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Podcast-80’s Names| My Name is on the List | Grieving

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When I heard this song one day, it made me think about the names I grew up with. So I put “80s names” into Google. The search turned up this article:

Baby Names Losing Popularity in the 21st Century

My name was #15, which was ironic. Why is that ironic? Because from 1970 to 1984, when I was into collecting souvenirs, the name Kari wasn’t on any bicycle license plate, mug, pennant, T-shirt, thimble, shot glass from here to Maine. Trust me, I looked.

Losing popularity, my ass.

I mentioned in the podcast that I previously wrote about my name. Here’s the link to the post:

What’s in a Name? – A Grace Full Life

And just for fun, here are the top names from the 1980s, according to the Social Security Administration:

Top names of the 1980s

I wrapped up the show by discussing what I’ve been working on over the previous month. Grief. I’m not brave enough to share it with you all through my writing just yet, but I was able to talk about it on the podcast.

Thank you for listening. I appreciate all of you.

How can I support you today?

Is there anything that you’re trying to figure out right now?

14 thoughts on “Podcast-80’s Names| My Name is on the List | Grieving”

  1. I enjoy reading about changes in name popularity. I looked at the list. I always liked the name Audra and wish it’d come back. Like I could make it so!

    Good question: How can I support you today? If more people focused on that idea, imagine how much better the world would be. Happy Weekend, Kari

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    1. I like to read about similar things too.

      I’m working on a post that has some honest questions we can all ask ourselves. I think we should try to ask each other honest questions instead of just making small talk.

      The same goes for you, Ally. Please think of me while you’re sitting on your lovely porch. Xoxo


  2. I’ve never been able to find my name on anything! Close approximations but always a different spelling; apparently it’s just weird not to have a space, a capital A and to end with an e! LOL.

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  3. My name was very popular in the 60’s and 70’s. I have to say, I’ve always loved my name. One of my husband’s coworkers sent him a list of the 20 most popular names uneducated parents (basically, high school dropouts) name their sons. Of course, because my husband was on the list. I question why such a list exists and how in the world they obtained that data?

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  4. I’m so sorry about your childhood friend. What a difficult thing to grieve and come to terms with.

    My middle name is on that list! I knew a lot of girls with my middle name, one of my cousins also had it. My first name was quite popular, I think, back in the 80s. There were always a few Nicoles around, and now I know several Nicoles around my age. I am a bit surprised it wasn’t on the list because you never hear of new babies being named Nicole anymore.

    Thanks for asking if you can support me. How can I support YOU?

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    1. NICOLE! I can’t believe your name didn’t come to mind. That was also a very popular name in the 1980s.

      I’m glad you asked me. Just keep reading and adding your thoughts. The other day, I was talking to a friend about my blog and how I feel ashamed that at times I have one. Even the people closest to me probably don’t know how much this blog means to me, which makes me so sad.

      There is a lot to unpack here, but I just want you to know I appreciate your support and your comments mean ever so much to me. Xoxo


      1. I’m so sorry that you are sometimes feeling shame about something that you are good at, and something that brings joy and encourages connection between people.

        I knew lots of Karis/ Keris/ Carries in the 80s, as well as Melissas, Michelles, Sarahs, and Christines!

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  5. #18. Boy: Infant
    WHAT? that was a baby name?

    The spelling of some of these names kills me too. So very annoying!

    I know so many people with ALL of these names. But none named Infant. NONE.
    I have Kerry’s and Carrie’s in my past. You might be my first Kari. 😉

    I know two Clints. One has passed away, the other we were with last weekend!

    My name is not on any of those lists. Does that mean my name is still alive? I doubt it…I’ve not met too many Suzanne’s under the age of 50.

    I’m sorry you are feeling so heavy right now. I wish I could do something to make it better, but I know these things take time.

    I’m constantly trying to figure out myself. I don’t see the ending of that in any capacity.

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    1. RIGHT?? Where were we during the 90s?

      Very annoying because it seems like we were living on a different planet.

      I love that I’m your first Kari.

      It makes me incredibly happy that you were with Clint last weekend. My condolences for the other Clint.

      I feel like your name is timeless, no?

      Thank you, my friend. The weight is getting lighter each day.

      I feel like we are still figuring out who we are until the very end. It’s the reason why we’re here. ❤️

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