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Beer Breath, Cat Smell and Big Hair- What Makes Me, Me

I love “about me” posts. I thought this would be a fun share on the first Friday of birthday month. 

First published May 6, 2013

– I have been using the same hair pick to comb out my wet hair after getting out of the shower since high school.
2021 note- Still using it.

– I love Monty Python and The Holy Grail, thanks to my brother introducing it to me. My husband doesn’t get it their humor but I love it.

-The smell of beer on my husband’s breath gets me in the mood. Have I said too much?

– I can smell cats in a house as soon as I walk in. Even if you NEVER had a cat, but maybe the previous owner did? I can smell them. Realtors should hire me. I am like a savant in uncovering cat smell.

2021 note- why would there even be a need for such a thing? 

– I have large feet. Size 9.5- 10 big. You know what they say about women with large feet? They wear large shoes.

2021 note- I can hear my dad laughing at that joke.

Woman Blowing Bubblegum

– Aspartame gives me headaches, and for that reason, I rarely chew gum.

– My parents almost named me Amy. If I were to be a boy, my name was to be Jonathan.

Side note; my brother’s girl’s name was going to be Christy. My brother married a girl named Kristy.

– I love the smell of fresh road tar.

– I put salt on apples and watermelon.

– I also love ketchup on cottage cheese. My youngest won’t eat cottage cheese without it.

Galeries Lafayette Building

– I took three years of French in high school and I only remember three French words.

– I won a blue ribbon at the county fair at 12 when I was in 4-H for snickerdoodles. Here is the recipe.

– I don’t know how to swim.

-Sometimes when I’m home alone, I turn up the music really loud and pretend like I am on Solid Gold.

Image result for dakota fanning child
Dakota Fanning Courtesy/ Pinterest

– My oldest daughter looked exactly like Dakota Fanning when she was little. So much so that random people on the street would stop us and ask us if it was her.

– I was so afraid I would die of Toxic Shock Syndrome growing up, that I never wore tampons until I was an adult.

-The soundtrack of my senior year in high school was Hysteria by Def Leppard.

Image result for dakota fanning child
Tina Yothers (aka Jenny from Family Ties) Courtesy Getty Images

– When I was in high school, everyone called me “Jenny” because I reminded them of Jennifer on Family Ties.

2021 note- My youngest daughter looks so much like that picture of Tina Yothers up there that when I showed that picture to Mike, he thought it was Ella. 

– I was told by my English teacher in high school I would make an excellent writer someday and that she couldn’t wait to read the book I someday write. That same teacher gave me a final grade of C- in her class.

– I was a cigarette smoker for 17 years.

2021 note- Being a former smoker was how I got on the list to get the vaccine last week. So I got that going for me.

– I almost became a nurse. I took all the prerequisite classes and passed the entrance exam. After years of trying to get into the nursing program, I finally got accepted and then promptly turned it down.

– I am freakishly strong. Both of my daughters are as well.

-I love getting a foot rub, but I hate touching other people’s feet.

– I miss big 80s bangs.

-I also miss my waistline

Off to have a smoke and watch The Holy Grail.
Wanna come with?

24 thoughts on “Beer Breath, Cat Smell and Big Hair- What Makes Me, Me”

  1. I, too, am I roller skating diva! I saw Def Leppard in concert during the Hysteria tour and have pictures of Joe Elliot in his ripped pants.After reading this list we ARE sisters from anotha mutha!!xoxo


    1. Omg is there a concert you havent been to??You are my taller, more photogenic, fearless sistah. And I know my mom will adopt you. 🙂


  2. You make me laugh, Kari! I love your blog posts. I know I commented on FB about you winning the iPad Mini, but I'll say it again – woo-hoo! That is so awesome. I don't know if you had any kind of tablet beforehand…I don't, so I'd be thrilled to death. Heck, I don't even have a smart phone! (A little behind the times.) I do have an iPod (whaddya know) and like you, I turn it on and DANCE my tushy off when no one is home. I pull the blinds so my neighbors don't see me and think I'm having an epileptic fit or something. ;-)Gum…there's lots w/o aspartame now; most of them have xylitol instead. I loved Def Leppard when I was in high school (a looong time ago). Met them in person at a record store and got their autographs and I'll be darned if I remember what I ever did with it. Probably threw it away as I got older. Had an autographed poster of Ozzy too. 🙂


    1. Omg this is awesome Melanie!! We need to get together for lunch soon since we arent too far from each other, sound like a plan?


  3. Once again…WHY didn't you live next door to me growing up????? Think of the fun!But I always had flat hair. My sister used to put water in my hairspray bottle. Totally not bitter or anything…


    1. Omg that is awesome. We would have had so much fun!!! We will make up for it at Blogher. 😉


  4. I still have friend that has 80’s hair and bangs! Lol. I have very large feet too; in fact with all the weight I lost I can now fit back into 9.5’s and I am so happy to have “smaller” feet again. I forgot most of my French but once Alec began using Duolingo and started saying some of it aloud/ asking me questions, I was pleasantly surprised to find that much of it came back to me.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Is the French word you know “merde”? 😉

    As Ella has gotten older, the pictures you’ve shared look so much like the pictures you’ve shared of younger you. And you both look A LOT like Tina Yothers.

    I was going to be Stephen if a boy. There seems to be no consistent taste/philosophy in my parents’ name choices (Steve is a really different kind of guy than Rita is a girl), but I suspect they didn’t put nearly as much thought into it as parents do now. I suspect we were a lot less precious than today’s kids.


    1. YES!! You know me well. 😉

      We do! I’ve occasionally checked up on Tina Yothers over the years and she is a lovely woman. So I like the comparison.

      I agree with you on the names. My dad just liked my name; no real meaning behind my first name. My middle name, Ellen, was named after my grandma Ella but they didn’t like the ring of Kari Ella. So there ya go…


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