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Things to Be Grateful For When It’s Just Really Hard to Be Grateful

It is so hard to find the good these days, isn’t it?

Even I, the Universe whisperer as of late, has days when I just want to squirt the entire Hershey syrup bottle into my mouth and call it a damn day. So I came up with this list. Knowing that I won’t be sitting at a Thanksgiving table with my parents this year. Knowing that, most likely, we won’t have a president who will concede even as the covid numbers continue to rise.

I gave myself a project.

Find things to be grateful for.

Here is what I came up with.

Things I am grateful for when it’s really hard to be grateful

1- For quizzes like this: Are you a Charcuterie board or just a fancy Lunchable?

*I’m a Lunchable. That shouldn’t be a shock. 

Woman in Brown Crew Neck Shirt Drinking from White Ceramic Mug
Courtesy- cottonbro (Pexels)

2- That after discovering they don’t use real pumpkin in canned pumpkin that I can now jokingly say, “pass the half-ass pumpkin pie, please” whenever I see “pumpkin” pie now.

3- For shows like this:

4- For friends who write blog posts like this one.

5- I am quite grateful for Spotify and all of their playlists. I made a Thanksgiving playlist. Again. I made one last year and my friend Suz laughed at me (lovingly, of course), because I made a Thanksgiving playlist. Little did she know that I also made a playlist this year, as well.

Then I began to laugh because I realized I have to make Thanksgiving dinner this year for the first time in ages because I never host Thanksgiving and I have no idea how to make stuffing or gravy or turkey, which made me laugh even harder because I am a grown-ass woman who doesn’t know how to cook a Thanksgiving dinner.

But I smiled because I plan on Facetiming my mom while I inevitably mess up my grandma’s stuffing, and as I write this, I realize it might not be the worst Thanksgiving ever because we still have each other.

6- I am grateful for anti-depressant medication. They were prescribed for my migraines, but I also suffer from severe anxiety, so they are beneficial on multiple levels. I thought I didn’t medication for many years, but I did. If you’re also of that mindset, this is the year to let that shit go. See a doctor (in person or virtually) and get the help you need.

Yellow Flowers

7- I’m grateful that our younger generation is more in touch with their emotions than we ever were. That they have songs like this:

And if no one ever told you, it’s okay not to be okay.

8- I quietly began writing another book a few weeks ago. Ella asked me while homeschooling one day when I was going to write another book and I was like, “I need to get motivated”. The next day, I woke up and thought, “she has more faith in me than I have in myself,” so I went down to the computer and began writing.

It is helping me work through many things, so I am very grateful for it. And I am so grateful for my Ella as well.

9- This cream cheese blondie recipe is SO good. I am so grateful for finding it, and you will be too.

Close-Up Photo of Starbucks Paper Cup

10- Starbucks chai latte. I used to get one once per week (less now), but when I get one; it is the most exciting thing about my week. That feels somewhat magical, and I love that.

11– Early grocery store shopping. I have always done this because I seriously hate people at the grocery store. Not the people who work there, but rather the people who shop there. So I have always gone super early so I can take my time, go over my list, get the best selection, and just meander. I wrote this before our numbers spiked dramatically, so now we order online and pick up instead, which is something to be grateful for as well.

12- Learning to make things I used to buy, such as buttermilk, brown sugar, heavy whipping cream. Trying to limit your grocery store visits makes you a different person. I am grateful for opening my eyes to this. If you’ve been doing this all along, good for you, but I am grateful that I am doing it now.

13- This skit from SNL:

14- For my amazing handmade rainbow mask 

I have gotten more compliments on this mask. It is so comfortable, the coverage is perfect, and it washes wonderfully.

15- For not having anyplace to go. Personally, I don’t mind not having anywhere to go, and I’m slowly realizing that I am much more of an introvert than I thought I was, especially at this time of year. Sure, I miss some things, but mostly, I don’t miss not having tons of places to be.

16- That there is a band named…wait for it…RAINBOW KITTEN SURPRISE. That is definitely something to be grateful for!

17- For soul homework.

18- For my local library and that I can use the internet to hold, renew, and pickup my book safely even during a pandemic. Without them, I would have no money left in my bank account because of all the soul homework.

19- For Rex Chapman on Twitter

20- For therapists on Instagram. Here are some of my favorites:

Nicole Sachs

Lisa Olivera

Whitney Goodman

21- For my “Kitchens” board on Pinterest

Courtesy/ HAM interiors

I enjoy swooning over other people’s kitchens.

Courtesy/From Moon to Moon Blog

Our kitchen has seen many lovely conversations with family and friends. Parties and gatherings. Lunches and dinners with loved ones. Lately, it has seen very little of those things, but it has served us so well during this pandemic, and I look forward to the day it will see all of those festive things again.

Courtesy/Bread and Olives

As I was washing dishes the other day, I looked around my kitchen and told it how grateful I was for it. I had never told my kitchen how grateful I was for all the things it had done for us over the past 15 years.

I’m sure you think I am going a little insane for doing something like this, and to that I say, why aren’t YOU thanking your home for all it does for YOU? Especially now. During the time when you are in it more than you are outside of it.

Courtesy/ Melanie Rieders
The kitchen features a large window that provides ocean views nine months out of the year.
Courtesy/The Maryn

Courtesy/Plank and Pillow

Small kitchens can be beautiful too. Mini boho kitchen inspiration
Courtesy/Black and Blooms
small white kitchen with lots of greenery
Courtesy/Old Brand New
Courtesy/Style Me Pretty

Sending you all love, good health, compassion, and kindness this week.

I am so grateful for your friendships over the years, and for your thoughtful comments, especially this past year.

26 thoughts on “Things to Be Grateful For When It’s Just Really Hard to Be Grateful”

  1. I agree with your #7 so much. No one ever told me that it was okay to not be okay, let alone told me how to get in touch with my emotions. I learned all of that on my own.

    You put cream cheese and brownie in the same sentence I have to go read about them.

    I love the photos of the kitchen. Ours is great, but could use some updating. That being said I am grateful for it. Which would be your point, of course.

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  2. Ooh! I’ve been looking for another dessert recipe for Thanksgiving. I’m not sure yet what I’m in the mood for (or will be in the mood for when it gets here) but I’m scoping out recipes galore for sweets this week. Clicking over to check out those bars.

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  3. I have a Facebook friend who lists three good things every day, no matter how hard the day has been, and I think it is a wonderful practice to get into. Chai lattes were the first thing I ever had at Starbucks and I texted my friend the next day at 6a.m. “I am awake and craving a chai latter YOU WHORE”. I also don’t really know how to cook a turkey because my mom lives nearby (when she didn’t she always came here on holidays) and is a great cook AND a control freak. I am blogging every day in November and scraping the bottom of the barrel by now, so I might just steal this idea for tomorrow. THank-you!

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  4. I am struggling with find things to be grateful for, too…don’t get me wrong, I’m forever grateful for the obvious: my husband, son, mother, other relatives and friends, my home, my cats, my good health. But sometimes it’s the little things, too. I read a blog post the other day on this subject and she was saying since it’s actually hard sometimes to do this (finding a bunch of little things to be grateful for), change it to “I like”. Somehow, it’s easier. I like this laptop I’m typing on. I like that way the sunlight is falling into my kitchen right now. I like the soothing hum of the refrigerator.

    No blondies for me…I just swore off sugar again. I’d been sneaking it in here and there and it made me feel awful plus I gained 2-1/2 lbs. Done.

    Can’t wait to check out a bunch of your links, including yours and Barack’s playlists!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. It’ll just be me and Brian at home this year.


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  5. I love ‘You Can Call Me Al’ and ‘Shelter from the Storm’ and ‘Into the Mystic’ and the ‘What Will Be Will Be’ song. You know I give Doris Day a run for her money when I sing it to the babies I sit for.

    I do not drink coffee. I guess ice cream is my coffee. I think ice cream might be a bad choice for a go-to dependency, but what can I do?

    You are quite the writer, already launching a new writing project. While I wasn’t babysitting during quarantine and I got so much writing done. Always makes me feel so accomplished. Even more so than scrubbing toilets, which might give you an idea what my house looks like.

    Love the kitchen pics. I found looking at stuff overwhelming when we did our kitchen, but I can look again now without feeling stressed.

    I don’t usually cook turkey bc of Irish dancing championships but this year I get to do both. Weird that they haven’t cancelled the dancing.

    Thanks for sharing your list. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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    1. I love all of those songs and I would pay to listen to you sing them.

      Well, since writing that I began writing another book, I haven’t been writing in it. LOL

      I can’t believe they haven’t canceled it either but good that they have something to look forward to. Horse riding isn’t canceled either but that’s because it’s outside and social distancing is able to happen.

      Happy Thanksgiving, friend!


  6. This post just made me feel good. I can’t wait to try those Blondies, and who doesn’t love looking at beautiful kitchens? I love that so many of them are tiny. I’ve really been loving my little house lately. It’s so comfy. And I love that I get to be in it so much. I really hope that when things open up again, I am able to spend a lot of time here. I hope I’m able to keep living much as I am now. Oh, and if you haven’t discovered her, you might like notesfromyourtherapist on Instagram. Quick little doses of mental health while you scroll. (How often can you say that?)

    Wishing you a great Thanksgiving. Sending you all kinds of love. I’m thankful for you.

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    1. I’ve eaten more of those blondies than I’d like to admit but I’m calling it “self-care” so it’s all good.

      I love tiny kitchens more than large kitchens. Cozy little kitchens are my love language. Not when I’m trying to cook and everyone is in there with me but now I do appreciate that more than ever. Anna is home from college and we were all in the kitchen the other day and I almost said, “everyone out so I can make dinner” but I stopped myself because I had longed for that even a week before.

      I just followed notesfromyourtherapist thanks to you! I love getting new people to follow and therapists on Instagram are my new favorite thing. I feel like I’m getting all this amazing wisdom for free. It’s lovely.

      I’m wishing you the same, my friend. I’m so thankful for you as well. ❤️


  7. “Ain’t that a kick in the ass” should be the theme song for 2020!
    You made a new playlist. I’m not even surprised. 🙂 You’re the best! Thanks for the mention, I too get excited to see my name somewhere other than my blog or my scribble pad next to my landline phone. (Ok, that was just a flashback to 1984)

    “It’s ok to NOT be ok” We should have been doing this all along, right?

    I’m SO damn happy that you’ve found so many things to be grateful for. For some reason, even in the shittest points in my life (there have been many) I still somehow find joy. Pollyanna? Oblivious? Denial? Not sure what it is, but I’m thankful for it.

    I love your rainbow masks!
    The kitchens are swoonworthy and I too love seeing other peoples kitchens. I should share a pic of our GA one; even though we didn’t design it or choose any finishes, it’s pretty swell.
    Can we bring back swell?

    BTW: I believe I’m more lunchable too. But when my girls would want to eat those, I hated all the processed stuff so I renamed them JUNKABLES. But they still had them occasionally.

    Your dinner is going to be just perfect, so don’t fret. You’ll be making new memories with your people. XO

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    1. Now every time I hear “ain’t that a kick in the head”, I will think of your rendition. I like yours much better.

      I think a Pollyanna attitude is what is saving me this year. Maybe it seems like I’m trivializing things but honestly, it is a survival technique that I am mastering.

      I want pictures of that kitchen!! Are you spending Thanksgiving in Ga or Fla??

      Junkables is a much better name, by the way.

      That’s how I feel about this year too. Happy Thanksgiving, friend. Gobble, gobble. 😘


  8. Love your masks ❤

    And TIL on the pumpkin stuff. I don't eat it anyway, but still.

    I downloaded Spotify a couple weeks ago. I don't usually like exploring music because of oddness lol, but the playlists are pretty cool. One of my fav bands has a playlist, so it's cool to listen to the music that inspires them.

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    1. So I fell in love with Spotify because I can listen to it on our TV. It’s replaced the stereo….remember those?? So that’s why I create the playlists because I listen to Spotify daily. It has been saving me for the past nine months. ❤️


  9. One of the big parts of bullet journaling is a gratitude log and it’s honestly harder and harder to put in the work to do it these days. Science has proven that it makes us happier, but it’s still so hard to do. And I am fortunate. I have a house, a job, my family all around me, money to spend on stupid shit. But it’s still so hard to put in the work every day to let those amazing gifts to bring a smile to my face. Thank you for this post and the reminder.

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    1. So I have been journaling every day for the past couple of months but it’s not neat and tidy. It’s vomiting words and getting out ugly on 25 cent notebooks and it is the best thing ever. Better than therapy ever was for me. I should really text you or better yet, call you. It’s changed me. I sound like an infomercial.

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