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A Year of Reality

Because of a story I told in one of last year's tater tot posts, I was looking for a picture of my hair for the April tater tot post to compare hair lengths to last year Allow me to explain. I wanted to document my current hair length to show how far I've come. I… Continue reading A Year of Reality

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Is It Too Soon For a Schitt’s Creek Reboot? And Other Schitt

Sorry about the use of the word sh*t lately. I thought if I spelled it differently it would be less offensive. February is being really FEBRUARY. All I really want to write about are posts tater tot in nature or just re-blog old content. I'm starting to feel like I've lost my mojo. Is anyone… Continue reading Is It Too Soon For a Schitt’s Creek Reboot? And Other Schitt

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Sh** I Bought During a Pandemic

Aside from toilet paper and essentials, I acquired some items. Yes, I am a minimalist at my core, but I needed distractions and enjoyment. I know I'm not alone in obtaining stuff over the previous year that served no purpose than to produce a smile. Maybe even to anesthetize the horror a little. “We saved… Continue reading Sh** I Bought During a Pandemic

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What a Year

That’s the understatement of the century. Normally, bloggers like to make an end of the year wrap-up to review what took place over the previous 12 months. Do YOU want to discuss it? Even though it was a difficult year, there were some significant events that happened in my life. I turned 50 in… Continue reading What a Year

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Why I Am Sending Everyone a Christmas Card

Well, maybe not everyone, but this post is in response to something I wrote in 2017 titled, Why I am Not Sending Everyone a Christmas Card, and while I am most likely not sending everyone in my address book a card this year, (because my handwriting, it sucks), I am sending cards because this year… Continue reading Why I Am Sending Everyone a Christmas Card