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How This Became This

I had an entirely too long post planned for how my blog became, well, my blog, in honor of my blogging anniversary.

This Friday (June 14th), my blog turns nine and in honor of such a momentous occasion (cough cough), I was going to write from a prompt about how this became this.

Prompt- Tell us the story behind your blog

By the way, I know the date of the first post I ever wrote because it tells me so.

That’s the beauty of blogging or websiting (yes, I know that’s not a word)

When you have a blog, you have documented dates of when things happened.

I do love that whenever I want to find a well-loved recipe, I can just search my blog.

Or if I want to rearrange the furniture for the 10.50000th time, I can search family room or moving shit around in the search bar and see my home circa 2011 and go, oh man, what the fudgesicles was I thinking? 

I have enjoyed writing on this blog so very much, only very briefly ever thinking of stopping over the past nine years.

Besides my husband and children, there really isn’t anything that I am more passionate about.

Giving so much time to this but never resenting the time that was given up.

It is the silent fourth love of my life.

channeling John Hughes

So I had a post written using the above prompt and in said post, I had decided I was going to share a few comments from all of you from over the past nine years which made me smile and laugh.

But then it turned into a whole hell of a lot of comments that I loved and I was having so much fun copying parts of comments into a word document, that I didn’t want to stop.

On the day I was doing so, I cried in my closet for a solid ten minutes over nothing.

Menopause is really REALLY beating the crap out of me, guys.

But this little project made me laugh so hard, smile so much, and feel so good that I decided it must be a gift from God, the Universe, and my guardian angels.

A big unexpected gift from all of you.

I decided that rather than blubbering on and on about posts I had written over the past nine years, to share that gift with all of you as well.

So today, in honor of my blogging anniversary, YOU are the author.

You glorious, wonderful, hilarious, beautiful, loyal people.

Because let’s face it, you all are the real stars here.

Thank you so much for writing it for me.

I love you guys.

“You get excited about leggings with cats on them, I get excited about wooden trays.” <—- this made me lol because I got cat leggings for Christmas and I’m unreasonably excited about them 

Your writing never fails to make me smile

Omg. We could live at each other’s homes

Kari, you are so funny! I can’t even type from all the laughing I’m doing

I think it’s fine that you gave Judd Nelson a rash- he seems like the rash type

I love the way you write though, so I think your personality shines through your posts anyway

You have such a unique way of evoking so many emotions in your writing and your reader

You know the review is going to be good when you use douche pickle to describe someone

Love it, and the way you can take these Netflix posts and make them about something that matters a whole lot more than Netflix

You know that I just read that last paragraph in Bubba’s voice from Forrest Gump

OK, Panty Butter (you know I will always have to think of you this way now, right?): I’ve been reading long before 2018, for which I want a prize

Can I just say– I friggen love you! The way you write is always so funny and relatable

Sending you love. It will get better

Hear hear! Let’s make shirts that say “mediocrity is underrated”

It makes me sad that I haven’t thought about nachos in a very long time

And it dawned on me – I need to pull Creepy Baby out of my underwear drawer and have her sit next to me when I write. So that’s my new plan

Go be brilliant with your screenplay. Some people won’t get it, and that’s OK

I have a major headache today but I can’t stop laughing…especially, “sorry about your dick, Emilio.” 

These characters are becoming so much more real with each scene as their personalities shine through-I love each one of them

I love you. I love your blog. You are so freaking hilarious and honest. I am glad you’re not one of those “100 Ways to Rearrange Your Living Room” or “If You Don’t Do Exactly This to Get More Pinterest Followers, Then You Are Shit!” blogs

I love this. I love you and I hope to high heaven you never stop blogging because the world needs a little more Kari

I would have thought there would have been more questions about balls

I came to read your latest post after reading your comment on my book post and the title made me burst out laughing. And then douche pickle did it again

Yes, I googled “Molluscum Contagiosum Judd Nelson”. This page is the 5th result

You are COMPLETELY certifiable, which is why you are great. All the greats (think Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, the old actor scared of antique furniture…what was his name?)


Technically, this was Indiana’s fault

And I needed to read this message today. Really, really needed. Thank you for being one of the ones who empower people with your words by writing them. Sending you love. (Because I don’t know how to send booze through the internets)

Gotta be careful about laughing too hard, otherwise, I’ll be farting too

Dammit, I was about 4 paragraphs into a comment and I hit some wrong key or something (and I was typing f-ing, not the actual F-word) when the screen flashed and the whole f-ing comment was gone

Also, no lie, this blog makes me feel good! I love reading your stuff, it’s always so damn good

I laughed out loud at the diarrhea

This may be my favorite post of anyone. ever. Thank you for totally making my day

You are not an asshole. You are just hungry

The fact that you can make a blog completely about yourself interesting to others is a testament to your voice. Your writing style is authentic, your posts are honest, and your blog is always hilarious and true to what you’re going through

Wait. You aren’t Oprah?

I just ate old marshmallows for dinner and I farted

Let’s get a box of wine and clog a potty!

Does Judd Nelson really have a rash? I’m like two seconds away from Googling this

So VERY many things we really should be sharing… especially the day drinking and sharting

You have a sick, sick mind. And I love it

Who is Cliff and what is he doing on your toilet?

And, your ass did look very good in those jeans. Just sayin’

I could read your blog posts over and over again — and sometimes do, when are you going to write a book, not kidding

I hate going to the store for just toilet paper because then people know that I’m out and have to go pee. Or the other thing

I love that you googled how to find out what you googled

I was probably experiencing a hot flash. Hence the bikini

I think I may be premenstrual, too. Although, when I read the title of your piece, I thought there was a big Alabama football game coming to town (in response to a post titled “14 Reasons I Can’t Blog While Awaiting the Crimson Tidal Wave”)

Guess what I’m going to be fooling around with tonight, thanks to you? No, not balls…with my blogger header

I must apologize for not noticing that your boobs did look amazing that day

I read “paint’s slutty sister” and then blew coffee through my nose

You have the most genuine readers. That’s pretty darn impressive

I swear I’m not just here for the pooping and farting, although it does make me feel more at home

Please, don’t be anyone but you when you grow up. You are pretty awesome

Thank you all for the best testimonial ever.

Here’s to another year.

14 thoughts on “How This Became This”

  1. Well now it just is more obvious that we need to have a graceful real life party!!!! Balls and booze! (And boobs…in ill-fitting bras-oops, just me on that one) xoxoxoxox


  2. OMG I could not love this any more. Also, you officially have the best readers ever! This post made my eyes tear from laughing. You should print this out and hang it in your office, or wherever you write. What an awesome testament to how awesome you are!!

    Also, I love that there is so much mention of balls, booze, rashes, and toilets. There’s something so wonderful about that. I wish you could do one of those keyword clouds for your comments!

    And I think we are all in the same boat when it comes to your writing. I know it for sure makes me smile, and laugh, and I honestly look forward to it every week! Thanks, girl, and here’s to another year. And then another dozen after that!


    1. I actually did print it out! I am either going to stick it on the fridge or frame them and put it above my desk.
      You have several comments that made that post and I am so damn grateful for you and them.
      When you think you’re not really reaching people, you need to go into your comments section of the dashboard of your blog and just read.

      Everyone in the world should have this. It is so amazingly affirming.
      Thank you for being my people. 🙂


  3. Happy Blogaversary or however you spell that! Keepin’ it real since 2010, yo.

    I am so glad you commented that one day on that one thing and then I had a whole new blog to stalk…er…follow and laugh at. I so rarely come across a place where farts are so freely talked about by those without dangling appendages and for that, I thank you.

    Here’s to many more! (Years of blogging, not farts. Eh, why not. Those too.)


    1. Yo.

      Blog commenting is such a big thing, that I don’t even think bloggers realize how much of an impact it has.
      Like, REAL comments; not forced ones (it’s a thing).

      Thank God for all of you. Here’s to many more farts AND years of writing. 🙂


  4. Happy blogging anniversary! Drinks and nachos on the patio…yahhhsss.

    Here’s to many more years of fantastic writing and making your readers laughing til they fart.

    Love you!


  5. Happy blogiversary! I too think of blogging as my 5th love (behind my husband and boys).. in fact I was just saying this weekend that I’ve been contemplating how to swap out my blog after the boys stop homeschooling because I just can not imagine not blogging. I might use my blog more than anyone else– I am constantly looking up my own recipes, trying to figure out when something happened or what year we visited some place. I love it and I love the ladies like you that I have met through blogging. I can’t give all that up!!


    1. Right?? I don’t think we talk about all of the above enough. I love this blog so much.

      And the blogging community I have found is the silent fifth love of my life. 🙂


  6. These are hilarious and make me a little sad that I have missed the boat in not reading you sooner. Looking forward to many more opportunities to read your posts and your awesome readers and their clever-ass comments!


    1. I am just glad we “found” each other this year. Even though we knew each other LONG before. Only we didn’t know it.
      Totally need to work on that collaborative blog post.


  7. Damn well better be a next year! I am sure I attributed more of those comments to myself than are actually mine but that’s because I just want to claim all of your readers’ awesomeness as my own. I don’t even remember any more quite how we met, but I’m sure glad we did. Keep writing, Kari. (Like you have a choice, right?)


    1. You’re my first comment on the new and improved blog!
      You have SO many comments up there; I am SO thankful for you.
      I am sure glad we met too, my friend. 🙂


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