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Is It Too Soon For a Schitt’s Creek Reboot? And Other Schitt

Sorry about the use of the word sh*t lately. I thought if I spelled it differently it would be less offensive.

February is being really FEBRUARY. All I really want to write about are posts tater tot in nature or just re-blog old content.

I’m starting to feel like I’ve lost my mojo.

Is anyone else feeling this way?

Here are some random thoughts to tide you over until Friday’s re-blog and next Monday’s tater tot post.

We finished Schitt’s Creek a few weeks ago, and now my husband, Ellie, and I are left feeling empty inside.

That last sentence is one I never thought I’d write.

To be clear, Ellie has simply enjoyed freely using the word Schitt in our presence.

Mike and I started watching it in January 2019 after hearing about how good it was from our friends.

It sneaks up on you!

It will replace Gilmore girls for you!

I was crying at the end! 

So we gave it six episodes in season one, and said, “It’s okay. I mean, it’s no Gilmore girls, but whatever.” 

Then we just stopped watching. I’m sure to watch some dumb murder documentary or re-watch Gilmore girls.

Then the pandemic hit, and we needed something happy to distract us from the shit show, and predictably, Schitt’s Creek came up again. My friend Shannon suggested skipping season one and starting midway through season two. So Mike and I set out on our Schitt’s Creek journey.


For the second time.

Halfway through season two.

Long story painful, we began watching it (again) in March 2020 and finished it last month. Ella joined us for the last season and loved it too.

Partly because of David; largely because of the word Schitt.

Schitt’s Creek was definitely a show that needed to grow on us, but man, once it did?

We felt like we needed a support group when it was over.

So I’d love to see a reboot (said in a Canadian accent).

Because I miss David.

I miss The Jazzagals.

I miss Moira’s wigs.

Also, I am using Schitt’s Creek Gifs in all of my posts from now on.

Hope that’s not a game-changer for you.

(All GIFs are courtesy of Giphy)

I’ve read posts all over the place about love languages.

What is your love language?

Do you know what your love language is?

I didn’t know even what a “love language” was before hearing the phrase “love language”.

Then I took a BuzzFeed quiz (oh, here we go again), and everything made sense (of course it did)!

Words of affirmation! YES! This IS my love language! I love it when Mike writes notes on my cards! I love text messages! I love having written words all over my home, no matter what TikTok says! And I love getting comments on my blog!


Take the quiz and tell me what your love language is.

Side note- If you’re ever made to feel bad for using BuzzFeed to determine your love language, just remember that the creators of said love language quizzes most certainly attended Yale or Princeton. This is most likely their out-of-college job. Don’t dismiss the BuzzFeed quiz and the knowledge it imparts.


We were watching Forrest Gump on TBS the other night, and when it got to the scene where Forrest reunites with Jenny in Washington D.C., I said to Mike, “Look! Forrest’s expression when he runs through the crowd is exactly the same as Buddy’s when I return home!”.

That identical expression.

Buddy is our dog, in case you are new to the blog.

Mike withouut even laughing or flinching said, “I can totally see that”.

So now we’ve been referring to Buddy as Forrest because I am his Jenny.

And my husband is now his Lt., Dan.

Ella, Mike, and I were in the car eating lunch from a restaurant the other day and we had a deep conversation.

Concerning restaurants.

Particularly the concept of a restaurant.

I believe eating is an intimate activity. You’re putting food into the inside of your mouth and you’re chewing it. Side note- the formal word for chewing is “masticate” which seems even more intimate-sounding.

Very intimate, wink wink-nudge nudge.

So why was the concept of going inside of a facility and eating with people you’ve never met, even invented in the first place? And why are we so eager to return to the inside of this type of structure again?

By the way, I wasn’t high at the time of this conversation.

You’ll never look at eating in a restaurant the same way again.

Excuse me.

You’ll never look at masticating in a restaurant the same way again.

Bon appétit.

It was kindly pointed out to me that I am still writing 2020 note on my Friday re-blogs.

I am aware of this, so don’t worry about my well-being. It’s still me, and I’m not being controlled by a robot.

I mean, if a robot took over my blog, then it stands to reason that it would read 2021 note because robots are programmed with the year change.

It’s not like I want to stay in the year 2020 or something.

Insert maniacal laughter.

While watching Forrest Gump, Mike and I were discussing how little we learned in school because of all the historical references in that film.

Case in point- the Watergate Scandal.

I asked him if he remembered learning about it in high school, and he replied that he didn’t. Then I asked him if he learned about it in college, and he said he had not. I assume they didn’t teach it in college because they assumed you learned it in high school.

So if educators are simply assuming we are learning things in other places, think about all the things we aren’t learning.

I’m telling you this to make a point.

We are concerned about what our children are learning in school, but I can’t remember 75% of what I learned. In fact, until yesterday, I had forgotten I had taken a U.S. History class in high school (sorry, Mr. Johnson).

Geometry? Why?

Obviously there are distinct careers that need it. If yours is one of them, then, by all means, go ahead and parallelogram away!

However, I believe that classes like this should not be required for everyone.

I have never used my knowledge of a rhombus once.

Geometry did not make me a well-rounded individual. It made me feel like a complete moron. I had to take Geometry twice, and again I HAVE NEVER HAD TO USE A RHOMBUS.

I would have enjoyed a class on how to deal with difficult emotions, how to invest in the stock market, how to change a flat tire, or how to assemble a resume.

I knew none of those things when I graduated high school.

Yet Geometry. 

Here is a simple description of the Watergate scandal in case you never in-depth learned either. Here is a complete timeline for those of you who like a step-by-step walkthrough.

Also, Watergate salad is quite yummy, especially if you like salty and sweet together. So here is a recipe.

And here is the origin of that recipe.

Four days until a re-blog.

Seven days until a tater tot post.

34 thoughts on “Is It Too Soon For a Schitt’s Creek Reboot? And Other Schitt”

  1. I’ve been thinking about re-watching Schitt’s Creek for some time now. All of your GIFs are making this urge so much stronger (said in a Canadian accent, whatever that is. Hah! Or should I say “Eh?”)
    Watergate salad – contains pudding and marshmallows. How is this a salad? Also: I’m in.
    Have a good week, eh!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. I LOVE this post. Straight outta your mouth and into our faces. I mean eyes. Well, you know.
    I’ve tried Schitts Creek twice. I even went to the end of the first season. I do like it, but in small doses….I’ll finish it one day. David is SO extra.
    I love Forrest Gump; so much history and good music in that movie. That is how I like to learn history….from movies. Perhaps I should have skipped High School and went to film school? I too don’t remember much from high school but I can tell you that I was taught how to write a check, balance a checkbook, mock car buying with the interesting part, and in driver’s ed, we learned how to change a tire. Not that I would ever do such a thing. 😉
    You, Buddy, Jenny and Lt. Dan. That’s a whole lotta goodness.
    Masticate. From now on I’ll have to use that phrase: “Hey, do you guys want to join us this weekend for masticating?”
    Suzanne, losing friends left and right.

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  3. I loved that show. And if I meet someone who didn’t like it I’m suspicious of them. There I said it. Judge me as you will.

    Also, I’ve no idea what my love language is. Can I learn it on Duolingo?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve noticed Feb has been a really slow blogging month, my stats are way down and people might just be taking a break. Schitt’s Creek? Never seen it but I probably should. My love language? Receiving gifts. Ha! Works for me. Pudding does not a salad make. Uh uh.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I LOVED Schitt’s Creek and funny enough it wasn’t until I began watching it for the second time nearly a year after I tried watching it for the first time that I fell in love with it. I am teaching my oldest Geometry and my middle son is also in Geometry (“at” school) so I’m basically teaching it to two kids using several resources and it just doesn’t matter– I HATE It! I love Algebra and am happy to teach that any day of the week over geometry. I mean I don’t mind the basics like area and perimeter but proofs and alternate interior angles just do me in… I am sure there are professions that use it (like my husband’s) but I am equally sure that neither of my boys is going into a field where they’re going to need it.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. As you know, me and my husband aren’t big TV watchers (especially me) but we did watch Schitt’s Creek and loved it. Like you guys, it took us two tries. The first time, we watched three episodes and thought it was stupid. But then after everyone started talking about it again, we tried once more. It took about five or six shows in until we were really hooked. We finished months ago and are still have withdrawals.

    I do know my love language! Took the official test (not Buzz Feed, lol) years ago. Mine is also words of affirmation. Just for shits and grins, I took the BF quiz and whaddya know – words of affirmation! So perhaps BF is legit after all. 😉

    I didn’t learn a darn thing in history in high school. Hated the subject. My teacher was also the football coach and he talked more about football. This was in a hick high school way in the deep south in the late 70’s, so there you go. By the time we moved back to IL, I was a senior and went straight into Political Science. I felt so dumb and lost, but I tried because the teacher was actually interesting. The highest math class I ever took was Algebra. Math was my worst subject. I hated algebra and never understood it. Never used it. Like you said, totally useless. One class in HS that was actually useful was Economics because we learned about the stock market and how to fill out tax forms. And I did learn about writing business letters, resumes, etc in community college in a basic business class.


    Liked by 1 person

  7. I haven’t taken the test, but I am sure my love language is feeding, particularly baking for people. Is that one of the answers? I’m hoping I cheated AND got the write answer.

    You bring up a very good point, why did we take geometry? I mean, I thoroughly enjoyed my class and my teacher was the bomb. Remember her, she used to tell us we were O.O.O. out of order? And we definitely were O.O.O. but that was the fun of it. Still, why did we learn about parallelograms? Not like my cake recipes are suggesting I find the parallelogram pan over the trapezoid one.

    Not gonna lie, I’ve often wondered what the fascination is about going out to dinner. My oven works. I can make good food at home for a fraction of the price, I might add. I attribute this mindset to the years when Coach was a student and every dime counted. Eating out was a major luxury. Then enter celiac and it just doesn’t always live up to the hype for me.

    2020, 2021, who’s counting? Not like we are making great memories in these stalled years, right? You go on with your mixed up self. I’m right there with you.

    OMG – I almost forgot to mention Schitt’s Creek. Coach and I started watching it. David is SO entertaining. I slept through an episode the last time we watched and Coach was like ‘YOU DIDN’T MISS MUCH.’ But that’s because we are still in the first season, I told him. I can’t skip a season. I don’t have it in me. I am that much of a rule follower. Gross to admit that. I look forward to the hilarious episodes, but am enjoying most of the current ones. Um, can I tell you that the daughter IS MY SISTER IN LAW? My brother’s wife, not Aunt Leprechaun. She doesn’t act that demonstrative, but she’s not far behind. I do love her, but she’s a little out there.

    Coach and I are giving February the finger and flying to Arizona on Friday for a long weekend. Will you drive down here and check on the kids who we are not getting anyone to supervise? Living on the edge over here. I hope to not wake up in a cold sweat on Friday morning and decide this was a huge mistake.


    1. I got a D in Geometry the first time and had to take it over. I studied harder than what is probably considered normal (I think I had a brain cramp) and only got a B-.

      I didn’t even discuss the PRICE of eating out! Exactly. Don’t even get me started on the seating arrangements or chairs that are uncomfortably close for comfort.

      Skip to season two. Coach is right, you didn’t miss much. David is my spirit human. It gets SO MUCH BETTER.

      Soak up that sunshine for me? Auntie Bitches will go down and do my Riverdance in the driveway for them. 🙂


  8. Yes to all of the Schitt’s Creek love. You and I are so similar! It’s so fun when I get to see it and really feel it. I watched Schitt’s Creek while it was still airing and bought the last season on Amazon because I couldn’t wait for it to end up on Netflix. I love love love that show.

    So the Gilmore Girls comparison. To me Gilmore Girls is like home, it’s like my hometown and my family. Schitt’s Creek is like a party. It’s like college, where everything is fun and exciting. It’s like meeting up with friends you’ve had forever and having a sleep over party.

    That love language quiz was the weirdest and strangely satisfying quiz I’ve taken. I got physical touch, and I was going to say it was way off until I read this “When you’re feeling down or stressed out, you’d much rather have a good, long hug than hear someone tell you everything is going to be OK.” And yeah that’s spot on. Eerily spot on.

    I’m sorry you’re going through a funk. But I’m so glad you are writing through it. Have I told you lately that I love your writing. Your blog is the Schitt’s Creek among the blogs I read ♥️


    1. Yes, YES, HELLZ YES to the GG comparison.

      BuzzFeed is weirdly satisfying for me. I have been using it to calm me down at night before bed. For the past six months, I take quizzes until I fall asleep.

      OMG Ani, that is such a massive compliment. That made me get tears in my eyes. I wish you knew what I was going through right now to know how much that meant to me. Nothing massive, just writer stuff.

      Thank you so much. 🙂


  9. BuzzFeed is the sh*t (schitt?). I got words of affirmation too! Maybe that’s why I like you so much. You say it straight & true, like a well aimed arrow, and also there’s the part where You Are Awesome!

    I once binged so much Schitt’s Creek I began talking like Alexis. Hands and all. Knew I was doing it. Could not stop. It was brief & hysterical at the time. thank goodness. So yah. I agree with your love of that show. So much goodness. (Tho there are some story lines I ff through. The mayor guy is not my cuppa.)

    Aw! Geometry not your thing hmm? Just between you and me, I loved Geometry. Know what I really, really loved? Proofs. My friends *hated* me and *loved* me (cause I’d explain how to think through them).

    Maybe Geometry is taught to show some kids how they learn or that they are smarter than they think. Like Literature Papers exist to show Verbal kids that their brand of Smart is expressing themselves and conveying ideas verbally. Geometry is for a diff type of thinker…. I think.

    This is why there should not be grades (in a perfect utopia). Teach concepts, ideas, thinking and reward kids for *trying* while recognizing that not everyone can be an A+ rock star at everything. Do we expect everyone to be great at dancing? Nope. But is everyone richer for trying dance (or Art or anything?)? Yup! Stepping off soapbox….

    Proofs taught me I could think in a certain way and make huge leaps of logic. Boosted my self confidence (very needed for a shy kid, especially at that awful age). I get that Geometry & Proofs are the bane of existence to many though. It’s all good dearies.

    You didn’t learn about Watergate in HS? Whaaaa? For me, Watergate was taught in both HS and College. The Key Concept being that Watergate marked a point in US history where sig #s of citizens began to distrust gov’t and leaders because of what happened. Blind Faith was shaken. Cynicism was born. Questioning authority. Etc. Why would teachers skip this? That’s wild. What’s that quote about being doomed to repeat what we do not remember (or are taught in history class)?

    Omg this is the length of an essay! Hope u meant it when u said u liked comments! *nervous grin*
    Also you really are awesome. Sorry Feb is kicking your butt. Spring is coming! Soon Crocus will emerge! Cocoon for now. Inspiration will return like the swallows.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The mayor is also not my cup of tea. So I also FF through him a lot. 😂

      I wish I had been your friend when I had to take it twice. I could have really used your help.

      Lol I like your soapbox. I still don’t like Geometry. 😂

      Well, I do suppose it depends on the school system. I also suppose they did teach it but I don’t remember learning it. I just remembered taking history this weekend. So I’m sure it was discussed but not in great detail. But that’s why I’m very grateful for Google!

      I love comments! Remember, LOVE LANGUAGE. ❤️💕❤️💕


      1. I love *your* comments to my comments! Like your reply to me last post about your spider plant / houseplants linking you to, reminding you of your lovely friends. That was so beautiful! That’s a 2020 revelation for me. Bloggers that comment back are wonderful. (Also it is still 2020 for me too. If we’re good and eat all our vegetables we can have 2021 in a few months. Maybe.)

        Imagine the woe of being most excellent at Geometry only to learn you will never use it irl. Brutal. Lmk if u need help with that old homework! 🙂 When I took the book version quiz of Five Love Langs, my #1 was Acts of Service (or similar). I was not surprised.

        45 degrees?! *cries tears of joy* I’m so happy for you!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. So I googled “jobs you never need Geometry for” and this is what it says:

        Most jobs will use geometry somewhere in the work that is done. The only jobs we can think of that geometry would not be used are:

        Psychology, social work, or possibly language interpreter.

        I stand corrected. DAMMIT. I hate when I’m wrong.

        Still waiting to see when my use of the rhombus comes in handy when I’m writing. I’ll keep you posted. Maybe I will turn this into a series.


  10. Ha! I don’t need to take the buzzfeed quiz. I have the book. I am totally a words of affirmation person or a gifts person (I LOVE getting someone the perfect gift, or when someone gets me one.) Jesse’s is acts of service. Its nice being loved by someone who shows love by doing things.

    You know my feelings on Schitts Creek. I love it. Everything.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I started Schitt’s Creek, quit after one episode, then my wife and I went through the entire series and I am so glad, and also sad to have finished it, but glad that I can now dip into it when I see an episode is on regular TV. And I just read an article about how it was the start of a new TV trend emphasizing niceness and optimism and, you know, we could use that.
    It was also hilarious to say “Schitt’s Creek” into our remote and “****” would flash up on the screen before it corrected itself. Our remote thought we were swearing at it.
    In defense of geometry, by the way, it can be useful for learning problem solving skills. An education shouldn’t just teach you what to think but also how to think.
    And I’ll just say that when I took the quiz a picture of Spongebob’s friend Patrick popped up and reminded me that Patrick won an award for being the best at doing nothing and that’s kind of how I feel right now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love this entire comment.

      You and Maddie are both right about subjects teaching you how to think. Although if that is the case, they should have let me slide with my D. 😁
      Don’t get me started on grades. That’s a topic for another blog post.

      I feel like my blog could easily win an award for a category like that.

      Liked by 1 person

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