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Podcast #37- “Top 10 Weirdest Guilty Pleasures”

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In my post about guilty pleasure books, I linked to an article about “America’s Most Common Guilty Pleasures.” It was a study conducted by the website, and in researching for the podcast, I discovered that they only polled 2000 people.

Putting mannequin hands in plant pots is one of my “weird” guilty pleasures

For those who do not listen to podcasts, here is their list of “weirdest (their word not mine) guilty pleasures.”

1-Cheese and peanuts on a sandwich

2-Drinking pickle juice from the jar

3-Eating baby food

4-Eating mayo by itself

5-Drinking cola mixed with milk

6-Eating baking soda

7-Dressing as Alice in Wonderland while watching the movie

8-Listening to WWE theme music to get pumped at the gym

9-Eating a marmalade and sausage sandwich

10-Talking to dogs as if they understand. (My dog was the co-host of this podcast, so you know where I stand on this one)

Headache hat should definitely sponsor this blog

I mentioned that one of my quirks is that I have a highly controlled sleep environment.

Here is a link to my headache hat.

And here is a link about the vagus nerve:

The vagus nerve: your secret weapon in fighting stress

What are some of your quirks?

47 thoughts on “Podcast #37- “Top 10 Weirdest Guilty Pleasures””

  1. I can’t even imagine the combination of some of those foods! Ick. But then I have so many questions too… like peanuts and cheese on a sandwich. I assume they mean together but then is there anything else on the bread or with the peanuts and cheese?! Seems like it would be awfully dry.. And do people really just eat baking soda? Just out of the can with a spoon? How would that even work?

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  2. I mean, did you ever try the banana in a jar baby food? It was delicious!

    For me? I’m not sure how weird these are but I always stop to smell any flower or flowering tree I stumble upon and I love to watch certain MTV shows that are for people 30 – 40 years younger than me.

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  3. I immediately thought of LaVergne when I read the cola and milk thing. I also read the article about the nerve. I thought maybe it was going to mention vaso vagel – that’s the reaction that happens to me when I get grossed out and I pass out. It is not the same as the vagus nerve that they mention. Technically I can completely relax by getting grossed out – I pass out cold. As a relaxation technique, I wouldn’t recommend it though. I’m counting that as my quirk.

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  4. Maybe I’m too literal, but why would a person have to feel guilty about any of these pleasures? They are all weird, but…we have to feel guilty because we’re weird? Um, nope! Not gonna. πŸ™‚

    As for weird pleasures, I’m having a hard time thinking of any. Which probably means I need to live a little. Get more adventurous.

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    1. THANK. YOU. I completely agree with you.

      These types of polls, in my humble opinion, demonstrate the importance of not judging people. Just because you don’t have any of these “quirks” in no way means you need to live a little. From the little snapshots I’ve seen of your life, I’d say you’re doing just fine. πŸ™‚

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  5. I’m sure we all have weird little quirks and habits…that’s what makes us human, right? I talk to all animals. I even say, “Hi cows!” when I’m driving and pass them in a pasture, lol.

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  6. I love that you put a hand in your houseplants. Amazing.

    So, for me, I talk to Barkley in human words but in a sing-songy baby voice. Sometimes I think “what if he’s really intellectual and is quietly but acceptingly disgusted by my tone” which only makes me more WHO’S a GOOD boy, OOOOOOH does SOMEONE want a TREATY-treat?

    The eating baking soda thing has me tilting my head in wonder. Have you ever tasted baking soda? I can’t imagine EATING it. Does it give a person magic powers? The other food items sound universally gross to me but hey, you do you, people.

    My kids are huge wrestling fans and they have WWE music on their workout playlists. If they don’t have earbuds in, I am treated to this music when they work out in our home gym.

    I knew a girl who wore her WEDDING dress to watch wedding themed movies. I think I have my wedding dress somewhere but can’t imagine digging it out for a movie. But as I said, you do you.

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    1. It gives the plant personality and makes them think I’m always nearby. πŸ™‚

      I use baby voice with my pets as well! If someone who didn’t reside here walked in when I was using “the voice,” I’d have to murder them. I’m joking, of course. OR AM I?

      Does it give magic powers? What do you know, Nicole??

      I love that!!

      All I have to say about it is to put “Riverdance” into my blog’s search bar (on the right hand side bar). You should read the rest of the post since it explains how I originally met Ernie, but skip down to the Riverdance section. You’re very welcome. 😦


  7. I am one of those people that drinks pickle juice from the jar, had also had both Mayo & Ketchup Sandwiches ( separately, not mixed), I like to sniff my wrist under a wrist watch (something about the sweat there has been a guilty pleasure since 1988)…

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      1. Never got the cottage cheese and ketchup thing, though it was, and maybe still is but I’d have to ask him, one of my uncle’s favorite foods. Ketchup is my favorite condiment though mustard is a not too distant second.
        My oldest friend introduced me to pickle and cheese sandwiches when we were in high school. I’ll have to try to remember to ask her who invented those when I see her again. I hope to do that in Tucson where she has lived for a long time and where another longtime and long-retired friend moved 18 years ago. It’s a place I’m considering if I do get to become a snowbird someday.
        I have tweaked that odd old favorite which only mayo as an added ingredient. I add sliced turkey and mustard to mine these days which I guess makes it a new favorite. As for the ten things on your list, even if I don’t indulge in all of them personally, I can see where even a mainly sane and normal person might also enjoy one or two from time to time.

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  8. Peanuts and cheese? Hmmm….I might need to try that.
    I love pickles, but I think pickle juice might be too salty for me. But you do you. 😳
    I generally don’t have soda (but I did have a delicious root beer this past weekend) so I couldn’t imagine mixing soda with anything other than perhaps alcohol.

    I loved Laverne and Shirley!!
    I have a sleeping routine too; different than yours, but I have my regular things that have to be done prior to a good nights rest.

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    1. When I think about it, a charcuterie board includes nuts and cheese, so it’s not a huge leap.


      I loved them too.

      I would love to know others’ sleeping routine. I smell a blog post in the making…

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