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Autumn Things

It hasn’t felt like autumn here. It’s hot and muggy, and the air is not at all crisp. My maple tree’s leaves haven’t reached their full red hue yet. It’s felt like summer 2.0. Not that I’m complaining; I simply don’t want to miss out on the fall we so richly deserve.

Do you say fall or autumn? According to this article, the word fall is an American term. I used to believe “fall” referred to the dropping of leaves from trees. I like the word autumn better. I discussed synesthesia a few weeks ago; whenever I hear the word autumn, I immediately think of a girl with beautiful red hair. Maybe Ella did get it from me.

Every September, I used to decorate my house. I couldn’t wait for the first day of autumn to to get out all of the artificial pumpkins and gourds. I’m not as enthusiastic about it anymore.

I wait for the seasons to change before bringing out the decorations. I don’t see anything wrong with putting up holiday decorations early. Live life to the fullest. I simply take things slower now.

I did, however, buy a few new items this year:

I’m thinking of leaving him up all year.

I saw this on TikTok:

When you light the wax candle, the colors at the bottom change. It’s from Michael’s, but when I checked online, they were all out of stock. That’s what I like to call “the TikTok effect.”

I might leave this out all year, and I’m not even a fan of spiders.

When I think about autumns of my youth, I recall having an ear infection trick-or-treating with cotton balls in my ears one year. Haunted hay rides and caramel apples. I can smell burning leaves in a neighbor’s yard and cinnamon sticks and clove cooking on my mother’s stove.

I remember carving the insides of a pumpkin and getting the gooey on my hands. I recall the smell of the blown-out candle that had been lighted inside, and I remember dragging heavy pillow cases full with sweets down our neighborhood streets at the end of the night.

What was your favorite part of autumn growing up?

If anyone is interested, I found a fun list of fall writing prompts here.

38 thoughts on “Autumn Things”

  1. I feel like this is prime sweatshirt and jeans weather that is being stolen from us! Oh well, snowblower is ready when we go from summer to winter overnight πŸ₯Ά 🀦😜.

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  2. I still call it fall, but agree autumn has a more lyrical quality. It has always been my favorite season.

    My favorite memories are the crisp air, beautiful colors, and Halloween. Trick or treating was always fun. I am old enough to remember lots of homemade treats. My mom maid popcorn balls, and many neighbors gave out cookies and brownies. A simpler, safer time.

    One of my brothers loved candy to an extreme so going trick or treating was a big deal for him. Unfortunately he was very tall for his age, which lead to being a good basketball player, but hurt his candy gathering. Lots of people told him he was too old to be trick or treating and sent him on his way. Undeterred, he just went to as many houses as it took to fill his pillow case.

    Winter can get old by the time February rolls around, but I love the change of seasons in the Midwest.

    I don’t decorate much for fall but may have to get a skeleton Buda. He looks like a great conversation starter.

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    1. Popcorn balls are my favorite! When I went trick-or-treating, I got a few of those. Because I grew up in a small town, we knew our neighbors and felt safe eating them.

      I, too, love the changing of seasons. I didn’t always like them, but now I appreciate them more.

      Isn’t Skeleton Buddha fantastic? When my friend and I discovered them at TJ Maxx, I persuaded her to buy one as well. I told her we’d regret it if we didn’t get him. I’m very happy we did. πŸ™‚

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  3. What a beautiful ode to all things autumnal, Kari! I love the smells of a candle burning inside a pumpkin and wet leaves on the forest floor, and seeing the contrast of fall colours against bright blue cloudless skies.


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  4. Fall/Autumn arrives when the horses gallop wildly up the pasture hill with an excited, gleeful buck or kick thrown in for extra fun because they’re so happy the weather has finally turned! Then you can look forward to walking through fallen leaves, driving through fallen leaves (and watching them fly into the air behind your car like a nature superhero cape), and raking fallen leaves. But it all starts with the horses going giddy. And if you’re super lucky you also have a very good dog doing fall zoomies alongside the celebrating horses.

    Love the Buddha.

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    1. YES! THIS! However, because of the hotter-than-normal temperatures, the leaves have yet to fall here. I’ve been noticing the little peeks of color and saying hello to them. πŸ™‚

      He’s my favorite purchase since the framed rap lyrics.


      1. We’re having a wet fall here. So even tho temps are dropping and we’re getting close to good nighttime lows, too much moisture and overcast skies will prob lead to muddy foliage colors. Yes. This is what happens when you learn way too much about plants. Even worse, I’m no longer sure if my excessive plant knowledge is accurate bc science moves on even after you graduate. Life, man.

        I think your Buddha skeleton and Suz’s duck (of the booted bathroom ducks) should get together for coffee. πŸ˜‰ (*YES! Much love to your awesome framed rap lyrics!)

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      2. Today was the first real taste of cool weather we’ve had. It’s cloudy, but there are plenty more sunny days ahead.

        I hate that about science, by the way. 😦

        I think the skeleton and duck should totally get together! Thank you for the suggestion!

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  5. I say fall. I do like that it still feels like summer and yes, I’m still trying to catch rays on my deck if the sun is out even a smidge. I’m ‘that’ freak. I remember fall being cooler than what we have now. Not complaining though, see above. I remember walking around at Halloween with a plastic mask that collected my breath in the form of gross smelling condensation. Love your decor. I used to get so into sewing costumes, that decor was never my thing and I still suck at it even though I don’t sew costumes anymore.

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    1. Whether you get a tan or not, Vitamin D is beneficial. So keep soaking up those rays of sun!

      Yeah, this humid and hot weather is for the birds. Actually, we aren’t hearing the birds as much as we used to. I’ll talk about that on the podcast. I have theories.

      I used to go a little overboard with my Halloween decorations. I’m not sure how I managed to have so much energy. Must’ve been all that estrogen I had in my body.


  6. I refer to the season as Fall OR Autumn. I’m not married to either one. But really, in SW Florida, we call it STILL SUMMER. πŸ™‚
    I’ve lived in FL most of my life so I never really experienced the changing of seasons. That being said, I used to always get out all my fall/autumn stuff in October because I love Thanksgiving SO much. This past year. Meh. Not feeling it yet. I’m sure it will come.

    I DO love your Autumn memories; they are delightful. Your fall decor is awesome, but I’m in love with your Nameste’ Skelton!

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    1. You have, however, experienced autumn in Georgia. I’m sure it’s lovely there.

      I love Thanksgiving too! When I was younger, I didn’t like it because I worked in retail and had to work on Black Friday. But now I love it.

      That skeleton might have to be my blog’s mascot.

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      1. Last year we were there for a week in the fall and it was glorious! I really want to get up there and enjoy it again, but it will have to wait until all the Nuptial festivities are behind me.

        The lovely thing about thanksgiving is there is little pressure. NO gift shopping. NO stress! And you can eat away your feelings…

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  7. I say fall, but autumn is a prettier word.

    This season is beautiful in its own way (as they all are), but it makes me melancholy and tired. Too many deaths in my family in the fall…my oldest son, my father, my grandpa, my mother-in-law, my husband’s best friend. The gray skies and dampness don’t help my spirits. I bound out of bed in the summer. This time of year, I can barely get out of it! Yes, I have SAD.

    I have a similar skeleton Buddha. Mine is from Trader Joe’s and is a bit smaller. The back of the skeleton’s head has an opening where there’s an air plant. I’ve already managed to kill the plant!

    When I was a kid, of course my favorite thing about fall was trick-or-treating. That was the early 70’s, back when me, my sister, and best friend could freely roam the neighborhood sans parents. Coming home tired and laden down with tons of candy and spreading it out on the living room floor and trading. Good times!


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    1. Autumn does sound a lot prettier.

      Oh friend, I can see how that would make this season bittersweet.

      I have either a dead or dying air plant! I’ve kept him alive for years, and now he’s struggling. 😦

      I love my trick-or-treating memories!


      1. It was! I’m so grateful to have found your your blog this year. My podcast has provided me so much joy. I would not have discovered it this year without you (and LA). On Friday, I’ll be sharing a post about it. πŸ™‚

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