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What Is Savoring?

I heard someone mention savoring in a TikTok video a few months back. They stitched together a picture collage of everything that made them feel alive. Maybe it was the music in the background or the photo filters, but I fell in love with this concept.

So I looked up the word savoring to check if it was a real thing.

It was.

The definition of savoring is to “enjoy or appreciate (something pleasant) completely, especially by dwelling on it.” This is the polar opposite of what I’ve been learning to do with my thoughts and emotions. I’ve been trying to live in the present, taking each day as it comes. To be honest, savoring goes against everything I’ve been doing.

But, since September, I’ve been compiling a list of things that make me happy. Days I didn’t want to end, locations I’d been with specific people, the sky and how it looked, how I felt when I was I doing something, what I was eating, what I was wearing, and what was playing on the radio. I’ve been far more mindful since I started this.

I’ve chosen to make this a monthly series in the hopes that it will inspire others to do the same.

Here’s what’s made me feel alive the past couple of months.

Finding Big Chewy Nerds candy and eating it in the car with Ella on the way home from Target while singing along to songs we both like.

I love how the incense looks like threads

When it’s sunny out and I’m working on my soul homework in the morning, I ignite my incense, and the smoke spirals through the filtered light, creating a lovely and dreamy atmosphere that feels like my personal heaven.

Elevated cinnamon cream cheese toast. I only have it on occasion, but when I do, I feel like I’m eating in my own little bakery. Toast two slices of good bread (I use brioche). On each slice, spread cream cheese, top with brown sugar, and a couple pats of butter. Place in an air fryer at 350 degrees for 2-3 minutes.

Sitting in the McDonald’s drive-thru on the way home from Ella’s horse riding lesson one evening, windows and sunroof open, listening to Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream, and the employees being so nice to us.

The days when I can leave the windows open since it isn’t too humid. The breeze is gentle, and I can hear my wind chimes in the backyard all day.

My rainbow decals. When the sun shines brightly, my entire downstairs is covered in rainbows. I savor it every sunny day.

Sitting on the patio with Mike and the dogs, admiring our trees beautiful fall colors before they fall to the ground.

After Mike and I have finished watching tv, I go into the other room to read before going to bed. The dogs are usually snuggled in different positions with me, and the room is softly lit. Ella can be heard upstairs laughing on the phone with her friends or listening to music. I love this time of the day more than any other.

Sitting at my parent’s dining table, listening to my mother tell the story of how our family’s journey from Germany to America.

Eating ice cream in the rain on a busy street with my good friend, while wearing matching hats we’d just purchased.

What have you been savoring recently?

What makes you feel alive?

49 thoughts on “What Is Savoring?”

  1. Omg I love this idea!!! Ted Lasso is my biggest โ€œfindโ€ recently. Bought a gorgeous cinnamon spice tea at my favorite tea shop thatโ€™s just delicious. Reading The Comfort book by Matt Haig. Broadway shows!!

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    1. The title of this book caught my attention. Just looked online at my library’s website and they have it! Will definitely be picking this book up.

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  2. I am savoring fall. It is so gorgeous in my part of the world right now โ€” the leaves are amazing, the sky is gorgeous from sun up to sun down, the temperatures have been crisp and cool and perfect. I know we are slipping into winter (which I love as well), but right now I am trying to hold onto this moment and loving every second!

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    1. I love how you’re taking it all in. I have to admit, the pandemic taught me how to do this. Our lockdown and increased time staying at home taught me to appreciate each season. I now enjoy the changing of the seasons and even the time change, where before, I used to dread.

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  3. That is some crazy incense, Kariโ€ฆlooks like it was made out of hair! I have a similar reaction to incense – when I light and smell it, it takes me immediately to a different, calmer, more introspective headspaceโ€ฆhas done this ever since I first experienced it as an adolescent.

    Stopping to notice (savour) these moments that occur all the time (whether we notice them or not) is the key to happiness, I think. It is definitely the savouring that does it, for me at least! Great post, thanks! (I savoured it ๐Ÿ˜).


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  4. I love this post and the fact that you are able to savor this time of year. I experience seasonal affective disorder too, but winter is still one of my favorite seasons. To up the cozy quotient, I bought myself two new comfy suits (which is what I call matching sweatpants/sweatshirts) in pink and yellow. I’ve been savoring them, as well as dryer blankets as the days get shorter (and colder).

    I’ve also been savoring the balance in my routine lately. I’m busy but in the kind of way that helps me get things done and leaves me feeling accomplished.

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    1. That is such a great idea, Katie. I’m trying to find good in this time of year to make me appreciate it rather than fear it. Because my trees have fewer leaves, the rainbows on my walls are way more vibrant than they were in spring or summer. I even told Ellie the other day, “I can’t wait to see what the rainbows will look like in the winter!” Look at me looking forward to winter! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. This is such a lovely read. Thank you for sharing all the good stuff that you’ve been enjoying lately.
    The elevated cream cheese sounds amazing. I was thinking of my cholesterol while reading it, but if I ever happen to have both bread and cream cheese in the house at the same time, I’m gonna go for it.
    I love the Thelma and Louise hats; too cute.
    Giggling girls is music to my ears.

    I’ve been savoring our wonderful weather this past week. Windows have been open, I too can hear my wind chimes in the backyard. In the mornings when I take out the dogs, they’re so frisky with the cool air and It fills my heart to see the two of them running around gleefully, without a care in the world.
    Also, our A/C has been taking a little break which is spectacular.

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    1. I haven’t seen a doctor (other than my migraine doc) since a year before the pandemic. I was just thinking about this the other day. I’m sure I need to get everything checked, but I’m feeling good. Even so, the toast is a once-in-a-while treat. Despite the fact that I had it yesterday.
      Googling “doctors near me…”

      I’m sure open windows are unusual in Florida, so enjoy every moment of it. We’ve got beautiful weather as well. I’ve never considered having to run the A/C all year long! But then again, we have to run heat half the year, so it all balances out. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. It’s okay if you can’t find something to savor. I, too, have days (and weeks) like that. That might appear unexpected because I seem to be this ray of light, but I am not. The meds are what’s helping me.

      This week, I hope you can find something to savor. Until then, please accept this virtual hug.


  6. What an uplifting post! I’ve had a really crappy couple of weeks. This past week alone, we’ve had well problems. It’s still ongoing. It’s been a blur of phone calls and texts and well guys in and out and cleaning out filters and dealing with iron in our water to dealing with not being able to run our water at times to not knowing what’s going on and what’s going to happen next. We’re just now at the point where all we can hope is that the iron sediment (from having our well shock chlorinated) works its way out through our water in the next few days. Without ruining our pipes or dishwasher, etc. It’s been an absolute nightmare.

    But this past Saturday, I went to a Reiki share class for a few hours and that was definitely something to savor. It was an amazing experience. I have a couple of other little things I’m looking forward to this week and I will try to focus on savoring those.


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    1. I am sorry you’ve had a difficult couple of weeks. That sounds exhausting.

      I’m glad you attended that class! I’ve always wanted to try something like that. We should definitely meet for coffee and talk about it because I’d love to hear more.
      I’m so glad you were able to take a break from your stress and savor the good in your week. It’s not always easy to do that, my friend. I’m sending you a big hug, and let’s definitely make a plan to get together.

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      1. The hits just keep on coming. Just got the news this morning that one of my aunts died. I’ll connect with you next week and we can figure out a plan for getting together, OK? xoxo

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  7. Oh, I love this whole post! It really resonates with me. I think it’s so important to stop and just enjoy the moment. We have had the most amazing sunrises lately. They have been really incredible. Also? That cinnamon snack sounds incredible. I may have to try it.

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    1. Yes to sunrises and sunsets! What is it about sunrises and sunsets in the autumn and winter? So much more lovely. Perhaps we’re paying more attention because there are less beautiful things to look at?

      I made that snack yesterday afternoon after reading Suzanne’s blog (Life of a Doctor’s Wife) for the first time and reading her post about breakfast made me hungry for my toast, HA!

      Definitely try it! ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. I’ve been savoring colors lately. All the ones in nature, thanks to fall. And the ones inside our house, thanks to Sherwin-Williams. Also, food looks more delicious to me lately, the colors are beautiful– and tasty.

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    1. Me too! We recently purchased a window bird feeder and saw our first bird, a blue jay! The colors of the bird against the back drop of our orange-leafed tree in the backyard were stunning. I sat there and savored every moment of it.

      Sherwin Williams rarely disappoints. ๐Ÿ™‚

      When the weather gets colder and darker, I think food becomes more tasty.

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  9. Dang. My internet is misbehaving. Can’t tell if my comment went thru.

    As I was saying . . . mini and I went on a college visit Sunday/Monday. It was 64 and beautiful . . . in NOVEMBER. That was time to savor. Especially when we took a walk on campus instead of rushing home.

    Recently I have been enjoying extra sleep . . . sadly that streak ended after 2 days, but I did savor 2 nights back to back of 9 hours of sleep. What? I know. Bliss.

    Taking time to enjoy life’s unexpected moments . . . a great message.

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    1. It went through! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Every year in November, I feel like we get this week of beautiful weather. I’m starting to prefer November to October. I’m so happy you got to spend that time with her. I’m sure she savored it as well.

      Extra sleep is always something to savor.


  10. Savoring lately? The weight of our old dog on my lap, dinner chatter with Cane and my son, candle flames reflecting in the kitchen windows, the soft warmth of flannel sheets, afternoon sunlight spilling over wood floors, dark chocolate, sweet memories.

    Thanks for prompting me to take a few minutes to think about this.

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  11. I’m savoring the recent opportunities I’ve had to interact with people that share my interests. I’ve been doing this less through zoom where I like to “hide my identity” from people who don’t already know me or vice versa. I’ve been doing it more through the phone or even in person a few times. These in person interactions took place through a visit with my kids in Kalamazoo, though of course too short and not enough time with them since they both had to keep living their busy adult lives. The last one was just yesterday with someone I had only met through zoom and wasn’t sure shared my interests. After seeing more of the home this person lives in I found a bunch more shared interests that should lead to more contact, of whatever kind is available, in the future!

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