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Things I Want to Remember | Part Four

These are the things I write in the notes section of my phone when I think of them. Most of the time when I’m waiting in line at the grocery store, stuck in traffic, or just hanging out in my hammock.

Insights that come to mind out of the blue.

Unrelated bits of useless information.

Wisdom nuggets that appeared from out of nowhere.

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1-Speaking of grocery stores, why didn’t the pandemic cause drive-through grocery store windows to be created? If you only need one thing and have a case of COVID at home, wouldn’t it be simpler to just drive up and place an order?

2-Does anyone else have cookies for breakfast (aka-cookie breakfast) the day after making them, or is that just our house?

3- Old shopping malls should be converted into museums…about shopping malls.

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4- I keep a Deleted Parts folder in my Google Docs to save items I wrote that I couldn’t use in posts, letters, emails, and so on that I might want to keep for later.

5-Do we give the entire procedure of getting a pet and removing it from its family much thought before we get one?

Here are some interesting articles to read:

The Ethics of Pet Ownership

Pets: is it ethical to keep them?

BBC – Ethics – Animal ethics: Animals as pets

6- Does anyone remember when newscasters could provide their own commentary during the broadcast?

7- Google is compensated for the first link that appears in a search. Use that information however you see fit.

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8: Our child’s doctor told us that you can take Benadryl by mouth to treat mosquito bites.

9- I demand that all vomiting scenes in movies and television shows include trigger warnings.

10- When copying and pasting, the “cut” button is too close to the “copy” button.

40 thoughts on “Things I Want to Remember | Part Four”

  1. Why do we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway? Asking for a friend!
    And who makes such good cookies in your house? Again, asking for a friend! LOL

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  2. Cookies for breakfast? Sure. Pie works well too.
    Never click on the top few Google searches… the word “ad” is a dead give away.
    As for newscaster’s commentaries, my husband watches endless MSNBC… I’d settle for some actual news in between all the commentary.

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  3. Well now I have to think about all of these things as well! Luckily the space in my mind wasn’t being using for anything too vital 😉 We now eat the bel vita breakfast cookies-as if they come with authorization! How about all of the baked oatmeal recipes that flood my Instagram? Looks like cake friends, but go ahead and be lulled by the healthy oatmeal ingredient!
    How about no barfing showed in movie clips, period? It is not a value added benefit!!!! Gotta day though, that skeeter picture needed a trigger warning for me!!!

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  4. I’ve thought of other things over the years that should have trigger warnings in tv and movies.

    There’s a well known local photographer here who goes by the name Seph Lawless. He photographs abandoned structures (lots of malls) and they are works of it in themselves. I love your idea of turning them into museums. So many memories inside those massive structures, both of shoppers and employees.

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    1. We recently watched a series on Hulu where the female character kills someone with an axe. I should have had a trigger warning for that. 😒

      Oh, that sounds awesome. I’ll have to look for him. They really are works of art.


  5. Here, we have something called “click and collect” for groceries. You order your stuff online, and then you park in a special spot and they bring the groceries to your car. Not quite a drive through, but close! I have never used it but it seems simple enough.
    Cookies for breakfast works for me. I have made a family tradition of DQ for supper at least once every summer (and I don’t mean from the grill, either). Peanut Buster parfait, banana split, blizzard – whatever the fam wants that is cold and comes from a soft-serve spigot. 😁


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      1. There was a pizza and booze business that had a drive-through near where I grew up in Ohio. After spending the better part of my life in Illinois, I have come to the conclusion that I took that situation for granted. 😂

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    1. We have something comparable, however there is a $30 minimum requirement and typically there aren’t any spaces available until the next day. I really appreciate this option, however I wish there was a drive-through window available in case you simply wanted a gallon of milk and didn’t want to spread the flu to the store’s customers. 😂

      We also have ice cream for dinner!

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  6. 6 – I don’t remember a time when news casters DIDN’T provide commentary. It’s one of the reasons I started reading instead of watching news. It still has bias (I think all news does) but at least it isn’t MOSTLY commentary. But now this has me curious about who and what you are thinking of?!!

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    1. Mike and I were watching something from the 1980s—I think it was a documentary. But we laughed because our local news always included a commentator offering their two cents as if it were so important at the end of the newscast. Like his viewpoints mattered more than everyone else’s.


  7. If cookies are made in this house, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be having at least two for breakfast. And if they are oatmeal raisin? Well, then I can also feel smug because they are “nutritious.”

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  8. If I kept notes in my phone of all the random crap that goes through my head, my phone would run out of space, lol.

    I think keeping domestic animals as pets is ethical, as long as they’re treated humanely. What else would happen to all the kittens and puppies that are born?

    Cookies for breakfast…kind of, but not really. Does having one for a late morning or early afternoon snack count though?

    The first few links on a Google search are all ads/sponsored. I never click on those.

    Yes to Benadryl for mosquito bites (which I have several on the backs of my calves right now), but I can’t take Benadryl as it makes me loopy and then knocks me out. You know what relieves the itch and heals them at the same time? Put some pure aloe vera gel (I get on Amazon) on a cotton ball and then a couple of drops of tea tree oil. Rub on the bites.

    I’m a Highly Sensitive Person, so just about anything on TV or movies could contain a trigger warning for me, ha ha.


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    1. My notes, I believe, are the cause of my phone’s storage running out of storage. Along with music. Oh, and photos of my dogs. 😂

      I agree. I think the argument is that breeding or producing breeds and taking them from their parents is unethical. Adopting from a shelter is very ethical because you are saving their lives.

      Cookies at any time of day are acceptable!

      All of those mosquito bite remedies are great!


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  9. I really appreciated the links about pet ownership–it’s a question that’s been on my mind lately. So many things that once seemed natural or just how things are have been turned upside down for me in recent years, and one day it just struck me that having pets is maybe kinda horrible for them. It was when I saw two dogs on leashes who so clearly wanted to socialize but were pulled along on their way by their owners, and I started thinking about what it would be like if I were a being on a leash and lived like a pet…which can quickly take you on a deep dive into questions about freedom and care and dependence/interdependence, etc. No big conclusions here. Mostly just felt better somehow to know it’s a question others are pondering.

    As for breakfast cookies? YES. My daughter turned me on to an oatmeal cookie that has no white sugar and is very filling and satisfying. Especially love them in the colder months.

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    1. Rita, I’m starting to have these “beyond the veil” thoughts, and it makes me feel like I’m the only one. As though I had just been dropped from another planet and was looking around to see what was going on. One day, I said Mike, “What if all of us who consume meat are reincarnated into meat in another life?” I feel so much better knowing that I am not alone in having these thoughts. You’re just better at articulating them. 😂

      Wait, what?? I want that recipe.


  10. For some reason, I can never find my ‘Notes’ App. I must not use it enough to keep it front and center. But I do find myself emailing notes/reminders to myself.
    I’m sure there is an easier way, but so far, this is how I work.

    Wisdom Nuggets should be added to Webster asap.

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  11. Oh, I love the idea of the drive up grocery window. Dang, why didn’t they do that? They did it for our library and it is wonderful.

    I never thought about giving Benadryl for mosquito bites. That stuff makes me drowsy, so I wonder how my kids would do with it.

    If someone gave me a GF cookies, nothing would stop me from eating it whenever I pleased. Actually I have one in my purse that I got while at Notre Dame. The cafeteria people gave it to me along with another GF dessert, so I am saving it for just the right time. They are super yummy and if I find them in the store and buy them for myself, the gig is up.

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  12. I rarely use for my phone for anything that involves blogging. Or saving ideas. I suppose I could but the darned thing is so small, I say like the old person I’m morphing into.

    As for “Google is compensated for the first link that appears in a search” I say phooey on that. I always go down to something that’s not first, so I’m doing my bit to thwart Google. Bwha-ha-ha!

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    1. I also don’t blog with my phone. I know many bloggers who only use their phones to blog. Everyone has their own preference, but I blog on my laptop with a keyboard. I also use a paper calendar instead of the one on my phone.

      I’ve noticed that on some searches, they only offer the paid search, which is annoying.

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  13. 100% agree with #9. Ewwww. I can’t even.
    As for #6, that reminded me of Kent Brockman on The Simpsons. “It is the opinion of this reporter…” remember when they thought they were overrun by giant ants? “I for one welcome our ant overlords.”

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    1. I was so upset when I recently saw a movie with a scene where (yet again) someone threw up. THERE SHOULD BE TRIGGER WARNINGS!

      I need to tell you a secret. I have never watched a single episode of The Simpsons. 😶


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