doyle just makes my BS meter go into overdrive.

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  4. A pretty good list. I had to laugh at this one: Waiting for a doctor while wearing a paper gown. It’s like the medical profession sat around and said, “how can we make this any worse of any experience . . . Anyone have any ideas, oh, I know, a paper gown and being late, there you go!” Ha, ha, thanks for the laugh.

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  5. There’s a lot to unpack here but I’ll just pick two. I’m with you on Hobby Lobby, that store always makes me feel inadequate… like the rest of the world is cleverly crafting behind my back.
    Beer? Say it isn’t so.
    I have a delightful chocolate cherry sour on tap in the man cave that would make you change your mind.

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    1. Hobby Lobby has a bad energy. 😶

      I knew I’d get some flak for beer. I’ll admit that I enjoy the smell of beer. I just don’t like the taste. Maine is on my travel bucket list, so I’ll take you up on your offer to change my mind someday. ❤️

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  6. Interesting. I think some of these may be more controversial (sushi, gory movies, tomatoes) than others (health care costs, being tickled, migraines). I don’t like background music, people who don’t clean up their pet messes, and when my cat jumps on the kitchen counter.

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  7. Isn’t it amazing how we’ve collectively grown to hate making phone calls? But you’re right; making a doctor appointment by phone is the absolute worst. Actually, making any appointment inspires terror in me for some reason.

    You don’t like fruit scented candles/soaps? I actually only like food scented candles, etc. The floral smells are offensive to me. I love tomatoes and mushrooms! You’d be eliminating 20% of my diet.

    I consider asking someone to smile to be misogynistic. No one says that to a man. I can’t stand Hobby Lobby, either. I had to look up Doyle and I still don’t know who she is.

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    1. Right?? Why are we so unsettled by the telephone? This makes me feel so much better because I know I’m not alone.

      On scents and flavors, we are polar opposites!

      Only men told me to smile, and only men who didn’t know who I was. Going forward, I will only say that to men. That could be my New Year’s resolution.

      You’re not missing anything by not knowing who she is. She has done absolutely nothing to me. She just gives me a bad vibe. 

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  8. LOVE reading your lists, Kari!

    MANY of the things you listed here are mine…

    Overhead lighting – OMG, overhead lighting should be punishable by imprisonment. Not only is it the most glaring light to the eyes, but it also makes everyone who stands under it look like DRACULA.

    The stomach flu – me too. I can take any kind of sickness or pain, however, anything to do with my stomach makes me want to DIE.

    Sushi – I lived in Japan for 2 1/2 months many years ago and LOVED it (amazing country and culture). However, I don’t share their passion for sushi. Thankfully, I found other things to eat.

    LOL! I too am one of those who gets antsy when my phone’s battery falls below 60%. Which is why I carry a small charger in my backpack.

    Stuffy rooms – I need to feel air moving about in a room. I would much rather be cold and hot and stuffy. I actually sleep with my ceiling fan on in winter as well as summer.

    Watching sports – Meeeeeeeeee too!

    When the person in line behind me gets too close – Me as well. I need my space. And I always give others the same respect.

    Something that I don’t like is when people feel the need to TELL you what to do when you never asked them. When someone does that to me, I say, “Excuse me, but did you hear a question mark?”

    FUN post, my friend!

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  9. I don’t know who Glennon Doyle is.. but feel like I should after reading all these comments. I always bring a book with me into the doctor’s office and read while waiting so I’m not really aware of how long I’m waiting (though I have to say our doctor’s office is pretty good in that they give you a “blanket” to use as well and their gowns are not paper; more like the ones you get at the hospital). I’m right there with you on almost all of these though.

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  10. Some versions of zoom have a “studio effects” option. I loooove it! I look better than real life. And by adding reading glasses, I can zoom w/o makeup but still look good.

    I like veggie-only sushi. Yeah, it’s a “cheat”, but it allowed me to dine with sushi fanatics.

    I had 2 bosses who sat only a few feet apart but would routinely conf call,both with their speakers on. Soooo annoying!!

    I dunno what’s wrong with the wp reader… I tried to watch the vid, the reader got mad and hid the list.

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  11. I love this. Though in theory I hate gossip. But because my friends didn’t like to gossip I inadvertently talked about an article I’d read where they talked about how many women had affairs with their personal trainers, not knowing one of the women was having an affair with her personal trainer. Sometimes it’s not talking trash, but filling in facts

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  12. I hate many of those things myself, but not all. I love water parks, for example, even though they are probably harbingers of disease.
    THIS: “When someone performs a good deed and then posts about it on social media.” – I know people who do this and it is SO irritating. ORILLY, DO YOU WANT A PRIZE.
    I like mushrooms and Las Vegas and even card games, although I know how to play very few.
    I hate science fiction!!!

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  13. Some of this made me laugh, like holding in a fart, and some of it I agree with 100%: like sushi. And the smell of too much perfume. That one really ticks me off. Don’t get me started on the cost of healthcare in the U. S. of A. I’m currently trying to figure out why I owe so much for my ER visit on Halloween. Like, SO much. We already paid SO much for Reg’s epilepsy ER visit and pricey testing. They have got to be wrong.

    I hate the smell of the soap they use in gas station/rest stop bathrooms, or at least most of them. It is the worst. Oh, that reminds me of the sensor sinks in the public bathrooms. Why can’t it see me? That makes me crazy.

    Another big one for me is people talking loudly on their phones in public areas. Or even having loud conversations on planes with people they just met in the seat next to them. Hello, there are other people on the plane who don’t care about your whole life story.

    I apologize if I ever tailgated you. ;0

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    1. Or holding a poop in. That’s worse than holding in a fart. I might put that on my next list.

      Healthcare in the United States is a hoax. What is the point of having insurance if we need to still pay the bill?

      I hate that scent as well! It reminds me of elementary school soap. Gag.

      Talking on the phone loudly in public! Yes!

      I forgive you. 😘


  14. I’m giggling at a lot of your ‘don’t love’s.
    Wedgies, farts, public bathrooms. YEP YEP YEP!

    I’ve been meaning to do a post about my phone battery issue. If it’s below 60%, someone should call a medic because I’m dying.

    Also on my list o things to blog about is the fact that I don’t enjoy Jon Bon Jovi’s music. Why is that on my list? I dunno, but it’s a fact.

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    1. I’m glad we’re both on the same page about phone batteries. Because of this, I get a lot of flak around here.

      I don’t like his music either! When he sings, he sounds as if he’s in pain. Maybe someone should get him a doctor?

      OR perhaps his phone’s battery has dropped below 60%…

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  15. Omg your list could be my list! So many *sames* Kari!

    Ugh phone calls but Uber Ugh calling to make a doctor’s appointment. I swear the Doctor Hold Music is a Trigger now. And so many places use that music! *weeps softly*

    I also hate gossip but not *celebrity* gossip! I knew I liked you! (Sorry celebrities!)

    Tho 2b fair… I mostly (mostly) adore the Probably Planted By Publicist bland celebrity gossip about lame stuff like hand-me-down tiaras. Yes, yes I *did* watch the Netflix royal family stuff. Gimme more but with throwback tiaras please thank you!

    Oh! And the delightful (is this celebrity gossip?) PBS show where they dig up celebrity ancestors and you find out that someone was stepping out on someone’s great great grandfather! They got up to real stuff back in 1902!

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    1. I love that we share a lot of the same things! 

      My doctor has THE WORST music; it’s loud and obnoxious. I only recently discovered that I can cancel appointments online. I wish I could schedule them online as well.

      Celebrities never count. AND I looooove the Real Housewives drama.

      Those shows are also favorites of mine. “So you’ve been a jerk since forever. Got it.” Karma is real. 🤣


  16. Well, I don’t have to do a list because I’m just gonna copy/paste yours! 🙂 I do like home-grown fresh tomatoes, though.

    I always dreaded the day/night of parent-teacher conferences, and it never occurred to me that the parents might be dreading it, too! First, just so much peopling, and with people I didn’t know. Exhausting. Also, I went into them feeling like I had to be ready to defend myself–especially with parents of kids who were struggling. I always knew they needed more/different than they were getting, but I didn’t have what I needed to give it. Can you imagine how different it would be if 1) we could figure out something other than a factory model for having such conversations; and 2) parents and teachers assumed that everyone (including the student!) is (usually) doing the best we can and our best is never going to be perfect and we’re on the same side? It’s no wonder it so often feels/is icky and we don’t get to good/better solutions for making school work for everyone involved.

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    1. I love that you and I are so alike!

      I wish you had been my child’s teacher at some point. My daughter’s have had some really good teachers over the years, so we’ve been fortunate, and Ellie now has some wonderful teachers. However, conferences are extremely triggering for me, even though I am open to criticism and anything that will help Ella succeed. If I were lying down on a psychiatrist’s couch, I think it might have something to do with my own elementary school experience…

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      1. So many things are *really* about what happened to us as kids, aren’t they? …sigh. I just don’t think conferences should be a place for criticism. Building a relationship, sharing information, collaborating on strategies, being open to change: yes. Criticism: no. It’s so hard, isn’t it? Also: You guys are going to get through this and come out better on the other side. I am so sure of that.

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  17. What fine. I loved your list – I laughed out loud at many, though your rejection of tomatoes and mushrooms means our family pizza – pepperoni, tomato, mushroom, and black olive- will remain out of reach 😉

    I loved Glennon Doyle’s books, but her appearance in the podcast “We can do hard things” bugs me. I had to stop listening. She always makes it about her. No matter the story, or the guest, she always has a “me as well” story she inserts to co-opt the conversation. It’s so frustrating.

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    1. And this is where you’ll laugh. I enjoy tomato sauce, ketchup, and even tomatoes on my burgers, but those are the only places where I enjoy tomatoes. So I guess I have some limitations? I also enjoy black olives, which I only discovered a few years ago. So I guess I’ll just have to pick the mushrooms off!

      Yeah, she bugs me. 😒

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  18. Ha! Some of these had me nodding along, some had me laughing. I am with you on the phone calls, tomatoes (YUCK FOREVER), sushi, conference calls, water parks (NO), gas station bathrooms (really, any public bathrooms), ironing (I REFUSE to iron. No thank you.) and too many of the others to count.

    I do, however, enjoy mushrooms (not raw, never raw) and I get a (sick) little thrill out of seeing how far I can go before my phone battery dies.

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  19. You had me right up until sushi. Then you lost me, but you got me back again. Until tomatoes and mushrooms. Lost me again there. But then, once more, you reeled me back in. Until Christmas music.

    I think my point is, 90% of this list I’m on board with! But the odds of us having lunch together over the holidays look pretty slim.

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  20. You won’t be one bit surprised to hear that most of the items on your list would be on mine, too! Some comments…

    Cannons at parades…say what? I’ve never heard or seen a cannon at a parade! Where have I been?! (Guess not at parades!)

    What is it about home improvement stores and water parks that you hate? I’m rarely in home improvement stores but they don’t bother me in any way. They’re just kind of there, if you know what I mean. I haven’t been to a water park since my kids were little, so a gazillion years – and I didn’t even go in it with them.

    Smell of burning hair…never smelled that! And don’t think I’d want to.

    I love pumpkin pie and pumpkin muffins, but that’s where it ends. No pumpkin coffee or whatever other pumpkin stuff they dream up nowadays.

    Hobby Lobby…the store itself or because of the company owner and his policies? I like the store even though I rarely shop there because of the jerk owner.

    Tomatoes…the only time I’ll eat fresh ones is in the summer, when they’re home-grown. Supermarket winter tomatoes – disgusting.

    I know we need to get together again…I even have your name written in the notes section on my January calendar and here it is the end of the month already. Crossing my fingers for sometime in Feb!

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    1. I think I was remembering my childhood and probably weapons of some kind around major American holidays centered on war heroes of some kind, such as Memorial Day. Growing up, I was in a lot of parades because I was in baton and marching band. I am bothered by loud booms of any kind, which is why fireworks will be on my next list.

      I don’t usually find much to buy at home improvement stores, which is why it’s on the list. 

      I’ve visited both indoor and outdoor water parks, and neither was enjoyable.

      Have you never burned your hair while curling it? If not, you’re amazing!

      Hobby Lobby- both. 🤣



      1. Fireworks are definitely on my hate list! Not only because I can’t tolerate the noise, but because of what it does to veterans with PTSD and to cats and dogs (terrifies them), and to wildlife.

        Ha ha, the only time I’ve ever gone into a home improvement store was to purposely buy paint or a hardware item. Otherwise, those stores are Brian’s domain. 😉

        Curling my hair…have you seen my hair?! I don’t think it needs to be curled. 🙂 When I was a young teen, my hair was straight and the Farrah Fawcett look was in, so I used a curling iron then. Nope, never burned it! But of course, I burned my neck with the curling iron. LOL!!

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      2. I completely agree. For weeks after, our neighborhood celebrates with fireworks. It irritates me.

        I only go there to buy plants. I used to go in to get paint, but I also dislike painting, so…

        I have wavy hair as well, but I curled my bangs because that’s what we did in the 1980s- mile high burnt bangs.  I also got a burn on my neck! It looked like a hickey, and I was teased about it when I was in seventh grade.

        In seventh grade, I had no idea what a hickey was.🤣🤣

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      3. Maybe I was too busy with marriage and work and then babies to care too much about what hair styles were in?! I dunno…


  21. Oh this list made me variously nod, chortle, actually LOL, and go “oh?” I adored it 🙂 I’ve yet to read Glennon Doyle and foolishly downloaded her book onto my Kindle before I read the wise words of people who shared my taste. I’ve also yet to figure out how to delete stuff from my Kindle that I now know I will *never* read. Indeed, that might make my list, ‘cos you know I’m inspired to do one 🙂

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