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February can be challenging for a variety of reasons, but for me, it’s because I’m over winter. Not that I was ever under winter. (Thanks, Ross)

Winter begins in November here, and appears to be the longest season as well. At least that’s how it seems. Most likely due to this never-ending pandemic and the fact that I’ve been sick twice this year.

I couldn’t motivate myself to make a phone call for an appointment for over a week.

Okay, two weeks.

So in February, I started courting myself. Wooing me. In the midst of humdrum, mundane life issues, and appointments, lessons, finding a tutor, and doing a multitude of things for others.

I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been doing to woo myself with. Maybe you could woo yourself with them as well.

I am not getting paid to tell you about anything here.

Auden bras

I bought one for Ella and one for myself at Target. I hadn’t been wearing a bra in public in a long time, so it’s as if I was doing everyone a solid by purchasing one, as well as courting myself. This bra is the best bra I’ve owned in years, and it’s only $14.

Pacha whipped soap scrub

I love all of their products, but their whipped soap scrubs make my shower seem like a spa.

Photo by Artem Podrez on Pexels.com

Iced coffee maker

I purchased this for myself after Christmas with holiday money. I use this on a daily basis and have saved a lot of money by not going to Starbucks. I’m a little irritated that the price increased by $10, but if you like iced coffee, trust me when I say it’s worth it. I feel like I’m my own barista, creating my own iced coffee’s in the coolest coffee shop in town. I mean, look at how content I am up there! πŸ˜‰

Please don’t tell me to make it from scratch, I’m not that girl.

Solfeggio frequencies or binaural beats

I listen to these on a daily basis, either during the day while I work around the house or night when sleeping. I was told it helps you sleep, but I’ve discovered that whether I listen to them during the day or at night, it makes me feel better. Type in the above in Apple or Spotify search bars, and a multitude of playlists will appear.

I also enjoy listening to low fidelity music (or lofi ) while writing or doing housework. Over the last year, it’s become my comfort music. Here are some articles that can help you learn more about it:

What is Lo-Fi music? | Holland & Barrett

Struggling to Tame Your Stress and Concentrate? Science Suggests This Type of Music

Cold showers

I can’t take full-on cold showers, and I can’t say that if it’s beneficial for you, but I’ve started finishing my showers with a whole minute or two under cool water, and it feels amazing. Going from warm water to cold is quite rejuvenating, and I’ve also noticed that my skin is glowing now.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Lemon shots

When I was sick with my second “cold/covid” in six weeks, I saw a TikTok video that advised drinking shots of fresh lemon to relieve congestion. I tried this, and my congestion was gone within a day. Since then, I’ve been taking lemon shots daily.

SATINA High Waisted Leggings for Women - Soft Women’s Leggings in Capri & Full Lengths - Regular and Plus Sizes in 25 Colors

Best leggings ever

I almost don’t want to tell you about these butter leggings that Oprah introduced me to (for fear they sell out). But I previously shared my butter bra up there, and feel like you need a pair of leggings to match. These even have pockets.

Kitchen reading chair

I recently added a reading chair to my kitchen, and it has completely transformed my February.

Because of the spectacular sunlight I get in there in the afternoon, my friend Rebecca mentioned one day that my kitchen would be a fantastic spot to to read a book or do my soul homework. I agreed, but I felt it would be too cramped with the kitchen table in there.

She suggested removing the table leaf and two kitchen chairs, and there would be plenty of space. I mean, we have a dining room table that is adequate for eating at. Why hadn’t I considered this before?

Because I was living in my house as I imagined it should be. Not how I truly lived in it.

Rebecca had a chair in her basement that she never used and asked if we wanted it for our kitchen, which is now our kitchen/reading room.

Since then, I’ve been sitting in here every day, and it’s become my favorite area in our house.

Please don’t think I’m boasting. I’m only stating that you may do something similar because, as you can see, there are no rules. Incorporate a reading chair into your kitchen. Put a snack bar into your bedroom. Life it short, there are no rules.

Cardinal-specific bird feeder

We purchased this feeder specifically for cardinals. To be clear, we already have a window bird feeder on our dining room window that has been there since September. Our backyard has been transformed into a scene from the film The Birds.

10 Horror Movies for Cowards - Rye Record
Courtesy Rye Record

I am happy about this.

I do feel sorry for our neighbors since the birds come from all directions. At times, I wonder if the birds were sent as a gift from our precious Joy. If you don’t know who she is, you can learn more about her here.

Hello, sweet girl.

But, alas, no cardinals have visited our yard since last July, which made me kind of sad. Then, as I was heading out to my friend’s car last week, I heard a cardinal. It was a wonderful surprise on a dreary February day. But since I heard A cardinal, I made the decision that I must feed ALL THE cardinals.

According to my mom, I needed to get them special food. Then I went to Amazon, where people in the reviews advised to acquire a specific cardinal feeder.

Very similar to giving a mouse a pancake, only in this case, the mouse was a cardinal and the pancake was sunflower and peanuts.

Every day since, we’ve had multiple cardinals. πŸ™‚

close up on the top of a chocolate chip cookie
Courtesy Butternut Bakery Blog

A new chocolate chip cookie recipe

This recipe differs from our standard chocolate chip cookie recipe. After the cookies are finished baking, you add sea salt and a few more chocolate chips on the top. They were divine. Make them today; you won’t regret it.

Rage room

I saw a TikTok video of a woman pounding the hell out of a television and thought to myself, “Where can I sign up?” It’s been a difficult two years for a variety of reasons, but I felt this was just the therapy we needed as a family.

Even if you’re skeptical, trust the process.

Tears streamed down my face as I bashed in an old washing machine and hurled plates against the wall while Don’t You Forget About Me blared in the background.

I don’t recommend this as a replacement for therapy, but if you don’t have health insurance, you might want to give it a try.

Disco ball chandelier

My friend Kristen and I were making disco ball chandelier’s one Friday afternoon when we both commented, “Why don’t we do crafts more often?” The mindfulness of creating something with no purpose other than to make us happy was really healing. I recommend it for everyone.

This was a wonderful website for finding crafts that aren’t at all practical yet are quite beneficial: Shitty Craft Club.

I love the lights our disco balls makes in the morning.

Don’t expect others to do the nice things for you. Do them for yourself.

What lovely things have you done recently for yourself?

33 thoughts on “Wooing”

  1. I like to paint/ decorate my nails, enjoy a few chocolates that I buy just for me (and hide from the family), and force myself to get outside and walk even though I hate it while I’m slogging through the snow but then find it invigorating and love that I went.

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  2. I don’t do lemon juice shots but I do drink lemon water every day. I also take vitamin C (and D). Haven’t been sick in years. They say that lemon juice can ruin the enamel on your teeth but I haven’t had any problems.

    I’ve heard about the cold shower thing (look up the Wim Hof method!) but I just can’t do that in the winter. Not even a blast of cold at the end. I run so cold in the winter anyway. I do take cold showers in the summer though.

    I’ll have to take a listen to the music you mentioned. I’m not familiar with it.

    Love the chair in the sunshine in your kitchen! Great idea. When I was a teenager living in Kentucky, one of my best friends lived in a house with a huge eat-in kitchen. They had a couch on one long wall of the kitchen with a small coffee table in front of it. I thought that was so unique and cool and why not, right? Sometimes her mom or dad would be sitting there, reading the paper. Of course, those were the days before kitchen islands were popular.

    Interesting you should mention chocolate chip cookies. I hadn’t baked anything in a long time because I try to stay away from sugar as much as possible, but a couple of nights ago I was craving chocolate chip cookies, so I made them. I used a recipe from one of my cookbooks that I’d never made before. Turned out, I didn’t like them! I ate just one, then froze the rest. I pinned your recipe so next time I decide to make cc cookies, I’m making these.


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    1. I’ve read that about lemon juice. I’ll ask my dentist at my next visit. I’m wondering if there is something like Sensodyne that can help protect against that?

      Cold showers in the summer…ooh, I didn’t even consider how wonderful that will feel!

      I think you will enjoy the music. I am so much more productive when I play it during the day.

      I love the idea of the couch in the kitchen!

      I’m particular about chocolate chip cookies, and this one is the best I’ve tasted in a long time. I hope you like it! XOXO

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  3. PS – forgot to mention about the cardinals. We’ve always had them in our yard, even when we didn’t have the bird feeders that we have now. But I have to tell you about these cool feeders we’ve had for a few years…

    We’d always had problems with squirrels and chipmunks getting into our feeders. We even tried special squirrel-proof feeders. Ha! They’d still figure out a way to get in. Same with the naughty chipmunks. But now we have these feeders with a metal pole in the middle where you slide on a roll of compacted bird food onto the pole. (The roll of food has a hole in the middle.) This type of food is called “Flamin’ Hot” because it’s coated in cayenne. It repels rodents, but not birds! Birds can’t smell, so they don’t know it’s cayenne. And it can’t hurt them. We bought the feeders (and now the food – because Amazon doesn’t carry it anymore) at a place called Flying Friends in Lake in the Hills.

    The cardinals are at our feeders all the time. I think it’s the mealworms in this food.

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    1. I think I’ve seen these! We currently have one squirrel who is a regular in our yard. The dogs pretty much keep him away, but it’s been fun to watch their back-and-forth now that the leaves have fallen. The squirrel hasn’t gotten into the cardinal feeder…yet.


  4. I laughed at ‘I’m not that girl.’

    That birds movie – I watched it when I was like 13 while I was babysitting, back when there was nothing on and no cable, and I was trying to stay awake until the people got home. Yikes, that was horrifying.

    What have I done for me? Hmm. I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier – that’s where I read. I do love your reading chair. If I’m awake in any part of my house, I’m doing something. Getting cozy in my bed with my booklight is my favorite way to wrap up a day.

    I’m also going to visit my childhood friend on Wednesday. He lives with his elderly mom. This is Joe’s brother, my friend that passed away in December. I’m looking forward to the visit. (not necessarily the laundry when I get back).

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    1. I’m not! Ha!

      To be clear, our birds don’t attack. Although, they do chastise the dogs from the trees, but only because the dogs try to eat them, so it’s only fair.

      Going to bed earlier and reading in bed is the perfect way to woo yourself, especially with your busy schedule!

      The connection of visiting with your friend definitely outweighs the piles of laundry. Enjoy. XOXO


  5. Oh Kari, I loved every single part of this post. EVERY SINGLE PART!!! I agree so wholeheartedly that we need to woo ourselves and do nice things for ourselves.

    “Please don’t tell me to make it from scratch, I’m not that girl” – this cracked me up so much. I feel you. The number of times in my life that someone has helpfully told me I could make my own almond milk or what have you, well. Listen, babe, I will not make my own nut milk. I am going to just buy it. “It’s so easy to make your own crackers.” That may be, but it’s probably not easier than picking up a box when I am at the grocery store. I make enough things from scratch, thank you very much.

    I loved seeing photos of your home and the reading space. Very cozy and lovely.

    I think I missed that you had Covid and a cold in six weeks, I’m so sorry! I hope you’re all good now. I have a girlfriend who also swears by lemon in the morning, possibly I should adopt this too.

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

      I tried making homemade iced coffee previously and both times it was lousy. I’m just not that person. I’m fine with not being Laura Ingalls Wilder. It is well with my soul.

      I didn’t always love my house, which makes me feel sad for it all the years I was trying to change it to make it better. But now I’m madly in love with it. Have you read The Midnight Library? I don’t want to give anything away, but how Nora feels about her life at the end of the book is how I feel about my home.

      I got some kind of upper respiratory before Christmas, and then another upper respiratory infection at the end of January. I hadn’t been sick in over two years before this, so I’m guessing that one of those times must’ve been Covid? Taking a lemon shot makes me feel like a badass. πŸ™‚


  6. Let’s see, I know about lemon shots and how I’m supposed to run cold water at the end of my shower. Can’t say I do the cold water thing, but I do like lemon in water… mid-afternoon. I recently put a reading chair in a corner of our TV room for the same reason you put a reading chair in the kitchen. The natural sunlight boosts my spirit. I think cardinals do prefer certain seed, but that same seed attracts raccoons, which is why we stopped feeding the cardinals. I’m with Ernie about laughing at β€˜I’m not that girl.’

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    1. I do the lemon in the mid-afternoon as well. I think the cold water shower and then doing lemon shots in the morning would overwhelm my fragile system. LOL

      Yes to natural sunlight! I’ve been struggling this winter, so this change has come at the perfect time.

      Oh wow, I didn’t know that about the raccoons!

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  7. I share your bird love. They are getting my butt thru winter this year. Why do they fill me with joy Kari and is it the same for you too? I hope so. πŸ™‚

    Singing. I’ve been singing (a capella). Nothing special. Random songs I enjoy. I’m not a talented singer but now I’m chucking inhibition, not worrying what others think & SINGING*! (*not like at the grocery store or anything tho lol) Don’t know if this is “personal growth” or a marker of how defeated I am but it helps! πŸ™‚

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    1. Bird love. It is real. They bring me complete and utter joy, and knowing that they also fill you with complete and utter joy makes me so happy. I’ve never felt so connected to someone I’ve never met. I sincerely hope we have the opportunity to meet someday. πŸ™‚

      Yes to singing! It is such personal growth! That is you being unconcerned with the shell you’ve (and we’ve all) created to get through life. Your inner you, the real you is doing what YOU truly desire, and at the end of the day, isn’t that all we can ask for? Chipping away at our shells.


      1. Aw Kari. I feel the same. So often we are on same wave length! I hope I get to meet you in person some day too. Till then tho I’m totally here if you want to be pen pals or exchange cute pet/plant/bird photos! πŸ™‚

        What you wrote about singing hit home. That’s it! I didn’t know it until you wrote it but that’s totally it!

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  8. I cannot do the cold shower in winter, but most of these things sound really lovely. (Well, maybe not rage. But I get it.) We recently put TWO reading chairs in our kitchen. Took out the table that never fit and bought a table I love that we put in front of the big window in our living room. Which is now our dining/living room. The chairs in the kitchen look kinda goofy–wrong proportions, somehow–but we. don’t. care. It’s nice to have some comfortable chairs in the kitchen, especially if you’re the person keeping the cook company. And now we have plenty of space for eating and I’ve found I love working at the new table because ohmygod if winter afternoon sun doesn’t feel like a gift that must be savored.

    I’ve also begun ice skating. Long story, but absolutely part of wooing myself. I think wooing oneself is a fabulous idea. Goes right along with not making others responsible for our own happiness.

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    1. I love how we both added reading chairs in our kitchen without even realizing it. Our chair is similarly out of proportion, but we also don’t mind. I love the idea of someone having somewhere comfy to sit while keeping the cook company! That is such an unexpected bonus that I didn’t even consider. The winter afternoon sun is such a gift. Honestly, it’s the best part of winter.

      I love that you’ve started ice skating. πŸ™‚

      By the way, I’ve been missing your blog.


      1. Great minds think alike! πŸ™‚

        I have been having lots of blog thoughts. I miss some aspects of it, too, but I’m growing in ways right now that I might not if I weren’t away from it. It’s been good. I’m glad I get to keep connected through yours. I appreciate that a lot.

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  9. What an awesome share Kari!
    I love doing things for myself and it took a long time to get to this point. Mom guilt. Stay at home human guilt. But thank goodness I’m over all that and I can try to enjoy my life.
    I’ll need to look at those bras the next time I’m in Target; it’s hard to find a comfortable ‘around the house’ or ‘running-to-target bra’ that isn’t a damn underwire because who has time for underwires any. more?

    I love the lemon drop/shots. I do worry about the enamel on my teefers but I read recently something like you wait 30 minutes after the shot/drink to brush your teeth. I’ll have to look it up. So, you squeeze the lemon completely and then drink it down in one swoop? I wonder if using a straw would help with the teeth thing?

    I have friends like yours. They will come up with something for me that I’d not thought of. I love, love your reading spot in the kitchen. Why two big tables when you only really need one. Right? Rebecca is a genius. And I can’t love the disco ball chandelier more than I do; it’s brilliant.

    Sorry, you’ve been sick. Twice. That is twice more than you deserve.

    I’ve been taking it eaier on myself lately. If I don’t feel like making the bed, eff it. No one will die. If I want to do a puzzle with my coffee instead of work emails or paying bills. eff it. No one will die. If I want to take a rest in the middle of the day and watch an episode of The Real Housewives of yadayada, eff it. No one will die. Well, wait, one of those crazy azz women might; they’re pretty angry considering their lives. 😳

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    1. Isn’t mom guilt toxic? We do it to ourselves because my daughters would want me to do all of these things for myself. I feel so much freer now that I reasonable know this, and I’m glad you do too.

      This bra is the perfect “around the house” bra. So soft and comfortable.

      Yep, squeeze a whole lemon and drink it like a shot. It’s something else, I tell you. Oh, I bet the straw would help!

      Rebecca is a genius. I’ll tell her you said so.

      That’s something I’ve been doing that for myself as well. As a recovering perfectionist, this is huge. You’ll laugh when you hear the podcast tomorrow. But eff it, life is short and I have to do things for myself to smooth out the wrinkles. πŸ™‚

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