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Why I Am Sending Everyone a Christmas Card

Well, maybe not everyone, but this post is in response to something I wrote in 2017 titled, Why I am Not Sending Everyone a Christmas Card, and while I am most likely not sending everyone in my address book a card this year, (because my handwriting, it sucks), I am sending cards because this year warrants a card like no other.

Communication, loving words, a thoughtful note, and encouragement are all important. A year like this deserves to have something at the conclusion of it that is cheerful, loving, and good, doesn’t it?

I know a lot of you are thinking, just get this year over already, and although I wholeheartedly agree with you, I also think that we should end this year with some good vibes.

Greeting Cards
All photos in this post courtesy/ Pexels

In 2017, I gave reasons I couldn’t be bothered sending holiday cards, so let’s go through that list now, three years later, in the midst of a pandemic.

Women typing on the notebook

1- “I am only sending cards to those who aren’t on social media”

My argument was that most of my friends were already in the know about my shenanigans in 2017 because I was still on Facebook. But I have not been on that social media platform since leaving it in August.

So the most important thing I have learned since leaving Facebook, besides not missing it, is that many of my “friends” didn’t even realize I had even left Facebook. In fact, one of my neighbors didn’t notice my disappearance for over two months.

And I was in a daily Messenger group chat with her.

It definitely opened my eyes to the fact that I was not the local celebrity I imagined myself to be. It took me down quite a few notches. That’s okay. I needed to be taken down a notch or two. (see #6)

Man in Brown Vest Sitting Beside Woman in Gray Sweater

2- “People who aren’t on social media are more likely to appreciate a holiday card with our faces plastered on it

Perhaps no one is likely to appreciate any holiday card with anyone’s faces plastered on it. Well, do I have a surprise in store for everyone on my Christmas card list this year. I’m going to send out greeting cards with images of a completely different “family” inside of it to surprise the hell out of everyone.

I mean, they didn’t even know I wasn’t on Facebook, so they probably won’t even notice the difference.

Selective Focus Photography of a Mailbox

3- “I really don’t want to drop a ton of money at the post office only for it to go into a recycling bin somewhere

Honey, I feel you. Stamps are pricey, and we’re all on a tight budget, but the post office did us a SOLID this year, so I really owe it to them to buy a book of stamps. Hell, I might even buy them a bottle of vodka, too.

Silhouette Photography of Person Standing Outdoors

4- “Plus, we will save the environment because of less paper!”

This was long before everyone went out and bought all the paper towels and toilet paper. As a result, you must be choosy with your card list. I will save the cards for individuals I don’t talk to anymore in case I run out of toilet paper.

So see? I really am saving the environment.

Person Writing on White Paper

5- “I want to be my mom” (essentially take my time writing notes in the cards like my mom used to do)

In the first blog post, I said I was sending out 60 cards. The real question is, why the hell was I sending 60 Christmas cards before 2017?? I don’t even know 60 families!

No wonder I wrote a post titled, “Why I’m Not Sending Everyone a Christmas Card.” I must have been tired. Oh, so tired.

Person Holding Turned-on Silver Laptop Computer

6- “I write a blog” 

In essence, I said that because I write a blog, I get a pass from sending cards. Then GET THIS! I told my readers that I “wanted more comments.” I even gave them a tutorial on “how to comment on a blog.”


So not only did I claim that because I wrote a blog I shouldn’t have to send Christmas cards but essentially, why aren’t you commenting on my blog? What is wrong with you? Isn’t it enough that I write these posts for you weekly and you don’t show me how much I mean to you?


Oh, that’s right.


I must have thought that everyone in my address book was reading my blog. But this was when I still had a Facebook account. I hadn’t yet realized that I only have, maybe, four in-real-life friends. Poor completely narcissistic yet completely oblivious 2017 Kari.

Free stock photo of antiseptic, corona, corona mask, corona virus

7- “There are many other things I would rather do….”

Same girl, same. But then a virus attacked our country, and we are now stuck inside of our homes 24/7.

*Side note, do you ever have moments of, “can you imagine explaining 2020 self to 2013 self?”

For instance:

2013 Kari– Hey, let’s run to Starbucks!

2020 Kari– Okay, let me get a mask.

2013 Kari– Like a Halloween Mask?

2020 Kari– You’re funny. I think I have an extra one in my purse.

2013 Kari– Wha…

2020 Kari– But first let me make sure my Starbucks is even open.

2013 Kari– Why wouldn’t they be open?

2020 Kari– Well, the lobby might not be open, but I am sure the drive-through is. Do you have a debit card though, they might not take cash.


2020 Kari– UMM, because of the shortage.


2020 Kari-We NEVER should have elected Trump as president.


See how stupid it all sounds?

White House

8- “Our government is icky…” 

Holy hell, I had NO idea…

If you intend to send some sort of greeting this holiday season, I have some ideas to up your 2020 card game, no pun intended.

I have used this tutorial for years on how to create your own photo cards for free or next to nothing. If you have some knowledge of Pic Monkey or Canva photo editors, you can make your own cards. But even if you don’t, the tutorial is quite simple.

I mean, if I can do it, you can as well.

Courtesy/2 Little Superheroes

But if you don’t want to make your own, there are some great pandemic-style greeting cards from the website Zazzle.

Humor Corona Virus 2020 Christmas Holiday Card

I also found some really cute cards on Amazon, and they delivered in a day. However, I detest making Jeff Bezos richer, but in doing so I am trying to spread joy so it became a matter of which is the more important thing? Corporate greed or not catching a virus? I hate to love Amazon and it is becoming a daily struggle.

If you are still not feeling the whole send a holiday card thing, then maybe consider sending cards to those who are on the front lines of the pandemic. Below are links to several places you can send e-cards or physical cards to health care workers, first responders, or nursing home residents.

If you get word of any other places that we can send to anyone who needs some love virtually or from a physical card, let me know and I will add it after publishing.

Love for Our Elders

Hope for New York

Send a virtual hug to a USC front line health care worker

UChicago Medicine Send a message to our frontline health care workers

Our brains can’t possibly comprehend the stuff we are trying to put inside of them during this horrific time, but I feel like our hearts will remember.

34 thoughts on “Why I Am Sending Everyone a Christmas Card”

  1. I’ve always had a massive Christmas card list. For a lot of our friends, it’s the only time we communicate all year. Granted with the rising cost of stamps… and nice cards!… I’ve cut back a little every season and dropped all the dead beats who haven’t sent us one since 1989. And you’re right, for this hellish year we’ve all lived through? The personal touch will mean even more.

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    1. You’re right! My mom always had a huge Christmas card list but we didn’t have social media back then and that was most likely the time of year when most of our faraway family heard from each other. It’s funny how the farther away we get from things, how we forget how it was.

      This hellish year is coming to a close and it is nice to think about writing about none of it and just waving hello, right? 🙂

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  2. I am so with you! I decided a few weeks ago that if ever a year called for Christmas cards, THIS IS IT. So I bought the prettiest cards I could find (pink, green, gilded, glittered…natch), and typed up a little letter to go inside. I even bought some stamp pads (glittery ink, of course) and some cute rubber stamps – all to jzhuzh up the cards. My overseas cards have been all mailed out already and now I am working on the domestic ones. I love your idea of designing your own cards….hmmm, maybe I should start working on next year already? 😉


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  3. Although we are not Christian, we send out New Year’s / Christmas cards to those who celebrate – I can imagine some will be grateful for the reminder that the year is almost over! I got a good chuckle out of you talking about your blog-fame – which seems pretty real to me, you have a lot of followers! and of the 2013 you vs 2020 you conversation. Oh, how quickly this has changed our perception of norms and normal, huh?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the idea of New Years cards! Such a fun idea….might need to add that to my list. I’m always learning. It’s from all of you that I am a better person, indeed. Maybe THAT is why I was asking for the comments? 😘

      It’s so funny to me how much the world has changed in even a few months! Nothing will ever surprise me after this year. 😂


  4. I ordered my cards and they already came in the mail. I used a family photo on the front even though Reg looks like he is social distancing from us. The back has action shots of the few places we went and the few things we did.

    Coach and I have big families and I still send to some of his former patients and people we rarely see because they always tell me how much they enjoy my card. Even thought they don’t sent them out, I cannot cut them from my list. I think I send around 200. I tried last year to include a personal note in most of them. Well, Reg’s leg looked amuptated in one of the photos last year so I also felt like that needed some explaining. I must post about that with a copy of the photo. Hilarious.

    I’m also not really on social media much, so our photos plus my long-ass recap poem is all people know about us. I try to keep people in the loop about the important stuff like the number of visits to the DMV it took us to get Tank his license, etc. My kids kind of roll their eyes that I share the goofy stuff like milk getting poured all over the basement stairs kind of crap, but read the room kids: PEOPLE ENJOY HEARING THAT STUFF. No one wants to know that you are all A students (not), so give the people what they want – I always say.

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    1. I thought of you immediately when I thought of my 60. 😂😂

      I love that your card looks like Reg is social distancing.

      Also? I LOVE long recap holiday letters. They are my most favorite things to receive in the mail. ❤️


  5. I just told my husband yesterday that we are sending a fuck ton of Christmas cards this year. The past few years, I scaled back on how many we sent, but it’s on this year. If I have an address, they’re getting a card.

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  6. I have my cards all stamped and in the car waiting to be dropped in a mailbox. I did end up making a few more cards than normal this year because I was hoping that my cards might bring a bit of extra cheer this year.

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  7. I stopped sending cards after I got divorced. Every year we took a photo of the kids in the same place, so there was deep tradition around it. I couldn’t bring myself to do something different, and I was overwhelmed by a lot of things, and that was an easy one to let go.

    It’s not a thing I will be bringing back, though I am hand-making some cards to send with gifts for immediate family I won’t be able to see this year. I love that you are, though. I totally get it, and I hope the people who receive a card from you will love and appreciate it.

    One thing I might do is send Valentines. I did that a few years ago. Cards feel much more manageable in February!

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    1. I understand why you stopped. I remember after I got divorced, I didn’t stop sending cards and in fact, I went to Sears and got a portrait of my oldest and I alone and stuck it in cards to prove that we were doing fine. We were for the most part I suppose but it was mostly superficial. This year, there will be no pictures inside of cards (although I love the hell out of the idea of sending pictures of an entirely different family).

      I love the Valentine idea! I also know that by the time February rolls around, I am going to be in need of something. I’m not sure what yet. Something though.


      1. For this one. I’m having issues with my Mac remembering that I’m effing logged into WordPress. So, it’s me and not you. I left a comment yesterday that was as long as a blog post and then it was gone.

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  8. I love the idea of sending a random family photo! One year my friend picked up her order only to realize she had forgotten to change the sample name, so they had “Merry Christmas from the Wilsons”…and they are not the Wilsons. I am glad I can be here for you…commenting! (edit to add: OMG—of course I couldn’t get into wordpress easily to comment and had to change my password. However, I did not get iconic characters refusing me) It might take me some practice to get back to the rambling of days gone by, but I am here nonetheless!!! I may send cards this year because honestly? What else am I doing?!?!?! I probably have time to get out construction paper and scrapbooking finery!! Gotta make my list, check it twice…cross some people off be they naughty or nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg, I love THAT even more! I might sign my cards from a totally different name!

      I HAVE MISSED YOUR COMMENTS SO MUCH. Today was kind of a shitty day so this comment felt like the Universe saying, “see? It’s not ALL bad, Kari!” 💜

      Also, we gotta get working on your blog header. After we send out our Christmas cards, of course.


  9. Like most people, I used to send out a ton of cards pre-internet days. It slowly dwindled over the years to where I sent out maybe 12 last year. This year, my list is up to 25. Certainly not where it ever was, but an improvement over the last few years. I considered sending out photo cards ~ thought it’d be fun to include a few pics of when we visited Tim in CA in March, but I never did get my butt in gear with that. So it’ll be my usual store-bought paper cards, but hey, they’re pretty.

    I was thinking about you today…remember December of last year when you invited me over to dinner? Just the memories of being in your beautifully decorated home and eating that amazing chicken dish, and then hanging in the family room with you and Ella warmed my heart. But it also made me a little sad because we can’t do that this year and I really miss you guys.

    I don’t care how bad your handwriting is (and to be fair, I could’ve sworn I’ve seen some of your blog posts where your handwriting is on a calendar or in a notebook, and it looks just fine to me!) ~ I want to get a Christmas card from you. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes! I remember that night! So much fun. We had no idea what was in store for us. I remember the candle you got me from Trader Joe’s, it was my favorite and it lasted the entire season. I might need to go there just to see if they have any. I miss you so much. 🙂

      I just sent you a message on Instagram to get your address! 🙂


  10. OMG. I think I’ve fixed my issue. My mac went wack and would not retain my passwords so I was being logged out of everything every time I turned around.

    I AM sending cards. I always do, but because I’m an asshat sometimes, I would only send cards to people who reciprocated. If you didn’t send a card to me for 2 years, you were off the list. I’m horrible. I keep my Christmas card list on an Excel spreadsheet and update it each year.
    Anyhoo….I’ll try to be better. I just ordered my cards from shutterfly and I went ahead and shared all the GOOD things in 2020 and kind of glossed over the bad. #foreverpollyanna

    I can’t believe someone would not miss you on the FB. YOU were the highlight of FB and now it sucks. HA!
    I’m happy you are sending cards, but are you really sending a pic of a fake family? Because I believe the world needs to see your four smiling faces. For reals.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YAY, IT WORKED!!

      Okay, I used to be that way too with cards. Exactly that way too. NO SOUP FOR YOU if I didn’t receive one. You and I are so much alike. Doing my soul homework has led me to the reasons I was like this. I wish you and I could sit down and have a long talk. Oh, the conversations we could have at that Georgia kitchen island. Kitchen Pig would have to close his little ears.

      I love you for saying that about me and Facebook. You are very good for my ego. My ego says thank you, by the way. That will take me all the way to 2021. 😉

      I really want to go to the store and take out the pictures they put into the picture frames and send THOSE to everyone. I won’t end up sending any pictures but wouldn’t that be fun. My one friend Andrea said I should sign a totally different name, so I will sign HER card with that name. I need your address so I can send you lots of ideas for Kitchen Pig. I might start a list.


  11. wow — so glad I clicked on your blog (from Rita Ramstad’s blog list). I haven’t been able to find the emotional wherewithal to do a blog post, let alone send cards. But you’ve boosted my spirits. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. We got three Christmas cards this year and that’s a record for us. It’s making us feel really guilty about not sending them. Heck, there’s still time. Maybe we will! I think we sent them once in the 8 years my son has been alive. And you are so right about trying to explain this year to your former self. I literally have a hard time every day! Weird side note, do you watch This is Us? They are wearing masks on the show and it’s breaking my brain.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t you dare feel guilty for not sending cards! Just because you get one doesn’t mean you need to send them one in return. Enjoy the hell out of those cards and move on with your day. Take a page out of 2017 Kari’s etiquette book; you blog, you don’t need to send the peasants a card! PISH POSH!

      I used to watch This Is Us. The first two seasons, I believe? Then I got bored. My husband could write a book titled, “Then She Got Bored” with all of the shows on my Netflix and Hulu accounts that I begin and don’t finish. Maybe he should start writing that book.

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